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The Rage Of Don Rumsfeld's Endless
Plague - Typical Aspartame Victim

By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum


This is a letter I received from a victim of aspartame poisoning, one of many thousands, all of which made me recently realize that Aspartame Disease, as titled by H.J. Roberts, M.D., should also be more appropriately described in the vast global context of hundreds of millions of afflicted human beings, as DONALD RUMSFELDS ENDLESS PLAGUE. They think they are dying of natural causes, and their physicians don't know much more than they do, except to merely try to treat the symptoms without ever getting close to the real cause: their consumption of aspartame. To follow the reporting of the symptoms followed up by explanations  about aspartame.  That is what this article is really about.

What is a plague, precisely, from Merriam-Webster? An epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality : pestilence, or a virulent contagious febrile disease that is caused by a bacterium (Yersinia pestis) and that occurs in bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic forms called also black death. Also: "an affliction, calamity, evil, scourge," also "malignant disease. We humans have seen hundreds of plagues throughout out comparatively short history on this earth.


Dear Dr. Martini:

 I have documented my health situation below and I'm happy for it to be added to your list but I don't want my name to appear with it. As you will have experienced the usual backlash with all of this over the years I don't think its fair to put my family in the firing line so to speak! So I would appreciate if you could keep this in mind.

 A bit of background as to how I arrived at this point - My health deteriorated rapidly from November 2013 - although looking back there were many symptoms which I managed to explain away before that. As well as working full time and busy with 2 kids at school we had just taken on a German shepherd rescue dog which obviously needed quite a bit of walking - so I was always on the go somewhere! I had a traumatic tooth extraction mid-December which had gone very wrong leading to dry socket and this brought my health issues very much to the fore. From then things got much worse. I ended up being tested for Dementia along with a whole range of other serious symptoms as follows;

 Brain Fog

 Severe Memory Loss

 Severe Joint pain - found it very difficult to walk

 Losing vision

 Hearing loss

 Numbness and tingling in legs and fingers

 Severe foot pain with Plantar Fasciitis in one foot

 Mood swings

 Inability to cope with the smallest of things

 Depression bouts

 Rapid weight gain

 Kidney Stones

 Gall Stones





 Voracious appetite for sweet things

 Nasal Congestion - having to use a nasal spray

 Thinning hair with loss of eyelashes

 Lack of taste

 Difficulty in forming sentences as words were so hard to find due to

 Memory issues and effect on my brain!


 Yes I agree that is some list! Luckily for me I was continually Googling as to why I felt so bad as I seriously thought I was going to die. The doctors were taking blood tests and could find nothing wrong. Finally in January 2016 I stumbled across something on Facebook, of all places, which totally blew me away and made me recall my intake of the particular poison that was causing me so much pain. The poison was of course ASPARTAME! I had taken this product in sweeteners (Tesco's own 'Canderel' type brand) for many years, had drunk diet soda for quite a number of years (not excessively) although during the last 5 years I only had the occasional can of soda because I replaced it with Robinsons diluting juice which contains - yes - aspartame! Due to the bad taste in my mouth from the methanol poisoning I ate chewing gum which contains aspartame. Due to feeling so bad I started taking the fizzy Vitamin C tablets to see if they could pep me up in the morning and of course they contained aspartame!  I also had diet yoghurt every day which again contains aspartame. So all in all I was taking in quite an amount but probably similar to many women who are desperate to lose weight!

 Once I read this article on the Friday night I stopped taking anything with aspartame in it, and by the Sunday, 2 days later, I felt like a spring lamb! I couldn't believe the difference! Since then I have been very careful not to consume this terrible poison and have steadily improved over the last 21 months. There is some damage to my connective tissue at the usual aspartame target points such as the knees, ankles and hips are now arthritic but overall I feel so much better and so grateful that I read that article. Sadly as is the norm for this poison - it affects more than one person in a family my mum died last November after consuming a very considerable amount of this toxin over a number of years (mainly as sweetener in coffee) and it caused her all sorts of similar problems but by the time I read the article it was too late for her as the serious damage had been done to her heart, eyes, joints, breathing etc. and the medication that she had to take to combat all of this finally took its toll.

