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Rape: 'Weapon of War'

By Jim Kirwan


If the male population in the non-Islamic-world does not come together to end RAPE as the weapon used against Western civilization: Then the mongrel-barbarians have already won their current WAR against the World!

RAPE is one of the most egregious crimes used, yet non-humans in the West are reducing 'rape' to less than a misdemeanor because they fear reprisals. If anyone should fear reprisals, it should be the rapists at the hands of furiously-violated citizens of the nations they have invaded...

The rape of one's enemies, has been used in wars since before there was language, or weapons beyond clubs: Consequently 'RAPE' is the most primitive and the most-lethal weapon because of the lifelong damage it can do ­ both immediately and years afterwards.

The children of RAPE in the Muslim world have expanded that crime into “human-weapons” to continue the damage done beyond the rape itself ­ which in the Muslim Criminal-World results in huge numbers of child-soldiers and child suicide-bombers that are the direct result of the rapes that typify the basic sexual demands of the illiterate-invaders from so-called Muslim-nations.

The Communist Red Army used rape and sexual brutality to slaughter the German population for up to six years beyond the end of WWII ­ the behavior was engaged in not only by the Red Army, but the Americans, the Brits and the French. The facts behind those rapes remain concealed even today.

No other 'modern-army' or twisted political theory has officially used sexual slavery and Female Genital Mutilation, as lifelong weapons in the War on Women everywhere. Yet the horrendous numbers of protected-rapists ­ just keep right on coming while the “police”, the state, and in too many cases even the public are not only not stopping these crimes ­ they are actually aiding and abetting and covering up these war-crimes against women.

Even animals do not engage in the bestiality which

Muslims now demand and practice, as their natural right.


These Barbarians must die.



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