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Razor-Wire in the Blood


By Jim Kirwan


This is how living this way feels

And it was started by these creatures:

Welcome to the New Millennium!

I tend to watch a lot of films, for research, as well as for the release that is denied to all of us, by everyday life in the New Millennium.

This afternoon I experienced a true “Ah-Ha!”

Since the murder of Kennedy in 1963, the population of the United States has been denied 'CLOSURE', about almost anything anymore. This may sound trite, but 'closure' is as natural as breathing and when that is denied it can actually throw those directly affected by that, off balance. If the situation goes on and on and on it rapidly becomes a distortion that kills our natural 'expectations' in the outcomes of everyday life.

No matter what experience we find ourselves in, whether it's hideous or fantastic, all things in general have this one thing in common: Everything comes to an end, regardless of whether its positive or negative and 'we' expect to get there: That's what we call closure!

That sigh of relief we experience when we've accomplished something wonderful, or survived something life-threatening is actually required by people to get on with our lives. What those who have injected the razor-wire into our blood have accomplished, is that they have succeeded in being able To Constantly Deny Closure ­ to each one of us, regardless of whatever circumstance any of us might find ourselves living in or through.

Consequently for the last 52 years Americans have been living 'off-balance' in a world that has managed to frustrate human expectations, via the denial of conclusions that were created by the 'Theft of All Meaning' through the total perversion of the language, and the reversal of values aided and abetted by the double-speak we've allowed to be used to 'explain' the obscene-reversal of meanings in everything that matters.

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Lies are Truth, Ignorance is Strength.”

By accepting the theft of all meaning in the dumbed-down language, compounded by the denial of the need for proof, before accepting whatever is said by the same criminal-governments that committed all the crimes that we have refused to demand real answers for: We have all become accomplices with our executioners' in the blackmail and murder of the people of this nation and the world.

'We' have not chosen to oppose any of the crimes that have been committed against us all, and that's the reason these outlaws have had free rein to do whatever they want to every man, woman and child in this place. Just look at the 'losers' that are strutting around the pathetically-political podiums, pretending that they care about anything beyond their own 'selection-to-office' and you can see how much trouble this broken nation is really in.

The Plan For The End Of Europe: The New USSR

It is open borders; floods of immigrants; “replacement populations”; an influx of people who have no intention of accepting the customs and way of life in their new homes.

The end result? A de facto reconfiguring of national populations, so that, when you look at the makeup of Europe 20 years from now, you will say:

Why do we think of Germany or France or England? They don’t really exist. All of Europe is a vast mix of immigrants. Europe is really one country now. So let’s erase all those old artificial borders.”

Eventually, even uttering words like “Swedes, Norwegians, Germans, French, Dutch…” will be considered micro (or macro) aggressions against the “people of Europe.”
Of course, in reaching this point, there will be a certain amount of chaos and violence. The EU is banking on its ability to control it, to put it down where necessary, and to maintain its hold as the one and only governing force in Europe.

On a cultural level, names like Locke, Shakespeare, Goethe, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Lorca, Goya, Cezanne, Monet, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Dante, Galileo, Faraday, and even “modern” names like Bartok, Stravinsky, Rimbaud, Orwell, and Camus will be vague dusty ghosts that provoke uncomprehending stares. “The past is dead.”

Oh, but don’t worry about that. The important thing is, every person living in Europe is a citizen of Europe, and is entitled to benefits. This is humane, this is The Good, this is the triumph of the benevolent State. Nothing else matters.””

Or watch the latest in political-farce unfolding every day now. Bush, Hillary and the whole boatload of manikins pretending to be people, every day as if the clearly damned election was going to be held tomorrow. Jeb is being used to out his evil brother over 911 and one ought to wonder why it took the politicians fourteen years to notice the fact that Bush Jr. didn't “keep America or American's safe on 911”. And don't miss the latest obscenity from Hillary who decided to keep up with Obamanation's bowing down, in public, to the Leader of Saudi Arabia, that's just been appointed to run the Human Rights commission in the UN ­ despite the fact that Saudi Arabia leads the world in torture, whippings and beheadings? Here's the unforgettable image of America's number one female sellout of all strong, free women, to the current and continuing Jihad in the Middle-East?

Hillary Clinton the Official American politician for all occasions

Wearing the international symbol of feminine Islam, for all the world to see. This is America's former Secretary of State and Next President of the USSA?.NO - she belongs in Jail by Halloween!

We need to end all these people long before the next fake-election can do more damage than has already been done to this scorched-earth ruin we call a nation.

The point behind the point in all of this absolutely outrageous behavior, around the planet, but especially inside the belly of the sick beast which is the USSA, has always been to keep the public from ever obtaining any closure from JFK forward, on any subject.

This level of total imbalance was designed into everything that's been done to the planet, long before the events were even rolled-out to continue to diminish our ability to grasp anything about what's really going on.

.But when Russia decided to step in and take a powerful and physical stand against this entire cabal, in Syria, soon to include Iraq, Iran and possibly other nations as well ­ the world finally got the chance to heave a real sigh of genuine relief: Quite possibly for the first time since November of 1963.

The answer to having razor-wire embedded in our bloodstreams can be cured by following reality for a change: Instead of continuing to chase our own cowardly-tails from one crisis to the next without so much as a ten-second pause to catch anyone's breath...


Take a second look at “No Mincing Words” for the definitions of what we are all up against today ­ please

Decide for yourself to refuse to follow government orders,

if you're serious about being free or conscious in the ruins of this place.

We're all here for a veritable eye-blink in time

Why not use it to stand for something

to strive for life and experience,

instead of just surrendering to anyone that demands


Unconditional Surrender to Full Spectrum Dominance”?



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