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Put Up Or Shut Up!

By Jim Kirwan

Kerry has been running around like the broken manikin he is, telling nation after nation what they need to do to appease the greed of the USI, NATO and the UN just to appease the Zionista’s and their plans to annex the planet.

In Ukraine Kerry is telling Russia: They must do more to defuse the crisis that Kerry & his mercenaries created. Kerry’s also threatening Russia with more sanctions unless Russia demands that the separatists in Ukraine lay down their weapons and surrender to Kiev’s fake government. While today, the agreement that set off the first revolt in Kiev was signed in Brussels with the EU that will clearly murder whatever’s left of Kiev’s “nation”.

In the Middle-East Kerry’s broken USI policies are still calling for $500 million more in military aid and US military training (paid for by US taxpayers) for the ISIS fighters to restart the three year war which just ended in Syria; with the landslide reelection of Assad and the victory over the rebels that have been fighting as USI surrogates to enslave Syria, just as was done to Gadaffi in Libya.

These lies on top of lies are burying any chance for any improvement anywhere and USI, its CEO, Kerry, NATO and the UN along with the puppeteer’s in Israel are funding ‘all sides’ in every place where fighting continues to happen: And Kerry the ultimate simpleton, wants the world to believe that everything is caused by Russia!

Moreover “SANCTIONS” in the way they are being used inside Iran, Russia, Syria and every other state that does not support global suicide or genocide are “Acts of War” and need to be, not just removed, but prosecuted in the world court for the global crimes they actually are!

Porky said today that Ukraine is 100% behind the documents he just signed in Brussels. Of course he’s totally forgotten the 87% of those in Crimea who chose to leave Ukraine for Russia: And he’s not counting the other third of the remaining part of Ukraine that includes 6 million who have publically declared their independence from Porky’s fake nation. The world is still waiting for him to lift the fake-cease-fire and the beginning of his war on the breakaway republics in the East of Ukraine which is supported 1,000 per cent by Washington; who has more of its representatives in Kiev, on any given day, than anywhere else in the world ­ including inside D.C.. Hell Vice President Biden has even managed to get his brat a job in the largest oil company inside Ukraine. The criminality across the board is screaming at the world and demanding that the planet recognize “us” as the one and only natural leader of the world.

That thought is headed for that permanent graveyard, listed under: Crimes that were impossible to achieve.

How dare the USI even suggest another $500 million to pay for even more mistakes in the war that has been lost for the last three years. Kerry & his cowards are quick to tell everyone on the planet what they “MUST DO” to please this colossal global failure that cannot find its own ass with either hand: Yet they continue to fund ISIS and ISIL inside Syria, Lebanon and soon to be in Ukraine, while supposedly fighting them in Iraq. No doubt this was another brainstorm from braindead Netanyahu? Israel has become a freak quirk of nature that needs to have those who subscribe to it become permanently stateless.

Kerry himself is a corpse that won’t stop babbling and his supposed boss has proven his own mindlessness with every order he continues to try to sell to an increasingly hostile world…

At 10 min, 10 sec into the above video the exact situation of the colossal disaster which Porky just signed Ukraine onto, is fully outlined.

Let’s see why (Porky is so set on) aligning with the EU appears so attractive and where the possible catch could lie. The supposed ‘deal’ could remove tariffs on almost all ‘goods’ traded between Ukraine and Europe: That’s “IF” it (Ukraine) meets EU standards which it doesn’t at the moment: And it will have to spend a hundred billion dollars to do so.”

kirwan: Kiev can’t even pay its current gas bill of $4.5 billion at the present time, so how can it possibly absorb these additional costs?

Winning a place at the European table Ukraine will no longer be Russia’s preferential partner and as a result will lose at least $500 billion in trade. A global financial expert Patrick Young believes that “the association with EU is a great mistake”.

Ukraine which last year was in a catastrophic position, had it signed a free trade association (then): This year it’s going to associate with the European Union at the point where it’s going to associate with the European Union when it’s already on the point of economic disaster. This is a catastrophic move for the Ukrainian economy. The only winner’s out of this are a few sadly deluded egos: Whether they’re in Brussels, whether they’re in Washington ­ to believe somehow or other they’ve achieved a great geo-political victory.”

kirwan: And if there is anything to yesterday’s announcement that Israeli’s now want to emigrate into Ukraine: That would only add massive amounts of gasoline to the increasing fires’ that today’s signatures to the trade deal with EU have now clearly started.

Turning Back the Clock of History:

For the people of Ukraine there are no jobs to be had here. There are only going to be job losses. There is no economic growth, by suddenly having Western European goods, dumped at low cost onto your market places. This deal is a disaster; it’s a very, very tragic day for the people of Ukraine who want to improve their economic outlook.”

So much for the Chocolate Oligarch and his predecessor who can still be seen lurking about the scene of the continuing crime, along with all those Amerikan pretenders to fake power? But it gets better!

Those in Ukraine supporting the association agreement with EU have high hopes for the deal. But, not everything the pro-Europeans are hoping for is actually on the table right now.

Although Brussels promised Ukraine to establish Visa-Free travel that’s not mentioned in the association agreement. And another key factor there, is the agreement for ‘Freedom of Employment in EU (which) is only for member states: And there is no actual guarantee of eventual EU membership.”

The ultimate insult is that the EU has become a product that no one wants to buy any longer as the EU has already reached and passed its effective “use-by” date. In fact Europe itself is heading for dissolution due immigration, austerity and over-regulation. Europeans themselves realize that the EU is yesterday’s brand that is no longer in tune with the direction the rest of the planet is moving in…’

Any common criminal, with any basic sense at all about doing any business with anyone; knows better than to trust anything or anyone as shaky as the EU is at the moment. There’s just no accounting for the level of utter stupidity that the current Oligarch’s in Ukraine have just signed onto, doing just as they are being told to do by USI and our brain-dead pretenders to power. Still “this” is what USI and its blood-sucking partners want to hang war with Russia on! Ordinary children could do a much better job of running what’s left of Ukraine anytime - than these global-pretender’s have done to date!

Barry, for his part has done nothing for anything that he’s still not qualified to do any part of; even though he was fraudulently “selected” twice and all he’s been able to do has been to run up the national debt to $60 TRILLION, while murdering more people than Bush Jr.

Now he’s making war on US citizens with privately corporatized LLC’s: Private surrogates that are now telling people that they don’t have to respond to any charges because as private corporations they don’t answer to any laws except the ones their private corporation gives them ­ so fck the public!

The bottom line here is simple. The USI is not in a position to dictate policies to Russia or to any other nation because US Inc has turned this place and everywhere we invaded into even less than any common public toilets anywhere.

And the public here, while aware of this massive set of failures, will not do anything about these colossal failures in policy, finance, military adventurism or indeed about every human need that continues to go unanswered: Everywhere within this broken promise that was once called “America” has already failed! Hell we won’t even defend ourselves against our own criminal class of politicians, outlaws and traitors. As JFK so clearly points out above…

Without basic FREEDOMS

We’ve already lost both purpose and direction

So what is living worth?


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