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The Race To Extinction

By Jim Kirwan

This was Sarajevo. Could this soon befall the UN Headquarters in New York?

This is not an idle mindless threat because the whole reason for every major global organization in the world today was originally created, to protect the criminal global corporations that have already stolen the planet and the lives of every person here today. It’s time that we reversed this situation in favor of ourselves by ending Israel, the UN and NATO in the process.

Yesterday ISIS & ISIL declared themselves to be a State. The official requirement in the world, to be a functioning “state” is admission to the UN. So, who will nominate the new Iraqi Caliphate for admission to the UN? Of course the lie behind all this was the admission of Israel that was coerced by USI-Israel and the lawlessness of the planet that was already rampant by 1948 when Dirty Harry Truman chose to spit on global-order by admitting the criminally stolen land of Palestine that was renamed as “Israel”, with only 10% of that state in Jewish hands.

Since the admission of Israel, lawlessness became global and the outlaws have been working to implement global-lawlessness ever since. All that’s missing is to officially admit any outlaw band that wants to claim sovereignty, in the extinction of the human race that’s now officially in full collapse.

All of what we’re experiencing now was foretold in George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984”. But very few noticed.

Through the Hourglass Darkly (2003):

Of course this started a very long time ago when “Corporations” were created. At first they were formed to accomplish individual undertakings. For instance Christopher Columbus was hired to implement a corporate charter of discovery, for the Spanish Crown, from which the New World was officially recognized. When the task had been completed the corporation was dissolved.

Thereafter corporations began to discover how wonderful the corporate world could be, if unlike people, they could technically be allowed to live forever. That was done by the Supreme Court and soon after corporations got another Supreme Court to give them the same rights as ordinary people, but without any of the same responsibilities “under law”.

This was a huge step because it set up a dual system within the rest of society. “People” would have to live under the ever increasing mountain of laws that the outlaw-corporate class created to control everything:

Whereas the corporations had only one “responsibility” which is and was to just make MONEY for their shareholders.

Corporations could do anything, break any law so long as

Whatever they did improved their bottom lines.

Absolutely nothing else mattered, including human life, the welfare of the planet or the survivability of their corporate schemes, like today’s GMO that will kill our ability to feed ourselves, worldwide.

Incidently, where are the shares of our profits for letting these illegal corporations exist in the first place?

In 1976, (Network the film) 4min 44sec. This is the way things were.

The World Is a Business”

The International system of currency is explained!

If this world is just ‘a business’ then nothing that the people of the world seek can matter at all, ever again!

The Nations and Ideologies of the world’ were already dead by the time “Network” debuted. Now we’re faced with TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) wherein the private corporations of the world will own whole nations, whole continents, and there will be no “coming back” from that precipice for the slaves that will be all that’s left of humanity; if that crime is allowed to become ”law” in this outlawed world.

This is all so simple when you look at the world through the eyes of today’s criminal class of corporate murderers and thieves. They have their own enforcement arms, mercenaries and whole armies of criminals; wearing police uniforms that are waging war all over the United States against the people they have labeled “Enemies of the State”. But what we can now see is that this lawless Police State has now morphed into multi-tentacled monsters that respect nothing in their rush to rape, pillage and plunder in the name of the most prominent organizations that were supposedly created to keep the people of the planet free to live and prosper in this world.

Technically the United Nations and NATO are both terrorist organizations that serve only global business on every level today. But it doesn’t stop there. Everyone in what is so loosely called “power” today is a practicing outlaw whose job is to steal everything from the people that supposedly chose to put them in “the jobs” they use to take over the remaining shreds of the corpse of humanity that died so very long ago.

BTW the organizations that USI created after WWII to control this world; the IMF, World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements are wholly owned by USI in conjunction with the Jewish banking system of the Rothschilds and the Vatican along with their assorted co-conspirators who are running the now failed international financial casinos which have also failed: The world is still waiting for the end of the criminal financial structure than underpins “ Worldwide Business” which this world has now fully become.”

All this shit in the headlines today is just cover for crimes so massive that we have no standard under which their crimes can even be measured!

For the last fourteen years we’ve been existing in total denial of everything that continues to happen to all of us. What took place yesterday was just the last straw that lit the global fuse for the destruction of everything unless people the world over end this nightmare, by ending the global-charters of these global-corporations:

Not just here but everywhere they’ve put down their supposed “right” to slaughter 95% of the planetary population. We must choose life, freedom and survival over submission, slavery and unending silence in the face of the global-corporate-tyranny that has already seized the world in broad daylight.

Chaos Rising!

We must destroy the corporations and end the two, three and four tiered systems that have kept humanity in chains for hundreds of years already. If not then this return to the Dark Ages, at light speed, will succeed and everything that anyone ever wanted to obtain in this life will be destroyed in a virtual eyeblink that has just begun; with the global lawlessness that has started to dictate their demands around the entire world…

If you give a damn you will get creative and together people everywhere will find ways to begin to end this continuing crime. If not then you can forget about anything to do with actually “being alive”!

This is now “The Price of Prosperity”, which was already true in 1965 ­ The chains below are connected to the ankles by the “S” superimposed over the “U” that is where we got the sign for the U.S. Dollar…

Go to - or just scan the headline stories today, if you care enough to think for a few minutes about how much of the story above has already come true? The window is closing very fast, but there are still choices that each of us can make to change when and where “they” least expect it.

And by the way STOP asking for “permission” to do anything ­ you were born with the right to make up your own mind about what you do, what you say and what you think: Use it to free yourself from slavery. It’s way past time to begin to spit on those that would enslave you so get off your ass and do something you can be proud of!


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