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Realities Not Realized Before

By Jim Kirwan


The Back-to-Back Steel I-Beams for many could represent STABILITY,

If you discount the fact that steel I-Beams are far too rigid.

Whereas everyday RISK is like an ever-shifting ball of fire

That everyone must live with, each and every day.

I chose this image because the world we live in now is fraught with massive secrets that can totally change whatever we might think we know, when the actual facts can reveal just how much we have never really understood.

Case in Point: Many in America have been waiting to be rescued by loyal American military forces, when the time comes to fight off whatever is about to befall the nation.

The truth as revealed in this long but important series of videos, published in 2015 ­ that many did not watch, including me until yesterday, is the key.

The thrust of this 'tell-all' rests upon some very disturbing facts that have apparently existed since perhaps the time of the Ancient-Greeks, possibly even going back further into antiquity.

This is the story of the wife of an American Military-Assassin: But it's far more than just that. In the course of this story, it soon becomes apparent that every military officer at or above the rank of Colonel has been initiated into a Secret-Society, that has been responsible for all the crime from weapons to drugs, the sex trade and other crimes worldwide: And this has been the case now, almost for centuries around this planet.

This is far beyond ugly and it begins among the very young where most of the sexual and psychotically based initiations take place. This massive obscenity continues all the way up through the teenage years and the first introduction for many into the secret-societies within the U.S. Military.

The thrust of this discovery reveals that the U.S. Military has already been corrupted into this global criminal mafia, in which the Marines, the Navy Seals and other special forces have always been the executioners for the various mobs. Together they serve as international-enforcers of the illegal arms and drug trade worldwide: All branches of the U.S. military are revealed, along with all the once believed to be civilians in charge of leadership, for everything this country is involved in, worldwide.

Oh and for anyone that might still be waiting for those loyal American officers to rise up to save America ­ anyone in the officer corp and even some in the non-com group as well, have all been fired already by Obama, over the last four years of this purge: Just to insure that there will be no “military-saviors” waiting in the wings: When and If Marshall Law is ever declared formerly against the people of the United States.

Illuminati Wife Tells All 4 Parts

The second part of this WAR upon us all is contained in this very clear film that spells out exactly how we have all being gassed and corrupted ­ throughout all the years of both Bush & Obama.

New BLACK Chemtrails Reported Worldwide!

The later story is part of this radio interview:

Jeff Rense & Jim Kirwan - America...The Zombie Nation

Once anyone begins to factor in the above information, the image for the “future” of this planet will be radically altered, for each one of us: Depending on how much of the information is absorbed, or even just thought about.

In the first series of videos: Their impact will depend upon how much history anyone might already have about things like the OSS, the Nazi's, and everything that happened at the end of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam and on into the so-called 'Cold War' that followed.

The story begins in a rather sketchy way, but as events move forward, towards today, the impact of just how many of the people we have depended upon to “keep us safe” is not just dispelled ­ but is in reality, totally destroyed.

Near the end of the video presentation the truth behind the CIA is also clearly revealed, along with the real level of activity of Israel in all of this.

We must begin to act upon the truth of what has been revealed.

I don't say this to frighten anyone but to warn the public about facts that most people in this place simply have not known. For those that have suspected this, then this should confirm your worst fears. The point is that each of us must begin to do whatever we can to end these creatures as soon as possible.

Going Forward:

In an interview with Mike Harris the other day I asked him, and his audience, what they thought about something that apparently few people have yet to consider. At the time I had not yet seen the first series of the videos above.

'Has anyone given much thought to what might happen if say the top twelve outrageously evil-antiques were to suddenly drop dead in the space

of say two months time'?

After all, most of these creatures have already lived well-beyond their natural life-times, by strictly human-standards. I'm talking about Soros, Kissinger, the Rothschilds, Brzezinski, GWH Bush, Cheney, Madeline Albright and the others: Like the owners of the media, Hollywood and obviously the insiders behind the fake-alphabet-soup crowd that must leave this planet now. My question was, “would the sudden-death of these truly evil bastards make any difference in the world at this moment”?

We weren't able to come up with anything astounding on air ­ but I think that if several of them were to exit the planet in close proximity to each other ­ then maybe, just maybe, the entire hot-air balloon might just fall from that universal midnight sky in which they've all been living for eons!

Think about it...


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