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Racism & Hypocrisy Rule

By Jim Kirwan

The new US Department of Just-Us!

We’ve spent billions training these creatures

Supposedly to protect us

Now they’ve gone private, and they need to pay us back

For all that we spent creating ‘them’.

Of course they have a huge job:

Over the last two years over 70,000 new “laws” were created,

To go with the 10’s of thousands of ‘laws’ already here.

Don’t these creatures, above, make you feel safe?

What you might not know is that you and I are their real targets!

Those of us who mistakenly thought that racism, hate and cold-blooded murder were Illegal, are finally having to face the fact that

Amerikan’s can no longer tell the difference between what used to be outlawed, and what now apparently passes for the new national laws.

Since that’s being proven true by the actions of the states and the feds, across the land: What will happen when the armed militia here decides to enforce these same new laws on the garbage shown above—because their actions made it all legal by default?

The problem with making racist and hypocritical decisions is that means that everyone else is now free to do to you - exactly what you have always been afraid, would be done unto you and to your commanders.

When you’re allowed to murder people in broad daylight, without consequences: Then that’s allowed to be done (legally) to those who did what they did to Michael Brown in Missouri. So, when racism and murder are not crimes any longer, as both the law in Missouri and the Feds seem to be claiming—then those of us who believe otherwise are free to act against the faux-forces who have massively failed to keep the peace in Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere.

Every “change’ ­ just like “every official action” will have its own opposite and equal reaction to unauthorized-changes that are made without taking the pulse of the public. Since what has been done in Ferguson, is blatantly threatening to the public: Then those overrated uniformed thugs need of being looking over their shoulders, 28 hours a day, because they’re the ones who have loosed the chaos, which their current actions were supposedly designed to prevent: Not just in Ferguson, but across the land.

They’ll be very easy targets to spot, thanks to all that gear and the brutality with which they tend to accompany every word or deed that comes from them. But then no one bothered to consider that once “the laws” were changed, then that made the current jailors into targets for their former victims to use to destroy them. And since no actions are even contemplated for at lest another two months ­ that leaves plenty of time between now and then for the public to begin to register their views against this newly created killer-swarm which needs to feel some pain for what they’ve been doing to all of us without fear of any consequences—but maybe this time might be different?

Beyond the US

The long delayed humanitarian aid managed to get through and made their aid deliveries into Lugansk, safely. Then they left the country. No deaths or injury to the convoy or to those who delivered the aid.

Meanwhile Porky is screaming that Ukraine was invaded by the Russians and: “There will be consequences against Russia” for invading the supposedly sovereign nation of Ukraine? Of course he’s insane, but then he always has been.

The same kind of problems have made it onto the global stage as well. While Porky and his piglets are still hell-bent on eliminating the people in their Eastern Provinces “by the end of this weekend” which is just another 24 hours or so: The Ukrainian parliament will have been fired by then and Poroshenko will finally tell the world “what’s next” in Ukraine.

The world just became far more complex, since we have now allowed Outlaws and Oligarch’s to rule, without adhering to any laws, be they national or international: And of course more consequences are being proposed for the pipeline-of-blame that’s aimed at Moscow as the evil villain in everything that’s been going on since the revolt last November, in Kiev, which turned everything upside down.

Israel of course is also still very busy: Netanyahu has announced that he plans to exterminate all the Palestinians in response to the death of one six year old ISRAELI child who died in a missile attack on Israel. Arrogance on that scale is unthinkable. One death of one child requires the assassination of all the remaining people in Palestineall by itself?

Apparently Bibi went from playing god to BEING god, in his delusions…

Netanyahu is a demented racist and the embodiment of hypocrisy but then he’s never been any different throughout his ridiculous existence during the current global collapse.

The only thing more problematic might be the ever-changing Islamic State with all the twisted loyalties and financing world-wide that’s gone into that continuing crime. The only thing they haven’t done yet to prove that they’ve made it all the way back to the caves is that so far there don’t appear to have been any cannibals in action—yet!

What is clear is that USI and Israel while appearing helpless have been extremely active in providing support, weapons and excuses for the Islamic State: While telling the world that “they must be stopped”.

Europe has proven itself to no longer be European, just as France is losing its battle with Muslims to the detriment of the people that used to be those who lived in France. The same thing is happening in Britain and a number of other countries that are being overrun by the people their armies “defeated” only to have the survivors of the millions they’ve killed - invade the homeland’s of those who evicted and murdered so many of them in their original countries..

If that isn’t both racist and hypocritical, then what is?

And of course there is the usual new-horror for the world to worry about ­ this time it’s a new and copywritten pandemic called the Ebola Outbreak, which is apparently now an epidemic in its applications: Just as it was designed to be, by its creators USI and Monsanto…

What a great way to start another crime-ridden weekend in the ruins of the one-world disorder that has failed at everything except in keeping the world in perpetual chaos which is of course a major part of their globalist plan…



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