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The Real Costs of War


By Jim Kirwan


The criminal empire that is waging all these wars, has not revealed what the 'real costs of war' actually are for the American people who are paying all the costs, that have been laid upon them since 1913 with their illegal-creation that was planned on Jeckel Island that became the Federal Reserve.

The FED is still owned and operated by United States Incorporated ­ the wholly-owned private corporation that's in charge of every American dollar and all the banking done internationally by the Rothschild's Khazarian Mafia that's been 'in charge' of enslaving the planet since 1913.

The literal cost to American citizens is beyond measure if you look at everything that we've been involved in since 1913. But even if you only look at everything we've been doing since 1991 and the GWH Bush first War on Iraq, 24 years ago: Here are a few of the costs that most American's may not be aware of.

Those costs include the deaths of millions upon millions of people and hundreds of thousands of American lives in uniform as well. That's just part of the blood toll, but if you add in the number of people damaged or turned into permanent war-refugees then the human toll alone is almost beyond measure, given that the US lost over 73,000 US troops, (and of course they lied about it) according to the US Red Cross, in Bush Senior's war against Saddam alone.

We've been at war in Iraq continuously since 1991. that's 24 years and 3 Trillion plus spent. In Afghanistan we've been losing that 'war' since 2001, another three Trillion and 15 years of blood and loss along with Pakistan in a drone war for only god knows how long, against 'wedding parties'. We spent a few years literally obliterating Libya, at an unknown fiscal cost and we've almost reached five years in Syria, that's now finally being liberated by the Russian Air Force and the Syrian Army on the ground.(just ten days so far) - despite the massive amounts of American financing that's already been spent in every year of the war against Assad and the arming and rearming of the hundreds of thousands of terrorists by Israel and USSA ­ in just ten days the whole fake-thing is literally falling apart

It's truly fascinating that the public lets the government waste trillions upon trillions of the US dollars that we supposedly earned, on nothing that yields any movement in any of these failed USI wars. We have militarily failed everywhere; but we've succeeded in stealing tens of trillions for private contractors and the war-machine that's created a literal 'King's ransom' such as the world has never seen before in illicit profits ­ and all that money came directly and indirectly from you and I.

Now add in the money stolen from ordinary Americans to build the over 800 military bases around the world, that are each responsible for parts of the over 72 wars in nations that we are currently “at war” with: While we only claim the five to seven wars that we started after 911 that we cannot avoid talking about.

Then add the real costs of all the lies we continue to tell the world about the real conditions of our 'efforts' everywhere else in the world and you'll begin to realize just how deeply each and every American has been involved in this global Tar-Baby that threatens to consume the entire planet unless the USSA, Israel, NATO and the UN are stopped cold.

On the money side, the dollar has fallen to absolute-zero in any value of any kind. But the public is about to discover just how this bankruptcy will be dealt with when we begin to lose your homes and businesses, your bank-accounts and your dignity, as we begin the free-fall into total failure that will finish taking from every person here: All the things and ideals that any of us ever had, 'or thought we had' back in those halcyon days before we all began to realize that we've been screwed literally to death by our own government and by the Rothschild's Khazarian Mafia, since long before any of us were even born!

We've lready lost any future for ourselves or our children, because we refused to look back and fix any of the crimes of the past. Just as we've lost any 'honor' we might have once been able to build into, any legitimate enterprise we might have worked to achieve. Now we live in a lawless world where the public refuses to challenge any tyrant in uniform.

Why not get together with some friends, if you still have any and discuss the realities beneath this global hijacking of the entire planet ­ but especially now as it has become mandatory to discuss exactly how much these crimes are costing you and everyone you know today ­ by any standard you choose to use, to get to the truth beneath all these lies?

After that, when you begin to discover the truth, then you owe it to yourselves and to posterity to get out there and demand an end to all of it ­ there's no time like the present to begin to arrest and lynch the barbarians that have been doing this directly since 1913...

Doesn't this 'symbol' just make you proud?

Below is the old patch that was first used in Iraq and on TSA uniforms, with the backwards 'Amerikan Flag' surrounded by the private-corporate fringe that clearly states the USA is in trouble. It's also worn today on all police uniforms and any agency that supposedly represents you and I. This illegally backward flag, is Israel telling 'us' that while we wrap our troops in the “U.S.' Flag, they are really serving Israel and the New World Order, not the Republic, not the Constitution and definitely not America.

When you see this patch you're looking at an enemy of this country!

And from here on in you must begin to reflect this truth

back upon those that wear this blatant lie!

Speaking of symbols you'll be glad to know that the United States has always been run by the concept behind the fasces that have always stood for the illicit power behind most of the powerfully illicit global-thrones. Above it appears on the Truman Dime. But if you want to see it in action: It's below, on both sides of the congressional podium as a national reminder to the supposed representatives, of the power of 'the axe' encased in the many common “rods” that symbolize the directed power of the slaves that supposedly protect this tyrannical government from the real tyranny that government was put in place to create, with the approval of the masses of course...

The true costs of all these wars were created to force the public and the people in general to PAY for all the fake TERROR and the hollow yet paranoiac FEAR that every one us continues to pay for - with every breath we take!


Stop taking orders from these crime-encrusted criminals

Take back your nation


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