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The Public!

By Jim Kirwan


The Public’s Left Hand of ‘god’ has been nailed to the cross!

The ‘public’ in the United States

Is being crucified every day in every way

By the government at all levels of everyday life.

Governments are formed by nations to protect people and to provide laws that keep society’s alive. When governments attack the people who pay them, to provide security, it’s time to dissolve local-government at all levels: And prosecute the criminals in every office where the tyranny has taken over.

In Fullerton California a case in point:

One of the former California police officers acquitted this week of beating to death a mentally ill homeless man wants to get his job back on the force. He and his partner were fired amid the investigation back in 2012.

I was wrongfully terminated. How do you argue with a jury of 12 who all agree on the same thing?” Jay Cicinelli, former corporal at Fullerton PD, told the Orange County Register on Tuesday.

Cicinelli was acquitted on Monday by a Santa Ana jury of charges of involuntary manslaughter and use of excessive force in a trial that drew nationwide attention. His defense argued that he was acting within police guidelines and training.

The police altercation with Kelly Thomas, a 37-year-old homeless person diagnosed with schizophrenia, happened on July 5, 2011. Footage of the incident shown in court showed Cicinelli repeatedly hitting Thomas’ face with the butt of his Taser. Thomas was repeatedly saying he was sorry, pleaded for help and called for his dad, a former sheriff’s deputy, during the encounter.

An evidence photo of beating victim Kelly Thomas in hospital, as it was shown during a preliminary hearing on his death, for Fullerton police officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli at the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, California May 7, 2012. (Reuters / Joshua Sudock)

He died five days later from asphyxia due to chest compression and injuries to the head and chest he sustained in the struggle, according to a coroner’s report.

Cicinelli would be fighting an uphill battle to get reinstated at the force, admits one of his attorneys, Michael Schwartz. But his client’s identity is to a great degree relying on his being a police officer.

His other attorney Zachery Lopes said the process to get Cicinelli his position again was begun before the trial, but essentially remained on hold pending the outcome of the court case.

A federal investigation into the case by the FBI is currently underway. Thomas’s father Ron said on Tuesday he hopes the investigation would result in rights charges against the officers.” (1)

This is the entire episode from beginning to end, it’s a must watch.

It’s called ‘Where’s the Justice for Kelly Thomas’. (2)

It is no longer enough to watch, to comment or to "protest", because these kinds of crimes keep getting more numerous each and everyday.

The actions of police, city councils and local officials must be answered with charges and the jurors that returned this verdict must be prosecuted. None of the "cops" involved here were or are physically or mentally "fit" for duty and the jury was obviously not competent to reach the verdict they chose to return. This cannot stand for anything except the very public murder of an innocent man by six thugs who knew exactly what they were doing from start to finish. The jury then "justified" Kelly's murder by their totally insane "verdict", in this case.

If this criminal really wants his job back he needs to endure the same odds as Kelly faced. Six citizens, armed with tasers and batons, should see just how long this cross-eyed felon can survive if he's serious about being reinstated in Fullerton's "police department". Likewise, any of the jurors or the supervisors or the city council should equally be forced to face the same test of "credibility" if they want to retain their "positions" in the community.

No position of "authority" in this society should ever again be given a free pass once illegality is raised against any of the actions which they collectively create every day under color of authority. This crime and the criminal-coverup of it, along with the crime of "total acquittal" must be revisited and covered from start to finish by an intelligent and

a through examination of all the facts.

The fact that for the last 13 years this kind of behavior has now become the norm today - is reason enough to end all the current standards by which every law-enforcement agency in the nation does "business" in America's cities, towns and communities. No police activities whether local, state or federal can be TRUSTED and in fact must officially be termed "a THREAT to the LIFE and LIBERTY of every person in the United States." Police and official authority figures must be considered to be CRIMINAL, in every situation, in which any of them are brought-in to supposedly act in defense of the public which all of them are routinely doing "their best" to kill.

DEADWOOD Is Alive & Well in Fullerton, California!

This case, that took two years to get to trial, makes it clear that there is no longer any real law in Fullerton California ­ in fact it’s no different now than Deadwood was then, South Dakota in the 1850’s. Some of the real people in Fullerton today ought to make it their business to overthrow the corporation that owns Fullerton and dissolve their corporate charters.

Show this nation how to fight back,

Overthrow the city government

Write a New City Charter!

That would get the attention of the entire country

Given what this case has created


There is no longer any “WE” in “We the People”. This is not about political parties or the left-right paradigm. This is about Americans getting the kind of government we want on the terms that were agreed to, by the Founding Fathers; when we were young.

This case was a clear case of outright murder. First by thug-cops behaving like a death-squad. That was backed up by a criminal-system that refused to act against the cops or the city administration and finally even the open corruption of the courts system; which finally became involved so that by the time this reached its criminal conclusion ~ it has been made crystal-clear that Fullerton California is a criminal enterprise that is unwilling to protect any citizen that is unjustifiably attacked by their mercenary-army of thugs from the beat-cops to the entire just-us system and on through the entire city government…

So do something Fullerton and make certain that what you do is felt across the entire nation so that this stops now!


The last time this kind of criminal outrage happened to a whole community was the action in Los Angeles that was sparked by the beating of Rodney King. When the verdict of acquittal was announced, L.A. had a riot in the black community.

In Fullerton, California today, apparently the white community has no interest in demanding justice for one of the weakest of its citizens, when cops and the authorities there decided to torture and murder one of Fullerton's own.
I'm not advocating riots. All that has to happen in Fullerton is for the real people there to Act by dissolving the corporation that did this to Kelly Thomas. Clearly, Amerika isn't America any longer!

1) Ex-Cop Who Beat Homeless Fullerton Man Wants Job Back

2) Where's the Justice for Kelly Thomas



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