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The Key Weapon in Global Genocide

Jim Kirwan


The U.S. Department of Just-Us” has completely lost all relevance when it comes to protecting the people of America from this president and from the congress that still does not realize they cannot “Declare War”, just because they feel like it. There are legal proceedings that supposedly prevent that ­ but no one cares enough to raise their voices or much of anything else, whenever it comes to declaring themselves above all the laws.

That was just followed by the recent obscenity that we committed against
Russia and now the entire global status of Embassies everywhere.

But by far there is this most egregious treatment of all the forgotten victims of the Deep State, that began in the late 1970's, beginning with our children, which we augmented by our filthy treatment of women at the hands of Muslim-fanatics, that are just re-beginning their third global war upon the planet.


What I'm talking about are the hundreds of thousands of forgotten victims. Of men, women and children everywhere that have been used, tortured, raped and murdered to fulfill the insatiable living nightmare-fantasies that go all the way back to primitive sexual-slavery and cannibalism. These lurid-crimes are the basis for most of the prominent filth, that rule most of the nations today. This is the real war beneath all the posturing.

In the world today there's an ever-increasing display of primitive Barbarian Savages, that have demanded the right to enact Sharia Law, upon the land inside the U.S., who are blatantly shredding the U.S. constitution.

Their “Sharia Law” also demands the primitive practice of the sexual manipulation of women to permanently-remove any joy in any woman's life in any sexual act they might enter into ­ by licensing this crime against all women and children. That's why these sadists cut these girls as toddlers, to insure this living hell for lifetimes of unimaginable and inescapable horror ­ because the procedure is not reversible.

Current polices have massively managed to fail to notice that RAPE, is not just “a Crime of Violence”: Rape is part of the enabling process inside the Crime of Genocide: So when random violent RAPE is committed by the tens of thousands, now even millions of rabid savages, that are abut to become millions: Then it's way past time for the world to react with unrelenting force.

The Victims of Rape suffer far beyond the rapes themselves, because in addition to being totally defenseless to whatever deadly disease and the infections which many of the rapists spread; there are the lifelong memories that haunt the targets, long after the act has happened ­ if they're lucky enough to not be among those that died from these often massive sexual assaults.

Gang Rape, especially when the rape is done to defeat an enemy in battle, should
carry an automatic death penalty, wherever it's practiced.

Whenever massive political Rapes are committed to crush the countries in which their victims live; as is now being done throughout the EU; then the public must force their leaders to protect the people by castration, deportation or death. There must be an international prohibition for RAPE, wherever it is done, and full prosecution for any government agency, anywhere, that fails to act in the face of belligerent rape, in all non-Muslim countries.

We must shun this barbaric but “fake-belief-system” that is not a religion. This a global parasitic cancer upon all humanity and it must be wiped out, if there is ever again to be a civilized world to live in.

American's must add these wanton Criminals in the supposed 'Department of Justice' to the list of public-enemies of America, for totally failing to grasp the scale of these crimes that have become legion, in their worldwide chant to take down the planet...

BTW: This is the third time that this global-curse has raised it's obscene demands,
to kill everyone on the planet that disagrees with them.

It's time to wipe these sadistic-barbarians from the earth.