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The Real 911 Target

By Jim Kirwan


There are a number of critically important points about this subject in a newly

released article today that over the next few months should begin to color the realities that Americans have failed to deal with over the event of 15 years ago.

Just one of the overlooked realities:

Beginning @ 39min 43sec

“…I grew up knowing that being a Zionist, meaning being a Jew, it's the exact same thing. And being anti-Zionist or meaning that you don't want to be a Zionist, means being anti-Semitic, hating all the Jews. If you're anti- Zionist means you want all the Jews to die. This is how I grew up at home.

I grew up in a very militaristic home, My older brother was an officer in a special unit of the paratroopers in Israel. My mother was an officer in the Israeli army and my father was a very high officer in the Israeli Army and ~ he is the Head of Investigation for the Jerusalem Police...

And during this time I'm discovering something pretty amazing. The more I go-in looking for “occupation” the more I find “money”. And I don't understand so I'm going deeper and deeper. Then in 2010 I'm getting into a very interesting story about how the Israeli government and the Israeli Army was selling a new tear-gas canister to the governance of police, for the government and police of Singapore. They're selling this canister to fight their protesters in their country... So I'm going into this website of the Minister of Security of Israel and I find out that during this time I'm looking and seeing they have just concluded a deal with the Singapore government for selling the best tear-gas canisters ever produced and tried by the Israeli Army ~ this tear-gas canister was proven to be 'the most deadliest-ever'. And I'm gong back and I'm saying “wait ­ try the tear-gas canister: Who would agree to be struck - and then I understand. They are trying the weapons every day, not in labs, but down there on the field, they were trying their weapons; I was trying the weapons... and we're trying the weapons every day and we're selling it outside.

I couldn't believe the things that I'm seeing so I'm going deeper and deeper and then you remember the young guy that first threw the first stones of the protests? They were not Palestinian, they were actually an undercover unit of the Israeli-Army looking like me, Arab-Jews, disguised as Palestinians inside Arab villages ­ starting a riot, starting something so that we would have a good excuse for shooting the place up and testing the weapons and the more I go, the more I can't understand. Is this for real? How long is it going to be for. How much money are we making and then I discovered in the last thirty to forty years, and this is a very, very partial list of dictatorships and regimes that the Israeli government and the Israeli Army is trading weapons with. Trading knowledge with, trading technology for training their soldiers with, by themselves, in those countries.

In the last forty years we were involved in the worst dictatorships and regimes in the world ­ and we were making 'a killing' out of it. We're making so much money out of it and then I understand. This is not an occupation (Palestine) is a laboratory.”

Sometimes as a soldier I would refuse to poison ­ Palestinians. Sometimes as a protester I would run away with Palestinians and be a lab-rat. But all this time we're trying weapons out and selling them out there. And the source of 'everything' - it's not the religion, it's not the land, it's a lot, a lot of money and I'm standing in the wrong place. And I moved from Jerusalem to the United States, so things changed...

k: This massive amount of money worldwide is laundered by the US. Military's upper echelon, this should have been added to this article:

'Realities Not Realized Before'

...In the last three years; I'm researching the relationship between our army and your army. Our government and your government and all the money that flows in the middle...

...two and half months ago we were on the Maryland highway, on our way to do this kind of lecture in Washington D.C. We were stuck in the middle of the highway and we did something we don't like to do, we called the police. The police came very fast, very efficient. The Maryland police officer came, took us out of the highway to a car ­ so that I got a ride-along with the Maryland Office of police. For ten minutes we're driving silently and I had no idea that it's going to change my life.

...the Officer looks at me and says: “So where are you from?” I said: “I'm from Israel”. The officer said: “Oh man you guys are 'bad-asses” you know how to silence the ones that oppose you ­ you know how to calm things down. Nobody disobeys you ­ you guys are the best”. And I'm saying “whoa, whoa, I don't think you really know a lot about the Israeli Army so never mind.” He said: “No, No I just came back from there”. I'm saying “What as a tourist?” He said: “No with the Maryland Police we just came back from training with your military and your police.”

What?” He said: “You know all of our police here in the US are going for a few weeks to Israel (and are) training with your army and your police.”

And I start investigating more and more and I'm finding more and more information out there and then before I leave the car, I'm thinking: Is there a chance you know - my father, the head of investigations of Jews and Police? And the guy takes out his cell phone, flipping pictures and he got a picture with my dad in the middle of the night in Washington D.C. And I'm just blown away ­ I'm going out of the car and I'm calling Jerusalem and I'm saying: “Dad, what the hell!” And my dad is telling me: “O come on ­ don't be naive: You know NYPD got an office in Tel Aviv ­ right? You know we got an office in New York ­ right? Come on we're working together “to protect you”

And then I understand ~ What's going on in Palestine is a Humanitarian Crisis ~ History is knocking very loudly right now in Palestine and all of you need to be on the right side of the Humanitarian case. But not this time... because you guys should know: “YOU GUYS ARE NEXT IN LINE” - it's already happening and you guys are next. The next one will die FROM A TEAR-GAS CANISTER IN HIS CHEST, out of the brutality of the police ­ it will be one of your sons or daughters in a protest because THEY ARE TRAINING TOGETHER ­ YOUR POLICE TRAINING WITH OUR ARMY. Our army is training them on how to take care of THE ENEMY, BECAUSE PALESTINIANS ARE OUR ENEMY. BUT WHEN THEY'RE COMING BACK (to the u.s.) YOU ARE THEIR ENEMY.

All this time the government and the police are organizing together,




Concludes @ 48min 47sec.

Trump Protects 911 Terrorist Netanyahu

The message in the full length of the video above, is a must watch because of the importantly new information surrounding 911

which has mostly remained hidden from the world

since that black day in September of 2001.


The key to surviving whatever is NEXT, lays in knowing the truth about what has already happened, especially in the recent political past.

To grasp this you must continue to


Before it's far too late to change anything about the future.


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