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Quest & Conquest

By Jim Kirwan


To Dream the Impossible Dream’ when you’re the Empire

Is to be continually frustrated by the truth!

This has been going on

Since “imitation-knights wore armored-gloves”!

And yes of course they have always lost to the determined-rabble that refused to bow before their artificial-might. But at least twice in every hundred years or so, we always seem to have to go back to prove this half-buried truth, over and over and over again! The Jews will be the first, this time round to find themselves caught in this intractable-equation that has no way out except to vanish.

The case against the evil-empire was outlined in the last two articles. Both of them raised very difficult subjects, but there’s a common-denominator between those seemingly disparate confrontations. (1) & (2)

Their issue’s are based on completely false assumptions and always have been! The public meanwhile has been just too mesmerized to realize the simple-truths that have always been on the side of the 96% of us that have been targeted.

Any real force on this earth is only as strong as its’ weakest link. In this case their whole case is composed of weakest-links combined with the sheer terror, on their side, of what will happen if they can’t contain those they fear; with every fiber of their corrupted-beings.

In the first link ‘Solitude & Disquiet’ ­ The Jews have clearly been caught in a series of massive-lies that go all the way back to 1948. Everything they have forecast, planned or attempted during the intervening 65 years has come to nothing by way of military accomplishments. Yet Israel still lectures the planet on how much they must be defended, as well as how deserving they are of being saved from hostile enemies—when the truth is that the premier-enemy of the world is Israel, together with their sponsoring and hostile-force which is U.S. Inc. There is simply no proof to the contrary in existence—to save Israel from the facts: Especially not now that Israel has so clearly proven that their entire premise for existence is based on nothing but lies, lies and more lies!

The world is no longer buying anything that Israel’s trying so desperately to sell; which means that just maybe the Middle-East might be able to finally back down from the all-out war that Israel is so determined to create.

In the second link: “Full Fathom Five”: Part one explains the graphic which explores what’s transpired and what’s still continuing to threaten the world, throughout the decades, from the first world-war to the present. It’s a three-part article.

Thank You Russia”

In part two: What transpires is what was really going on in George Orwell’s’ classic-novel, “1984” that was written in 1948. This spells out the way the current world has continued to turn friends into enemies and back into friends down through the years—and how that kind of policy (a staple throughout 1984) was and is being used today to confuse and cripple the world, into disregarding the complexities that go with having allies in the first place—in any situation. That’s a surprisingly accurate portrayal of how the entire cold-war was managed—throughout.

In part three: The 32 privacy Destroying technologies that are threatening the world with total destruction are described in detail. While these are well beyond horrific; they will not reach the markets as envisioned, because they have overreached in every aspect of their chosen fields ­ as these foreign-predators move in for what they envision as “the kill.”

The first thing that has been overlooked is that there are not enough of the rare-earth-metals on the planet to make all the products they are seeking to create and distribute. The second flaw is that there will soon be so many competing agencies and secret-security-agencies that they’ll end up catching each other in their own nets. They want to catch as many of us as possible by whatever means—but in the process so much paranoia and total distrust will have to exist among and between the competitors as to make the entire exercise look more like the keystone-cops-on-steroids than anything like real life.

At the end of the day the simple truth is that once the cracks generated by Israel’s collapse reverberate across the planet, to the FED, the Rothschild’s banking-systems and all the rest of the totally corrupted government programs here.

First there is the problem of locating and mining the rare-earth metals. Then those metals must be shipped and processed, eventually manufactured, and finally assembled into these highly technical devices. Many opportunities for failure all along that path!

The other missing component in all of this is that of the supposedly skilled-creatures that will be needed to make this shit into reality. In a world where every second is captured by some highly technical application which is being captured and recorded somewhere, those who are working on this stuff, might resent the fact that every last detail of their supposedly special-lives will have to be included in the crap they’re building—just to catch all the rest of us?

Then: It is more than likely that most of this supposedly high-tech security-crap will just end up with machines spying on machines until they die from their own failure to fund them. In any event the window to complete this total-global-domination idiocy is closing fast. Despite all the R&D, the roll-outs of the new products and the vast new presence of the low-skilled creatures riding around in Homeland Security vans ­ they are all literally having to wait for Israel to create the global-chaos that’s needed to shut down America completely.

That event is looking much different with every passing hour: So this nightmare of all nightmares might not get into reality at all. To literally record every word, every conversation, every thought, deed or act by every human in the world is just too large an order to ever be usefully filled—no matter how much technology anyone is able to throw at it.

There is such a thing as being far too big to ever succeed. In this case that’s absolutely true. Because they don’t have the people, the skills or the understanding about what they are attempting to do to the entire planet—much less do they posses anything like the number and kind of personnel to undertake such a massive project. And it’s more than likely they never will; given the skill and confidence levels they would need just to mount one such operation—but it’s definitely not possible to have hundreds of competing agencies fighting with the public and each other every day for their own private piece of the rapidly expanding spying business!

Just like what happened to Starbucks once they had three of them on every block—the spies themselves will fail once there are ten to choose from for every petty-task. That axiom is as old as time itself and since these primitives know nothing about business, it’s understandable that they might have just overlooked this absolute-fact.

This is huge beyond measure and the larger anything is, the greater the chance of total failure. When you’re dealing with some of the dumbest creatures on the planet, failure is far more possible than success could ever be! So as scary as these supposed innovations are, think about it carefully and critically analyze the various problems that each one presents.

Tomorrow might not be nearly as grim as when you first read about this stuff earlier this day?

1) Solitude & Disquiet

2) Full Fathom Five



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