  I have been contacted by others affected by this poison and who have remarkably improved when they stopped it. I have too experienced the venomous responses to the truth about Aspartame and it's hard to believe people can be so emotionally attached to a drink or yoghurt, or any product for that matter, and refuse to give it up but accept debilitating health problems as a trade off!

I have Dr. Roberts great book as my niece brought it over from USA as it was quite expensive to buy from here. I would so like to lend it to a few enquirers but don't want to give it out as it was too expensive and hard come by to lose it and I've been down that road before.

 Do you know if there are any plans to release this book digitally, ebook style? That would be easier and hopefully a less expensive option.

 Kind regards



 On 21 Nov 2017, at 21:06, Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum.

 <<  wrote:


Dear {-----------------} I have to agree with you, but it's really worse than you know, for several reasons.  I once gave a speech on the cure for cancer in front of the Atlanta capitol.  So many people wanted it I made hundreds of copies.  My friend Michelle and I decided to give it out on the "Walk for the Cure", the people with the pink ribbons, along with other information on aspartame.  It was in a public area.  The officials objected and tried to get us to leave.  My friend, Michelle, is as feisty as I am.   She said, "This is public property.  Do you really want the cure for cancer or is it just the money you want?  She said, "It's just the money we want, now leave!"   

Yes, aspartame has been well proven to cause breast cancer but the officials did not want the public to know.  You can see where their donations are coming from. Sometime when you feel like it I would like to have your case, and if you want I can put it on the list. 

Here is a very old article on aspartame and breast cancer,  Also, Dr. Morando Soffritti of the Ramazzini Institute proved aspartame causes breast cancer, and if a woman is pregnant and the baby survives, he or she can grow up to have cancer. 

All my best,


At 02:59 PM 11/21/2017, wrote:

Hi Dr Martini       I have to say I was so angry when I saw this on the Coca Cola UK website whilst browsing for research for an essay I am writing for an exam. The irony of the vicious circle - buy more so they can donate more to the breast cancer they cause!


Thank you for the continuous information.



 My detailed response is next: 

This is the typical aspartame victim.  She has asked me as you read above not to reveal her identity. It was Dr. H. J. Roberts who coined the phrase Aspartame Disease because its use is consistent with Hippocratic writings.  The symptoms are predictable and there is a pattern.  "When a large number of people all catch the same disease at the same time, the cause must be ascribed to something common to all."  (Rosenberg 1992). This is appropriate because this affliction fulfills these four Koch-like postulates:

  * There is an identifiable cause.

 * Symptoms and signs follow such exposure and are reproducible in a given individual.

 * Improvement occurs after avoiding aspartame products (not always an easy feat).

 * The same complaints usually promptly recur on challenge.

 This horrendous disease inflicting pain, suffering, disability and death throughout the world is in truth: Rumsfeld's Plague. It should be recognized as such henceforth.  When the FDA said no to aspartames approval from 1966 to 1981, and then revoked the petition for approval, Rumsfeld as CEO of the patent holder, G.D. Searle, said he would call in his markers and get it on the market for public consumption, knowing it was poison. FDA had already revoked the petition for approval and tried to have G. D. Searle indicted for fraud.  President Reagan owed Rumsfeld a favor and wrote an executive order preventing FDA Commissioner Dr. Jeri Goyan from signing it into law.  Then he had Dr. Goyan fired and appointed one of Rumsfeld's cronies. Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, as Commissioner to over-rule the Board of Inquiry.  How do you do this when they already made the decision that aspartame could not be proven safe and had caused brain tumors?  Hayes added someone so he could break the tie, like not liking the vote, so you change it to what you wanted!

  Today Rumsfeld's Plague rages continuously across the planet bringing suffering, misery and death.

 Showing you the reactions a typical victim experiences, and how well documented they are, allows the consumer public the ability to know what millions are experiencing throughout the world.    


