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Questions Americans Never Ask

By Jim Kirwan


There are many questions that most Americans never ask about their own society which is what has led us into this vastly increasing ‘Police State’ that has never been equaled, at any time before in American History.

I began as an independent investigative journalist back in the nineteen sixties. That ended when my ‘partner’ in that venture was murdered in Oklahoma City. That ended my efforts at that time. I moved to California to try to start again as a political illustrator, working from LA as a ‘political contributor’ to the Washington Post. Those images were dumped, weekly as too radical, which is what led to following my own views in what I thought might be possible as an unpaid freelance artist that remained active.

To stay current I followed ‘the media’ thru film and commentaries in this country and around the world, as much as was possible then and now, which was and still is a key part of being aware of the world as it is today.

In that pursuit it became clear that the public has never paid much attention to the way this country has chosen to allow itself to be governed. Case in point: No one has bothered to notice just exactly what it is that the police in this country actually do with their time and how they have been treating Americans since 2001.

If you look at the vast array of television and films produced you would think that the police actually investigate murders, fraud, robberies, homicide, rape and on and on, as “crimes”. But since George bush Junior arrived, “law-enforcement” has been reduced from “investigations and legal prosecutions of the criminals, to the herding, prosecution and murders of the public that dares to voice any questions about the laws or the procedures followed while mercenaries continue to torture and murder the population at will.

The result is that the public still believes the vastly false narratives in the nationwide masquerade that is being fed by the criminally complicit-media.

Case in point: In Berkeley today there is a mini-riot that is being put down by a huge number of cops that have been imported to crush a demonstration against the police and the police-state-tactics that have only increased their anger against the same public that ‘the cops’ are supposed to be protecting.

I Can’t Breath”: beginning @ 4min 52 seconds

150 arrested in Berkeley

The question becomes where did Berkeley, or any of the cities targeted, get all those cops? Every American city is now militarily armed and appears to confront and arrest Americans like an occupying force: Wherever and whenever the population tries to demonstrate?

What do “the police” actually do with their time, when they’re not raping tazering robbing or murdering anyone that challenges them—whether the ‘actions’ the state-owned mercenaries are reacting to, are real or imagined?

Ordinary crimes are no longer investigated. When 911 is dialed that call frequently results in the person or persons who made the call being arrested, tortured or killed: Instead of arresting “suspects” the police now just murder many of those they are called out to detain: But the massive criminality which is thereby committed by prosecutors, DA’s, cops, judges and politicians which includes the entire “CRIMINAL Just-Us System, is never officially questioned or investigated.

Again it must be asked: What the hell do the fake-cops in uniform do with their time when they’re not herding ordinary people into paddy wagons or jail cells? It seems unlikely that those three hundred to four hundred pound guerillas are capable of doing any real police work, as most of them don’t actually understand most of the language around law enforcement.

Why are statistics not being kept about how many people the cops, the FBI, and the government are killing each and every year? But more important where is the “outraged-public” time after time after time, whenever any of this occurs routinely each and every week across the nation? Apparently the community has been able to point some of these things out with the continuing demonstrations—and yet the general public still seems to prefer SILENCE to the rage or the outrage which these crimes should have produced.

Another facet of “the job” which today’s police seems to have assigned to themselves is the assignment of at least four and often six thugs, to each potential “suspect”: Why is this ‘always the case’ especially when the usually unarmed “victims” tend to die in custody?

Or to ask this another way: Why is it a crime to ask for the form from the police, to potentially lodge an official complaint? What happened to “internal affairs” and what about civilian oversight that was once a requirement in order to keep the police in line when they are supposed to deal with the public and our problems?

These crimes against America and Americans have been going on non-stop since 911, under totally false pretenses. The paranoia of the police has become an international joke based on “fears” that do not exist—yet each and every day the police-state turns up the heat while they continue to kill more and more people in the name of fake “national security”.


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