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Reality Speaks


By Jim Kiwan


All of the posturing that’s been dragged out to prove the supposedly ‘indestructible power’ behind the fake Amerikan-Empire is based on mega-lies, some of which keep on getting lost in the headlines today.

The contrasts between the realities on the ground, as the facts beneath Amerika are applied, versus the hundreds of thousands of lies must be brought to light ­ if anyone really gives a damn about the actual state of this place that used to be called a nation.

The decisions being made at the supposedly “influential-levels of control” are all based on lies.

Whenever the ‘United States’, which is actually USI, makes statements regarding the use of US military power they know that no such power actually exists anymore. The U.S. military is nothing but a shadow of what it once was. The Air Force has become a farce, the navy is also a joke and the ground troops are being fed the same poisons that the public is mainlining each and every day ­ hell they have McDonald’s at every major base, and the military food fed to the troops is as toxic as the garbage being sold in US grocery stores and restaurants.

The mental state of supposedly US troops and the US Police State uniformed thugs, amounts to what one used to find in the mental institutions that were dumped into the streets, by Reagan, back in the 1980’s to privatize mental-health. The officer corp. of the U.S. has been under attack for the last six years, as has the military weapons systems which the US supposedly depends upon. All of this at the same time as Obamanation has been creating a US Military farce that is being used inside Amerika, against Americans. So whenever the use of American military force is threatened ­ that is never anything like what we once commanded back in WWII. This amounts to lying by innuendo and direct deception at the highest levels of the country ­ which since the policies defy the Constitution amounts to Treason.

Nationally the DHS and the Department of the Interior are nothing but extensions of the global gangs that run drugs and weapons worldwide, under the protection and direction of USI and Israel ­ which is why none of the MRAP’s, tanks, drones, jets and missiles which the police now have along with billions of hollow-point bullets and machine guns have never been used against any of the gang-activity in the United States since 911.

All the criminal activity in the US is now created by USI-Israel.

It’s all protected and directed by foreign powers.

See the swastika on the poster above.

The Police State thugs, along with NATO & the UN are enforcing these new rules by murdering Americans in the streets, by the hundreds, and in police stations all over the nation. This is being done with impunity as they’ve been doing this openly for the last five years. Rape, torture and murder by the police is skyrocketing and the government doesn’t bother to report it. That’s possible because they own the media nationwide, and internationally they are still trying to force their views on the web and elsewhere to shut down any of the truth about everyday events; everywhere in the world as well.

In the Middle East “IS” along with all the other religious and political anachronisms was created by the U.S. to destabilize and continue their false flag attacks in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine to crush those nations just as they removed Libya from the global map of the world. The same thing is about ‘break-out’ again in the former Yugoslavia which was also done by NATO, USI, and Israel. That powder-keg is just waiting for the right moment to be reactivated to stir the coming intensification that Ukraine needs to keep that illegal overthrow in place and growing ­ on the way to triggering the global-war with Russia that USI is demanding.

In Iran the hostile conditions need to be maintained by the foreign-controlled US congress to keep Iran from selling oil on the open market. That event would force the price of gasoline to drop by a couple of dollars a gallon if the sanctions against Iran are lifted, and that’s what’s driving the congress to overrule the American public that wants to end these wars completely.

Ironically the threats being used by Israel and the foreign-owned US Congress can only happen if the world is ready for global-war. I said ‘ironically’ because if the point of all this is financial and illegal gain, then the global-price—would have to be paid for by global-destruction.


The entire edifice of social and political life is under siege in America, as if this is normal and legal, when the exact opposite is the only truth still alive today.

But at the root of all of this is the totally false power that USI-Israel wants to use to force the surrender of the planet to their totally artificial construct that is demanding an end to life on earth.

At some point Americans are going to have realize that there are many ways to fight back, using force against force, because that’s the only thing that the enemies of the US and the world actually understand.

These creatures are not impregnable. In fact they are indeed subject to all kinds of ‘accidents’ or actions which they cannot control from the public they continue to spit upon.

The actions of which I’m speaking are as old as time itself and these responses go back even further than the Roman Empire. These possibilities are open to anyone who is serious enough to contemplate them.

These possibilities were part of what was used to keep the world sane before everything was outlawed by the thugs who own the microphones in today’s world.

The point is that no one is immune from the actions that flow inside a totally lawless world, just like the world we’re living in today. Some of these actions have been directly affecting hundreds of bankers around the world: The next step will be when the same types of actions begin to remove politicians from the scene as well. It is way past time for the public to enter this global-reaction to lawlessness and the obscenities we’re all being forced to live under now.

When ‘Nightfall’ comes to the inner-cities: Life for everyone here will change and only the awake and aware will survive the opening rounds of this deepening war.

Part of our problems stem directly from our failure to realize just how vulnerable people are once the entire edifice of society breaks down.

Consequently the time to act is before the outlaw-government makes its next move to shut down the society: To accompany the loss of all our rights and virtually everything that anyone alive today might still care about.

Apparently the public has forgotten about that time when Rape, Torture and Murder were not part of what everyone potentially now faces whenever we leave our homes or businesses or indeed anywhere in Amerika today ­ because WAR has been declared upon the civilian population of the United States and we must do something to not just interrupt this ­ we must shut them down.

Never Forget ­ the Enemy this time is as vulnerable to the same FEARS and TERRORs that they have been using against us for the last fifteen years. But since they seem to think they are immune ­ once they realize the truth, then it will be they that will need to run for their lives, not us…




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