Aspartame symptoms are profound, recognizable but subtle.  As an example, the methanol in aspartame  triggers blindness but as you continue to lose vision you may just think you're getting older.  Victims get optic neuritis and macular degeneration and in the end can go blind.  If you warn them in time they may regain their vision.  The late Dr. Morgan Raiford, who owned the Atlanta Eye Hospital, said if vision is in the wet stage you may be able to see again. So alerting others is extremely important.

We'll call the typical victim Mrs. X, and she starts out by saying she had a tooth extraction that went wrong.  Aspartame actually can interact with some operations for various reasons.   When Cheryl  Kemptner was suffering with fibromyalgia and was going to have an operation I tried to explain this to her.  Finally I asked Dr. James Bowen to write about it.  I told her Prolotherapy stops chronic joint pain. I also asked Dr. Ross Hauser in Oak Park, Illinois to write an article about this   

 Here is that article:

Cheryl Kemptner decided to go through with the operation.  As Dr. Bowen reported, she had problems with the operation.  I told her when she went to the hospital to write down aspartame as an allergy and tell them she is chemically hypersensitive and will react.  She did that but a dietitian gave her a glass of Crystal Lite with aspartame, and she became a Code Blue and they had to resuscitate her to save her life. 

Today we have a hospital form making the hospital responsible for seeing to it that the patient doesn't get aspartame in drugs or food:

They must also check the generics as they add aspartame in more and more.  Note the hospital form includes the entire chapter on drug interaction from Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by the late Dr. H. J. Roberts, world expert internist and endocrinologist.

You can see Cheryl in the aspartame documentary, "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, telling her story.  You can get a copy from Cori Brackett, an aspartame victim with MS who got up out of her wheelchair after reading an article about aspartame and then abstaining.  Eight months later her huge lesion all but disappeared.  She just happened to own the film company!

If you have a friend on aspartame with joint pain or fibromyalgia make them a gift of this movie; it may save their life.  What happened to Cheryl?  She went on to have Phototherapy in California and finally her joint pain disappeared.  Nothing could be done about the problems the operation caused, but she is now living pain free.  Because of the chemical hypersensitization a lot of victims carry epi-pens in case they accidentally get aspartame and go into anaphylactic shock. Those increasingly ubiquitous epi-pens have really risen in price as Big Pharma knows what is going on.



 As to aspartame and dental problems:  When I needed implants, I first educated the dentist.  When I came in next, I noticed all the young girls working in his office were drinking Diet Coke.  I gave them information and told them aspartame can build up in their system and it causes birth defects and mental retardation.  One girl said that is all the dentist provides.  I had already given him information on birth defects and I really gave him a hard time over what he was doing and he gave me my check back.


 But what about the aspartame-addicted dentist?  I had a friend who was diabetic and I swamped him with info.  I told him aspartame not only can precipitate diabetes but it simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve, causes diabetics to go into convulsions, and interacts with insulin.  The free methyl alcohol causes them to lose limbs. He simply refused to get off aspartame.  He was planning some dental surgery and I told him there could be problems if he stayed on aspartame.  So what does he do?  He goes to the very same aspartame addicted dentist, and during the operation he almost loses his life.  He sued the dentist.  He never got off aspartame, and it triggers brain fog and memory loss big time.  One evening he was going home after a meeting, went the wrong way and drove into a brick wall.  Weeks later he died.  He always kept aspartame in his home. A young son got MS and died.  The attorney who is a friend of mine said the aspartame addict dentist has had six suits filed against him.  Last I heard he was still addicted to Diet Coke and was still practicing. You always have to educate the physician before any surgery to make sure he is not a user.

 The victim who sent me her case is so typical of aspartame victims that I thought if I explained some of the symptoms this email can be used to inform other victims.  Hand this email to someone using the poison and he will immediately understand where his problems derived.  Give a copy to your dentist and to your physicians.  Help them to educate others.

 Mrs. X mentions she was tested for dementia.  I just published a major article about aspartame being a primary cause of both dementia and Alzheimers.  This goes into detail on the subject; a recent study confirms that aspartame triggers dementia.

