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The Days Of Rage

By Jim Kirwan


Swat teams

Since 911 the so-called police have been mobilized on the streets and against people in their homes. There has been no evidence for the need of any of this by any information since 911.

To date all the violence has been against an unarmed and unresisting public. This is about to change and the changes will be radical and unrelenting because of the following statistics, along with everything that police have refused to track.

This overstepping of authority is happening every hour of every day across the country. In fact according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics between 400 and 500 innocent people are murdered by law-enforcement officers every year.” (1)

But these stats are massively flawed because police departments do not count the number of deaths they cause, each and every year. So their stats reflect only those deaths they can’t avoid ‘knowing about’ for the record, because of videos or lawsuits. The real number of dead, that were killed in this manner is likely more like 5,000 a year, and not in just the time period which began with 911.

What kind of police-force does NOT keep records of the number of times they have allowed or ordered innocent people to be murdered - for any reason? Those agencies are NOT police officers; they are nothing but paid-mercenaries hell-bent on killing the population just to terrorize the pubic at every possible opportunity. It is way past time when the public will recognize the facts and take matters into their own hands to end this practice once and for all.

Not only do they not keep track, they do not punish anyone for these criminally designed attacks upon the same people the cops are supposed to protect. In theory, because of this policy “murder by police” has now become a non-crime.

The courts and prison’s are filled to overflowing with people charged with minor infractions—yet these murderers are paid for by the public and they are not charged with any of the torture, rape or murders which they do routinely each and every day of every year.

The so-called Department of Justice is filthy-dirty and is actually leading this Israel-designed-crime-wave against the people of the United States. That has been true since the days of John Ashcroft who led the way to a whole list of publicly declared criminals who “served” under Bush Junior & Obama ­ and they should all be tried for war-crimes against the public in America.

Since none of this has been addressed the Fourth Reich has decided to intensify their private war upon the public under-color of “fighting-a-terror that has NEVER-EXISTED inside this nation.

In the 1980’s there were 3000 SWAT Raids a Year. In 2012 there were 50,000 SWAT Raids a year.” (1)

What happened between those dates that required this massive increase? MASSIVE-GOVERNMENT-CRIMINALITY throughout those 32 years is what happened: Yet the public took no-notice of the total change in this nation that no is no-longer protected by either the U.S. Constitution or the “LAWS” of the old United States.

When the forces of the country no longer protect the people, but instead attack the same people they were created to protect—then the only solution to this intolerable-circumstance is to take back the force which the public gave the police, with extreme prejudice, toward the illegal-behavior they have blatantly used against the public which is growing more deadly every day and night in what’s left of this place…

There’s a cop in the video, (6min 26sec to 6min 36sec) who is pepper-spraying some protestors quite casually. Those being sprayed with military heavy-grade pepper-spray are seated on the ground and are not resisting anyone.

The police awarded the cop $38,000 for the ‘pain and suffering’ he experienced - while pepper-spraying peaceful protestors at U.C. Davis”

This tells you all you need to know about the kind of crime & punishment that is being dealt out against the public. This nation is armed to the teeth. We need to begin to make our presence known and felt, unless we want to wait to die in more Murders by Cops.

Americans are not alone in this treatment Canada, Mexico & Turkey the UK, Israel and the European Union are also shown in the video.

This is an ongoing crime against the people of the world, and since America is still armed we need to lead the way back to sanity or die trying.

Without any proof no government can behave this way against their own people. This ‘government’ is doing just that, and it’s more than just an Act of Open Warfare. This is a “Culture of Impunity” and it’s a crime that will receive punishment-in-kind for their actions. Just like this war against us the war against these criminals will not be publicized—it will just begin to happen to those thugs when they least expect it.

As the video says: “Murder is Murder and no one should have the right to kill another human being. Just because they’ve got a badge they can go and take an innocent person’s life and that’s their license to kill! ”

The scum in uniform no longer even try to subdue any suspect they just open fire. Their claim is “they are in fear for their lives.” It’s time for some of us to “make that so”. Maybe then we can force this murderous-outrage back into the dark-ages where it belongs?

The one thing that is clear in all of this is that can no longer just be tolerated ­ anywhere!

1) U.S. Police have killed over 5,000 civilians since 911- 10min 11sec VIDEO



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