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Reactions to Russia's Successes


By Jim Kirwan


Today marks exactly halfway into Russia's military cleansing

of ISIS from Syria. With just 45 days to go, it's clear that USI & Israel

are now in full panic mode which their organized military attack on Paris so clearly proves.

The Paris area was shocked by a major terrorist attack Friday night that is being claimed by the Neo-Caliphate terrorist group ISIS.

But just hours before this attack was carried out, Facebook removed a key Anonymous group responsible for identifying and reporting thousands of social media accounts used by ISIS recruiters.

Regardless of your views on ISIS, their origins and who is pulling the strings and funding them, one thing is clear: they have been spreading their ideology and recruiting using Facebook and Twitter more than any “on-the-ground”, traditional methods.

The Anonymous group Red Cult initiated an operation to counter the ISIS social media presence, called #OpISIS. We at Counter Current News have been the primary contact point for #OpISIS from the start, and we continue to be today.

That’s why our sources in Red Cult told us today that a group calling itself “Report ISIS Accounts” ­ run by Anonymous ­ was removed by Facebook and the administrators for the group all banned.”

The military precision that was utilized in these co-ordinated attacks in Paris, makes it clear that what happened on Friday night was no ordinary 'terrorist-attack'. To some this might easily be seen as a desperate attempt to interrupt what Russia is so successfully doing to ISIS in Syria: Before Russia can finish what was begun just 45 days ago.

How the world can so easily divorce itself from what just took place in Paris and what's been on-going, around the clock for the last 45 days since the last day of September; would seem to defy credibility. ISIS is being handed their own asses, with increasingly damaging results on the same ground where they once claimed to be “absolutely unstoppable”.

USI has clearly refused to assist Russia with their cleansing operations in Syria, because America paid for the barbaric-creatures that Russia was brought in to eradicate. And since Russia is continuing without “American- assistance” it has become clear that the shambles of the old West had to up the ante to mobilize the world to stop the Russian attacks on ISIS ­ while the failed Western powers continue to “discuss” what Russia is already doing to remove these savages from Syria.

Or as Putin is rumored to have said yesterday:

Putin has made it clear that he would not deal with a dog that has bitten him, and THE OWNER of THE DOG will be held accountable!
he call was from Moscow. The Chechen who previously fought with the ISIL in Syria called Al-Baghdadi personally.

The caller said that he has enough people, and the same attack similar to the one that took place last night in Paris can be held in Moscow .

However, Al-Baghdadi did not support this idea. On the contrary, he said that in any case it is impossible to commit the attack in Moscow since Putin is a maniac, and he can use any modern weapons and turn the territory of the ISIL in an asphalt desert. This is what kind of a conversation took place.”

It seems rather bizarre that after just 45 days of Russia's military efforts against ISIS, that suddenly the rest of Europe needs to re-focus on what's going on in Syria, as the only way for the rest of the world to stop the highly co-ordinated attacks upon the people of France. In my non-military point of view, it would seem that what Russia is doing to ISIS has endangered the global-positions of both US Inc and Israel: Which is why these outlaw-nations are calling for a global-conference to 'address' terrorism in the world': Something that Russia has already been doing for the last 45 days, without the 'assistance' of the corrupted USSA or Israel.

Hence the desperation attack on Paris: To refocus the planet 'against Russia again', because if Russia continues to tear ISIS apart, then the broken Empire will finally be seen for exactly what they have been, from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya into Syria today.

This is a two pronged attack upon the people of Europe, combined with the warmonger's demands to continue to punish Russia, while attempting to end the Russian effort to protect the planet from the Khazarian Rothschild's Mafia - under the guise of 'protecting the world' by splintering the successful ending of Russia's efforts to go after 'the owners of the dogs of war' in Syria and the Middle-East. The billboard below is real...

The RAPE of citizens throughout Europe is becoming reality in several countries now: Which must also be faced and forcefully ended globally.

This is what underlies the real threat of ISIS worldwide:

A reader wrote:

Over the years, we’ve been through a lot of these made for prime time false flag dramas... So, what’s happened in France? What’s your guess?

You know the military ind. complex has got to be happy with visions of loads of money and never ending war... Yet, on the surface, it’s seem possible that ISIS types might pull this off. ...BUT, seven simultaneous events pulled off like clock work? I don’t think the Jihadists mind set is capable of such precision teamwork. There maybe no recent historical precedent for such a number of precision attacks... “

To which I can only say that until the world was subjected to Political Correctness and Zero-Tolerance everywhere, none of this shit would have ever been tolerated: And certainly not on anything like a global-scale...

The MOSSAD certainly could make that happen. You know with this attack Israel is getting a major PR boost thanks to the mainstream media. It’s like a mini 9/11...”

When Russia and China refused to veto the UN No-Fly Zone over Libya, that crime paved the way for what became the NATO, UN endorsement for the total destruction of Libya, carried out by US Inc. France, Britain and others...

After that mistake, it would appear that Russia was determined not to let that same kind of 'mistake' happen again in Syria. But the Russian-Syrian decision to eradicate ISIS was something that the current outlaws apparently cannot allow ­ hence the attack on Paris, supposedly by ISIS, but as with every action since the slaughter of Libya, the Paris attack was probably done by international outlaws, that were bought and paid for by USI and Israel.

And as for the total compliance by the war-party in Congress, demanding “War, War.& Lots More War” those Israeli-Americans need to be the first in uniform to invade anywhere the supposed 'US congress' decides to attack. McCain Obama and Cheney should lead any “American-attack” upon any other nation which they decide should be illegally attacked ­ since we can't get the congress to impeach themselves, maybe just sending them into the front lines could rid this nation of so many of these paper-doll traitors in a single stroke?

If the world doesn't stop these savages, there will be a lot more

beheadings, crucifixions, stonings, torture and sexual slavery everywhere in the remaining world of today.

We need to let Russia finish the job that she and Syria began 45 days ago.

While the world shuts down the massive waves of fake-immigration

In Europe and the United States, that was all designed by Israel.




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