The first three symptoms I've just discussed, brain fog, joint pain, and memory loss. 

While educating physicians in different hospitals on aspartame, they prescribed some prescription drugs and two of them had aspartame in them.  I always ask if a physician is prescribing and was told there was no aspartame.  They did not consider  because of insurance generics are usually filled.  You can read about the two drugs in "my" story: You have to be sure to tell your physician to check generics, and its in many brand names.  It damages the mitochondria and interacts with drugs and vaccines.

Usually when you abstain from this nasty poison, the first symptom to be alleviated is brain fog.  Consider people driving cars and pilots flying planes.  A man, Fred, in Texas had an aspartame black out, drove six blocks asleep and killed three people.  He spent 5 years in prison,. 

Pilot Cliff Evans told me, "Dumb I'm not but I couldn't make a decision on aspartame and crashed my plane into a tree."  He is the reason we started Mission Possible Aviation and for whom Dr. Russell Blaylock wrote a pilot alert.  Aspartame can not only take your life but the life of others.  Captain Fred Fox flew for American for 35 years and is our representative for aviation safety.  In his case, aspartame triggered atrial fibrillation but before he left American he gave us 6 more cases of pilots who lost their life from aspartame.  Here is that pilot alert:

 Always give it to your pilots before take-off.

 Her next symptom is vision loss and here is Dr. Roberts paper, "Is Aspartame Blinding the World"?:

Similarly, hearing loss occurs frequently with aspartame usage. In one of Dr. H. J. Roberts studies on aspartame 5% of 25 people suffered impairment of hearing:


 Another of her symptoms is so very common with aspartame usage is tingling and numbness in legs and fingers, for which the medical term is peripheral neuropathy. Aspartame damages the peripheral nerves and causes these types of symptoms.  You can Google peripheral neuropathy and aspartame and read about it all day long.

Her next symptom is severe foot pain with Plantar Fasciitis. The real point is if you use aspartame you are inviting chronic pain in numerous parts of the body.  Inflammation can appear as this problem.  You can read many articles about plantar fascitis on the net; please notice that many will warn you to not consume aspartame.  Other aspartame victims have it.  One lady about 15 years ago told me she thought she was dying and her physician couldn't help her.  She put all her symptoms into Google and they all came back as having been caused by aspartame.  She got off of it, and they all disappeared! That's why we say take the 60 day/no aspartame test, and see for yourself. 

Here is the FDA own internal compilation of 92 symptoms resulting from aspartame, including four types of seizures to coma and death:

[If you're an aspartame victim reading this, how many of these 92 symptoms do you have?]

Her next symptoms are mood swings, inability to cope with the smallest of things, and bouts of depression.  Aspartame is a psycho drug.  It depletes serotonin and causes all kinds of psychiatric and behavioral problems, ranging from manic depression or bipolar, schizophrenia, panic attacks and paranoia to suicidal tendencies.  As was also included in the CDCs investigation - mood alteration! 

Psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Walton decided to do a study.  He was educated at the University of Rochester, Internship, and at the University of New York Upstate Medical University Medical School.

Knowing aspartame triggers depression he wanted to find out about the public  already compromised with depression or some psychiatric problem and then uses aspartame on top of their problem. Monsanto (which was the manufacturer and patent holder for Aspartame at the time), knowing they could not control the study, refused to provide the aspartame, although Dr. Walton obtained his quantities of aspartame elsewhere.

One lady had conjunctival bleeding, and the hospital administrator who took part in the study suffered a retinal detachment and lost his vision in one eye.  The subjects in the compromised part of the study said they were being poisoned. Dr. Walton stated  the study was halted by the Institutional Review Board of Northside Medical Center, one of the teaching hospitals of Northeastern Ohio

Universities College of Medicine( now called Northeastern Ohio Medical University).


