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Questions & Answers

By Jim Kirwan


A reader writes:

In Amerrika ‘law’ now comes from the barrels of these guns

Take a look at what is going down in Ukraine, and compare that to the idealistic principles of non-aggression. Jews are secretly aggressing in the Ukraine, slowly subverting and taking over, surreptitiously changing things until Ukraine becomes part of a larger Jewish financial empire often mislabeled as the New World Order. Everyone can now see that the West is secretly aggressing in Ukraine, and putting Jewish puppets into power.

k) Egypt is the most recent acquisition to the greater state of Israel and that almost went totally unmentioned.

Eventually the overthrow comes, the democratically elected leader flees for his life, Ukraine falls in a staged coup. Putin acts, and sends the military in to assert the will the Russian state. They know what will happen if they let Ukraine go, they are slowly being surrounded. They acted passively until reality of self preservation asserted itself. Putin must take Ukraine or Russia will disappear, and that was the secret plan of the Jewish gang all along.

The Jews have this passive-aggressive behavior pattern, they aggress then accuse the reaction as the act of aggression, they can pull off this stunt by their control the media and thus their control of perception. Most people think Putin is the aggressor in the current crisis in Ukraine.

The real aggressors are the Jews who never leave anyone alone, they are the real bastards. The West is controlled by Jews, and the Jewish propaganda machine is calling Putin an aggressor when he is defending his homeland from a hostile Jewish takeover. The subversion of the US State Department forced the Russian bear to come out of hibernation.

The Secret Jewish War on Everyone

What David Icke, Alex Jones, Larken Rose and many, many others who are considered thought leaders or rebels are missing from their theories about the hidden elites is the Jewish factor. They fail to mention the obvious Jewish system being imposed on us, they fail to bring to light that we are all being preyed upon by tribal supremacists, they never mention that the conspiracy is Jewish.”


YES” This story one is a bitch to cover, but it has to be confronted because of the number and depth of the kind of creatures that have always promoted these wars. And yes when those stories get fully covered, the Jews that are behind this are named frequently but not followed up on by the readers.

I've been naming names for years, in response to readers as well as because of my own view of this: Yet no matter how often the names are mentioned, from presidents to bankers, from movers and shakers to politicians - no one seems willing to "go there". A great number of listeners have demanded that this gets done: Yet once this is done, nothing has ever come of it, at least to my knowledge. Because for over thirteen years nothing has been publicly done about any of this ­ whether the backers behind the scenes are Jews or any of the hundreds of the criminally inclined behind the global cabal.

No one ever goes to jail; much less gets tried for any of these crimes. And until the public gets involved they never will!

I've continually used Brother Nathaniel's work, as well, which is excellent and as thorough as this topic can get - but apparently that too is still falling on deaf ears. Admittedly this is one of the most difficult topics that any of us has ever had to confront - but those of us who come to this willingly must confront the truth. To do it well we try to include things like what Larkin Rose mentioned yesterday:

If there is anything more that we can do besides publishing complete lists of every criminal involved, which runs into the thousands, each and every time anyone writes anything - which is a non-secquitor, then please tell me what more I can do that still needs to be done?

I've been fighting criminals and assholes all of my life. I know how to bring corruption into the public eye - I cannot force anyone to do anything - all I can do at most - is to suggest what "must happen" if anything is to ever change.

And I've watched as others have tried to wrestled with this monster, often to absolutely no response - but what does happen is that those who continue to bore the readers with the exact same phrases end up frustrated to the point that they simply stop and disappear.

The only part of this equation that remains TOTALLY-SILENT, are the readers that refuse to DO ANYTHING! And by the way the public does not tend to blame themselves for any part in this problem - despite the fact that it is the public that suffers the most from everything that’s happening today. Even when the public is belligerently attacked as it was during the events on and around the Bundy-Ranch - still very little is done: This time however something really did happen which was that the militia did show up and they did prevent the senseless blood-bath that this government in lock-step with the Jews had directly sought; in this most recent confrontation over our right to self-defense not to mention the need for the government at all levels, from county, city, state and federal to be forced to pay with real consequences for everything they did. Government forces came there to drag the US into total war on the people of this nation, at gunpoint, with attack dogs and tasers. It was a miracle that no shots were fired. The next time we will not be that lucky!

"The FEDS will fire first - but we'll fire all the rest of the shots that will follow" as one activist mentioned concerning the Bundy Ranch. The militia has com-stat phones and when the next attack is launched - word will get out - and once that happens the shooting war will begin and everything in a US uniform will not just be "targets" - this war will be nationwide and nearly instantly thousands of cops and troops will die: Once the inherent-reserve of the public is broken, by the blatant and naked murders they’re still planning, as we speak! This will not just BACKFIRE ­ the next-time will be the human-equivalent of the volcanic-eruption of Yellowstone across the whole caldera of its massive base - and the violence produced in one tiny corner of Nevada will shut down this nation almost immediately.

Yet none of this needs to happen if people take the responsibility of facing down their own bankers, politicians, reporters in the so-called media, and on and on through the whole list of traitors that have remained silent THROUGH ALL THE TYRANNY AND TRAITORS for the last THIRTEEN YEARS...

I've lost a lot of wars myself, but I've also won some critical victories as well - and I've made a lot of mistakes in the thousands of articles I've been writing since 2002. If the public or any real force had chosen to ACT on any of the information that thousands of people have posted, over the last thirteen years, then none of this could even be happening now - THINK ABOUT THAT whenever you get pissed off that ‘we’re not naming names, often enough.

The only critically important part in this whole affair that has never been complied with is the one final step that is always necessary to fight anything this evil. This is what has to happen anywhere in this world, either yesterday or today whenever people fail to take that final step: After you decide that crimes have been committed then it is only when the people ACT on the CRIMES that they know exist - to bring an end to all of this, that anything of substance can begin to take charge and end the nightmare permanent!

If I had my own crack military divisions to unleash this could not have happened - and I know there are may others who feel the same way - but that's not my field of expertise. I can only do as much as I can do, and hope that others will do what each member of the public can do to bring this to an end.

The truth is that the public quite freely makes its demands upon all of us who write - while they, the pubic, still refuses to do ANYTHING, after others do the work over and over and over again ad nauseam - just to prove who's been behind each and every god damned thing that continues to be done to all of us...

Cowards don’t deserve freedom, or even their own lives, when they are not willing to die for what they supposedly believe in.

This is not a movie, this is about real life, and in this life there really are no absolutes because people can be as different from each other as day is from night. What is not up for discussion is that living beings have the right and the responsibility to defend themselves from anyone that wants to take the life from them, that’s why there was a constitution, to protect everyone from the evil government, and from others that might seek to kill us in the name of tyrannical laws or outlaws.

That's an individual choice and every living person needs to make those decisions for themselves - I made that decision for myself just over forty years ago - if I can do more please let me know!

Understanding and Confusion

If we are to ever unravel some of the questions or the answers, that we must find to end this series of age-old problems, then we must begin to confront this head-on and incessantly beat them down until they are the ones who have been driven from this place, never to heard from again… and yes of course many of them are JEWS, but there are hundreds of thousands of outlaws who don’t give a damn about blood lines, they just want to rape, pillage and plunder until there are no more targets to kill.


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