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Putin and Assad Vow Unrelenting War on Terrorism



Stephen Lendman

On Wednesday, a Kremlin statement said both leaders discussed “(v)arious aspects of the Syrian crisis…in the light of the tasks to implement the statement Russia and the United States made as co-chairs of the International Syria Support Group on the cessation of hostilities in Syria as of February 27, 2016.”

They support “truce” and conflict resolution “political” efforts. At the same time, they stressed the importance of uncompromising struggle “against the Islamic State, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups included in the corresponding list of the UN Security Council.”

Separately on Wednesday, Syria’s Foreign Ministry  spokesman said “armed groups refusing to observe the ceasefire…will be regarded as terrorists.”

While stressing the need to stop bloodshed, Russia’s position is no different.

Foreign supported fighters killing Syrians and wanting its government ousted are terrorists. Combating them is essential.

Preserving Syrian sovereignty depends on it. Yielding to sinister US schemes undermines it.

America’s longstanding imperial policy fools no international leaders and observers. It wants dominion over planet earth no matter the human cost.

Resistance is the only antidote. The alternative is endless wars and enslavement.

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