Dr. Waltons study was entitled "Adverse Reactions to Aspartame: Double- Blind Challenge in Patients from a Vulnerable Population" was published in Biological Psychiatry in 1993.  Here is that study:

 Here is another report Dr. Walton wrote on aspartame and the vast panorama of psychiatric problems:

Further, here it should be noted aspartame interacts with anti-depressants. How serious is it to have a psycho drug being used all over the world?   Few have forgotten the Andrea Yates case.  She drowned her 5 beautiful children in 2001. She drank Diet Coke and suffered from depression.  She had already tried to commit suicide.  She was on Haldol.  When seen on TV she was drinking a Diet Coke.  I asked Dr.  Ralph Walton about her case because of using aspartame and taking a psychiatric drug, and he replied that it was in truth a double whammy.  They are building more mental hospitals and the aspartame medical experts have said there are a lot of patients in these hospitals who are just really no more than aspartame victims.   (In my personal opinion, I believe if Andrea Yates had never drunk Diet Coke or used other aspartame products those five beautiful children would still be alive today.)

 In Dr. H. J. Robertss medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, there is a chapter on aspartame and crime and some case histories.  Today we see crime everywhere and you cant help but wonder how much of it is from aspartame.  When I was on the Debra Duncan show many years ago one of the aspartame victims we used was a young lady named Mary Reilly.   She was driving her car when she had an aspartame seizure and then went blind from the methanol.  By the time she was on TV she had abstained and her seizures had stopped and her vision had returned.  I noticed marks on her wrists and asked her what happened.  She said, "On aspartame, I continuously wanted to commit suicide, but as soon as I was off of it those tendencies disappeared."  While we see a horrible epidemic of these psychiatric problems and aspartame disease, the FDA with full knowledge keeps allowing more aspartame products; the last one Advantame., and the one before that was Neotame.

 Take these psychiatric symptoms seriously!  In lecturing in other nations you see them everywhere.  When I lectured in New Zealand, I met a woman who said she and her husband used aspartame continuously.  Her husband hung himself.  She said she too had tried to commit suicide by putting her head in an oven.  She lost 6 babies, and the one who survived is schizophrenic.  She came to another lecture and said to me, "I'm 60 years old and I've just begun to live.  On aspartame I was so paranoid I often wouldn't leave my room."  Another family destroyed by aspartame.  The way she found out is she was going blind and the person she sought out for help told her the problem was aspartame.  Her health problems disappeared when she abstained.

 Aspartame is also an abortifacient and causes birth defects.  Here is the chapter on aspartame and autism from "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" by Dr. Woodrow Monte:

Here in my city of Atlanta, the home of Coca Cola, a man objected to people being warned but I didn't know it was because he was a user.  This well-spoken intellectual later was arrested for shoplifting in a pornography store and then later hung himself.  His wife later told me he drank Diet Coke all day.


 The next symptoms Mrs. X lists are kidney stones and gallstones.  I think back to when it was given to me, I got kidney stones and later had my gallbladder removed, Richard Wilson, who lost his wife Joyce to

 Aspartame, said, "It ravages every organ in the body."  Joyce lost her vision and it precipitated MS.  She died like an Alzheimer victim in diapers.

 When I see "fatigue" listed as a symptom, I recall that the Epstein Barr Association changed their name to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS) in 1987.  You may remember the rock musician Cher suffered from it, yet advertised Equal.  I sent her a letter about aspartame triggering chronic fatigue just at the time she was about to renew her contract and she didn't renew it.  Dr. Roberts and I attended a specific workshop to hear what the professor had to say about chronic fatigue and when he got to it he said they didn't know much about it and they would skip it.  Aspartame triggers CFS.

