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To "Yesterday’s Gone"

  By Stephen Lendman


Individuality in Shoes of Blood

No sooner had I sent “Yesterday’s Gone’ than I realized how much I’d forgotten to say.


There were the rain-forest’s that the world sat silently by; while they were logged for profits, burned, to raise a year or two of cattle or some pathetic crop that was never enough because the soil was depleted beyond repair ­ all that was left after the rain-forests were destroyed was more of the same scorched-earth policies we used to kill Indians in America with.

There were the over 500 mountain-tops we allowed Cheney’s bandits to literally remove from the mountains of the Southeast, to strip mine whole regions of the country for obscene profits that left streams and rivers changed and polluted for decades.

There was an attempt to destroy Zion National Park so that we could desecrate the mountains and the landscape for more of the oil the whole world is now swimming ­in while we all them to tell us that there are critical global-shortages that threatened the world-supply ­ what utter trash

Entire skylines have been permanently altered in so many places just to make a filthy-buck that’s not worth ‘jack’ anymore.

Our remaining forests are dying the plants and even the grasses are going ‘the way of all things” prematurely!

There are the imported and created diseases that are killing the forests, and the foliage in our cities as well as in our national parks. Maybe that’s part of why Congress wants to dump the national parks? Most of the living parts of those parks will be dead by this time next year—along with the polluted waters inside the parks by the overgrazing of livestock for pennies an acre—while the country goes broke building the endless war-machine that have expanded their shadow-government into hundreds of nations around the world?

There’s also “DEATHCARE” that will end medicine and expand “Insurance” from a voluntary-option to a mandatory illegal-requirement for every man woman and child in America. This will guarantee that medical-help for all - will be three to five times as expensive as it was ­ while the population will begin to die about three to five times faster than before? And there’s the added benefit to the Soylent-Green version of this plan which will spread every bit of your personal information to everyone anywhere that might want to use your personal information to raid your bank-account, kill your credit or just destroy your life ­ Ain’t America grand!

Don’t forget about the fact that we allowed Agribusiness to drive out three-quarters of the real farmers, so that Agribusiness could get all those farm-subsidies for themselves ­ on top of Corporate Welfare while growing death-producing crops that kill more people each and every year. Now we’ve banned ordinary people from growing their own food, or even using their own water—because the EPA now owns all the water the food and even the land, as of yesterday! “Our Golden-Calf” in 1964.

In fact there is not one single area of either the economy or the social, or the business life in America that works any longer ­ at all! Criminals in office everywhere, in every city, state and the feral government are “in-charge”. There’s now an inverse-economy in charge of everything, because it’s all about making massive profits and not about doing anything for the people who live and work here: If they ever did care at all,

The Environmental Protection Agency kills everything it touches, as the cost of their services goes through the roof—yet no one fights them or refuses to obey their bullshit orders. The FDA, the Food and Drug Administration would be laughable if it didn’t consciously kill so many otherwise healthy people each and every week.

Few in this country turn out to be even remotely “as advertised” ­ especially since we outlawed the word Justice and replaced it with Just-Us!

There are the alphabet boys and girls in the tens of thousands of “security-services” that do nothing but punish anyone they might suspect of doing anything that they have not already pre-approved of. BTW the penalty for disagreeing with these illiterate-enforcers is death, by whatever means they feel like using on any particular day. And as for the government security thugs, they’re nothing but road-kill just waiting to be dumped in the nearest land-fill the moment that this Israeli-owned government is done with them. They might want to read about what happened to all of Hitler’s “Brown-Shirts” the minute he decided that they were no longer necessary?

The U.S. Military is a disgrace to anyone that has an ounce of knowledge about how the military is supposed to function. And as for politicians they ought to celebrate every night that the public hasn’t already thrown a lynching party of every one of them!

Note: All the outrages done during Ashcroft’s weird reign [Ashcroft spent $8,000 of the public’s money to cover a “nude” statue of Justice on a federal building] has been massively intensified to the point where Americans are slaughtered anywhere now ­ no evidence, no charges, no trials any more ­ just your name on a list will get you killed ­ but apparently ‘Americans’ don’t mind: Otherwise they’d demand the end of that policy and of everyone involved in creating it.

Here’s what LBJ started with, just to hook the gullible public


Then he followed that with how he really felt about the public

Which he used to preface every speech!

Mah FALLOW Amarikkans”

And the gullible public just thought

That this was because the drunk just couldn’t speak!

All this INSANITY has taken place for real, and you would think that the public who tolerated this must have done that for a reason ­ wouldn’t you? Yet nothing ­ not one goddamned thing was done to anyone so long as they subscribed to this script that was written for them by the Rothschilds’ the global-bankers and International Jewry worldwide: Reinforced of course by the Jewish owned “Follywood” that TWISTS most of our opinions through their fantasies, to change our non-opinions about everything that happens in the world on any given day.

There’s lots, lots more, but I’m guessing you’ve got the idea, why not expand upon this for yourselves… then tell everyone else what you discovered?




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