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Psy-Ops Attack On The Whole Planet

By Jim Kiwan


How did this Psy-Ops attack begin? Was it with the corrupted media, Zionist-Hollywood or the nearly total WAR between all the factions of the State and Offense Departments of the criminal 4th Reich, worldwide?

However this WAR started it is here now.

The reason this war appears to be completely different than all other forms of WAR to this point, is because we are using our global-aggressive-positioning of 700 to 900 bases to launch a Psy-Op attack rather than using our traditional method of just pre-emptively bombing sovereign nations into oblivion!

This INTIMIDATION tactic is bizarre, no matter how you try to look at it. We have closed 22 Embassy’s and consulates, in places where we have been hostile to the people who live there.

It is as if we are saying to those nations that we expect you to attack us, ergo there will be attacks because the Fourth Reich shall make that happen.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles will be our targets!

Unless these nation states surrender to us, they will be attacked!

Meanwhile to prove we are serious we have closed our Embassies and Consulates to provide protection to our citizens that might be living in the countries we plan to attack. Maybe now is the time when these other nations should decide that we are the problem and that they, these nations under-siege, should isolate the embassies and consulates by walling them off permanently where they are today. Cut the power and water and all communications while walling off these hostile outposts that are toxic to the nations where they exist.

Afterall, this nation does not subscribe to national or international laws of any kind—use this to enact the isolation of these outposts and begin to end this global-nightmare which has been created by American & Israeli outlaws who seek to own every nation where we placed those government agencies, along with our military bases.

No nation in the world permits foreign military-occupations of their sovereign states, unless they have already been conquered. Now the United States wants to intimidate 22 nations where we have already got a military foothold, into total submission, or face outright wars that we will start in their countries. We will blame these wars on “TERRORIST-ORGANIZATIONS” which we have created and supported for this explicit purpose. We (THEY) are giving you forewarning of what this criminal-enterprise is planning on doing in the next three weeks:

That’s what “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” is all about.

The irony is we would just have bombed these places outright if we had the military-resources and the will to do it ­ but at the present time we don’t. So we decided to try this bizarre threat in order to have more time to co-ordinate our attacks and select exactly which nations must be obliterated, as opposed to those who will surrender to us outright, without having to level all the countries involved.

Conservation of our armaments is unfortunately necessary because we’ve lost so many wars. To keep the contracts filled we can no longer just lay-waste to everyone any more. Our military-political-leadership is totally incompetent when it comes to anything military ­ that’s why none of this makes any real sense on any level.

However the world must use this opportunity to shove all this shit back down our throats ­ because unless we are stopped the world will go up in flames.

Break off all diplomatic ties with the USA & Israel and start the universal ball rolling again. Use this very unusual opportunity to not only register your displeasure, but to free yourselves at the same time!



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