Notice Mrs. X stated that she had a voracious appetite for sweet things and subsequently gained weight.  In this country alone, we've seen an epidemic in obesity like the world has never seen.  How bad is it?  The American Medical Association has officially declared obesity a disease.  Here is an article about this in the New York Times:

 The CDC says one in three is obese.  They knew aspartame would cause obesity years ago.  Even Dr. Richard Wurtman of MIT was quoted in an affidavit, part of the protest of the National Soft Drink Association in 1983 that was objecting to extending the FDA approval to the realm of soft drinks, that aspartame labeled as a diet product would actually make you gain weight.  Here is that protest:

NSDA has changed its name to American Beverage but they can't change their paper trail.  To this day, they still defend this obesity poison with full knowledge.  There have been scientific peer reviewed studies showing weight gain for years.  Sharon Fowler at the University of Texas did one in 2005.  Even Yale did one recently:

In other words, if you want to get fat aspartame is where its at!

 Today there are six class actions for deceptive advertising labeling an obesity product as "diet."  If it says diet, don't buy it!  If you drank diet pop to lose weight and gained instead, and if you live in California or New York, you could join in on this class action.  In California, you contact Jack Fitzgerald at and if you're in New York you contact Derek Smith at  It's about time someone took on  the  Goliaths who harm the health of the world just for more money.


 Dizziness or loss of balance is #2 on the FDA list of reactions from aspartame.  When they gave it to me in prescription drugs, my husband had to get help to get me to the hospital.  I couldn't walk.  Aspartame damages the central nervous system.  I complained to a physician in the ER about giving me something that had aspartame in it so he checked the records.  He said, "I checked all the generics on gastrointestinal drugs and they all have aspartame in them.  Never take them again."  This certainly shows criminal content because you don't have to make the drug melting or chewable so you can say it needs sweetening.  Some drugs you just swallow and yet they add aspartame.  You walk through the halls of a hospital and you see "falling" signs.  It's a terrible feeling I can tell you from my own experience.  You have no clue why you can't walk.   So I surely know how Mrs. X must have felt.

Change in taste is a common reaction as well.  Google change in taste and aspartame and you will even find studies.  Thinning hair is also listed.  Understand that a chemical poison is going to affect every part of the body.  Dr. James Bowen who has Lou Gehrigs disease resulting from his own consumption of aspartame reported that in a matter of six weeks his hair went from black to white. Here is his letter to New Mexico Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino when he tried to get aspartame banned in New Mexico by legislative action, after all other administrative efforts were overwhelmed by corporate lobbyists, most notably from Ajinomoto of Japan, the worlds largest manufacturer of two neurotoxic food additives, aspartame and monosodium glutamate.

 You will notice under his signature he adds a letter to the FDA which he sent three decades ago corroborating that aspartame is mass poisoning.  He wrote that "the only responsible action would be to immediately take aspartame off the market, fully disclose its toxicities, offer full compensation to the injured, public and criminally prosecute anyone who participated in the fraudulent placement of aspartame on the marketplace. That includes those who work so diligently to keep in on the market as well."  Even despite his terrible health problems resulting directly from this poison, he has continued to write and warn others.  Aspartame destroyed his health, his medical practice and his life.

 In 2006 the New York Times wrote "Just an hour and a half from Washington, across the 4.3-mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge, or less than 30 minutes in a government-issue Chinook helicopter, is the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the primly groomed waterside village of St. Michaels, and went on to say that Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, in 2003 paid $1.5 million for a brick Georgian that was last a Bed-and-breakfast. The houses have names. Rumsfeld's is Mount Misery!  The documentary made because of his actions in getting this poison approved for human consumption is called "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World". You can get your personal copy from Cori Brackett who owned the film company is also an aspartame victim.  She spent years in a wheelchair hardly able to walk or talk until she read an article and abstained.  Then she walked out of her wheelchair to make this movie.

 The misery and suffering caused by Rumsfeld' Plague is one of the most heinous crimes in history, mass poisoning of the public in over 100 nations.  Aspartame was first produced by G. D. Searle.  In talking to someone who worked for Searle, I was told two sons, Dan and Bill Searle, Jr., would defend aspartame to their guests and serve diet drinks, and would use it themselves.  He said "while it was covered up, both died of aspartame brain tumors."

