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Putting It In Perspective

By Jim Kirwan

Too few are talking about ‘From Freedom to Fascism’ today, especially in regard to what is really going down in Crimea. Crimea is part of Russia directly now and that relates to the outcome, from the theft of Ukraine and the freedom of the EU as well as global-trade across the world.

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There’s a missing piece in almost everything being discussed today around the crimes taking place in Kiev and Ukraine right now. That ‘piece’ is Crimea. That state is no longer part of Ukraine: It’s now part of Russia! This is extremely important because Porky wants it back and he says that he’s going to “take it back”. But if he and US Inc plus Israel attempt to do that; then there will probably be war between Russia and the West.

Porky has already cut off water to Crimea and that’s damaged a significant portion of this years crops in Crimea. It’s unclear how much of the water supply in Eastern Ukraine may also have met with same problems. In any other situation this illegal move by Ukraine would be viewed as an act of war. But since the entire region is on the verge of war already, that crime has been purposefully overlooked in order to maintain some civility between Crimea, Ukraine and the rest of the region.

But Crimea represents huge parts of the still unclear current situation that cannot be overlooked. Those issues are about to reach center stage.

After the fake elections in Ukraine, Crimea made their choice and asked to be readmitted to Russia. That vote and the appeal which followed was accepted by Russia and that makes Crimea part of Russia. What makes Crimea totally different from the live-fire invasion going on inside what’s left of Eastern Ukraine is the literal legality that’s already become a fact!

At the beginning of all this IMF conditioned its loans to Ukraine upon having Crimea included as part of Ukraine. Yet that’s no longer possible now, because Crimea is legally part of Russia. That means that the rights to the parts of the Black Sea that belong to Crimea, are Russian. The Black Sea deep water ports in Crimea also now belong to Russia and Russia will defend them all, as they are now part of her!

The reason for USI’s additional military support that the world thought was given to Porky to put down the resisting regions in Eastern Ukraine, actually has more to do with retaking Crimea. The rebellious regions could have gone on for quite awhile, but the reason for the additional weaponry was to make Porky’s coming attack on Crimea effective: And that attack has to happen soon because of the tough conditions of the loans he signed with the IMF.

The heavy firepower was advanced to take on Russia in order to take back all of Ukraine. “No Crimea equals No Ukraine”; because the IMF loans were conditioned upon Ukraine being what it was before Crimea left to become part of Russia today.

Without the mercenaries now being used in Eastern Ukraine and their state of the art weaponry, the IMF, the Bank of International Settlements as well as the World Bank, will all fail to get what they agreed to steal, before Crimea had formerly and legally left Ukraine.

If Porky fails to recapture Crimea that loss would be directly felt by the EU which cannot afford such losses. The bankers need all of Ukraine which included Crimea. This is also behind why America keeps giving so much more money to try and bolster Ukraine’s pathetic attempts to hang onto Kiev’s government, which has never been on solid ground. What remains unclear is whether or not US Inc and Israel will soon decide to take on the Russian Bear over Crimea.

It does not appear, at this time, that Russia will even hesitate if the criminal-West attempts to retake Crimea, under any circumstances.

The UN and NATO need to be held responsible for the wars they have already participated in under various false-legalisms. The criminal-world has used and abused both UN and NATO for far too long already in their race to own the planet. The world has had enough of them and their supporters.

Everything has always had its limits: The UN, NATO, Israel and US Inc have more than reached their sell-by dates!

The New World Order is overdue for global dissolution

Watch the video at the top of the page,

If you need more reasons for whatever comes next!

The story of the Grasshopper and the Ants

It’s still summer time, but winter is coming to Europe yet the players in the EU are choosing to ignore the coming winter. Their reasoning seems to be that they need not worry until winter actually arrives. In the interim they’re planning to scam another massive profit while the sun continues to shine—but this time this particular global heist might just be a reach too far?

It seems that several nations in the EU are ignoring the true facts behind the gas supplies that are looking slimmer and slimmer for this years’ coming winter. But since there’s still some time, some nations are still operating as the thieves they’ve always been, throughout their duration inside the dying EU.

That exercise aside, others in the EU have seen the writing on the wall and are beginning to make plans of what to do now that the West has lost its “monetary supremacy”. France led the way by calling for an end to the influence of the US Dollar as the petro-dollar for the planet.

Germany too has more than just doubts about the trustworthiness’ of their old trading partner; that’s become more criminal than a partner of late.

In brief the EU is now part of this House of Cards that’s being dismembered in semi-slow motion: Against a backdrop of Russia and the BRICS nations as they move on to greener pastures; while the EU and West are left to scramble for the crumbs left in their wake!

Amerika and its puppet states are still putting their “faith” in a long dead fantasy that died in 2008.

By not holding the funeral so far, the West has been pretending that nothing’s changed when everything’s been changed. Except for the formal ceremony that quite possibly Ukraine might become the instrument of: Which could possibly deliver that long overdue fateful blow that could free the world from USI…

The vultures of the world have begun to circle and there’s no where left for the globalists to hide.

To keep this “in perspective” the world needs to remember how we got here and what has to happen if this is ever going to end!


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