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Why Rat Ryan Won't Get Trump Endorsement
And Pence Stabbed Trump In The Back By Endorsing The Rat


By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello, Jeff

This is why Paui Rat Ryan won't get a Trump endorsement.

He pushed through funding for refugee resettlement to the tune of $1 Billion A YEAR. He knew full-well some of those Muslim savages had ACTIVE, COMMUNICABLE TB but he helped bring them in - without even a TB test - and resettled them among innocent, unknowing Americans anyway.

Here are some quotes by the candidate running against the Rat in Wisconsin..

“Paul Ryan has voted for every budget that has funded the federal refugee resettlement program, including the most recent ‘Cromnibus Budget’ he rammed through as Speaker,” Nehlen added.

“Federal taxpayers are paying resettlement agencies, like Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin, more than $1 billion per year to resettle refugees with high rates of active tuberculosis across the country, and Paul Ryan is responsible for that,” Nehlen concluded.  

And  "Ryan took money away from veterans and gave it to illegals."  - Nehlen

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