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The Purge

By Jim Kiran


Many people wonder where the rebellion is going and how far we will fall. The subject of this comment is just a movie, a film that 's been out awhile; but for anyone that knows anything about how we got here and just where we might all be going: Then this movie might give us some dimensions for what George Soros and Jared Kershner might just have planned for everyone else.

We live in a completely lawless nation already, consequently all we're missing is the blood & gore created behind something like the free-for-all of a real and murderous-purge.

The background for this 'story' could have come from some of the very real frustrations that our current demonstrations are creating. IF we continue to fail to confront our real problems, as individuals and as Americans, then the only clear outcome will be the absolute return to the most primitive of those caves where the Dark Ages came from.

It would seem that we're already just a hair's breath away and this time it won't be a movie, it'll be the real thing.