 People ask why for 28 years I've been warning the world about the murderous poison aspartame/NutraSweet, a work only funded by my husband's checkbook.  It's simple, we're Christians and at Luke 9:2, Jesus sent his apostles out to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal. I accept that so this is a ministry to alert the suffering public so they can be healed, and the general public so they won't use it. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, my only motive is to heal fellow humans from this industrial slaughter.  I hope the reader will also warn others to save their lives. Hosea 6:4:  "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge."   When other victims see their own symptoms are identical to this typical victims symptoms, they usually will get off of it. 

Rumsfeld's Plague has covered a great deal of the planet.  No matter where you travel you see the afflictions. At lectures crowds of people reveal their suffering and mention those who have perished on it.    If aspartame just wasn't good for you I wouldn't be doing this because people have to take a certain amount of responsibility for what they put in their mouth.  In the case of aspartame the public has been lied to by the FDA, industry and the trade organizations who are funded by the manufacturer.  Just follow the money.

 Think how far reaching a plague can travel.  Innocent people have ended up in mental hospitals not knowing its a psycho drug. They continue on aspartame and it interacts with all anti-depressants.   Planes have shattered  like when pilot  Cliff Evans crashed his plane into a tree and lived to tell about it.  Who can even imagine how many have lost their lives from the neurodegenerative diseases that are precipitated by aspartame.  Especially MS and lupus are highly epidemic as Dr. Clarice Gaylord of the EPA told the audience when I lectured for the World Environmental Conference in 1995.   Cancer and diabetes are epidemic because of it.  It breaks down to a brain tumor agent, diketopiperazine, and even two victims, former US Prosecutor Ed Johnson and Bob Mehl had them as seen in the documentary, "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World".  Today they are epidemic and even the Searle sons, Dan and Bill, died from them.  Not only are people having car crashes but one man, Fred in Texas, had a blackout, went blocks asleep, killed three people and spent 5 years in jail.  People using aspartame are dying of methanol poisoning like Merry Kay Protheroe,  She told me she heard the police on the other side of the door say, "when she dies we'll go after her husband".  Merry Kay said she set them straight, that it was aspartame.  They push it on diabetics when it can precipitate the disease.  She died 9 months later.  Diane Fleming has been in a Virginia prison for 15 years, a Sunday School teacher who helped the homeless.  Her husband was a diet pop addict who died of methanol poisoning.  The autopsy even showed the chronic methanol poisoning from aspartame use for over ten years. She recently had two operations and is very ill.   A Mrs. Kovac in New York used aspartame to lose weight.  When she gained instead since its caused an obesity epidemic, she decided to use only aspartame products and died of methanol poisoning.  They went after her husband.

The rage of Rumsfeld's Plague will never stop until its removed from the market.  In 1986 Dr. Woodrow Monte took aspartame all the way to the Supreme Court because so many are having seizures and going blind from the free methyl alcohol.  They wouldn't hear it and obviously politics played a part.  Babies are being born with horrible birth defects from it or are autistic.  They don't even have the decency to allow a pregnancy warning because people would know they approved a teratogen.  From male sexual dysfunction to metabolic disease and strokes Rumsfeld's Plague rages on. The FDA recently approved aspartame in a drug for newborns born of HIV mothers. That passes insanity to downright demonic because the FDA knows. They are the ones who sealed the birth defect studies for three decades in one of the heinous crimes in this country causing autism the world over.  

Be warned and play the information forward. There are religious implications in the use of aspartame. Jews, for instance, don't embalm, and the formaldehyde from aspartame pre-embalms as its stated in "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by Dr. Roberts. Especially Jehovah's Witnesses should go out of their way to stay away from this poison because we don't use blood transfusions and aspartame causes so many blood disorders and blood cancers such as leukemia and multiple myeloma.,

There is a safe sweetener called "Just Like Sugar". It's made from organic chicory and organic orange peel. Chicory has been used for 70 years to improve the health of diabetics. You can access the Aspartame Resource Guide on It will have Dr. Russell Blaylock's paper - "What To Do If You Have Used Aspartame".

 Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder

 Mission Possible World Health Intl

 Also,,, ( files are

 now on since they were hacked.)