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Protect & Survive

By Jim Kirwan


Protect & Survive © Peter Kennard


In the continuing chaos of the world today people & creatures on all sides have forgotten the most critical FACT of LIFE behind all the mistakes being made in every decision that continues to ignore the cost in human lives ­ given the thoughtless machismo attitude across the planet.

Whether it's Trump or any of his ex-generals, or treasonous-Israel, with the fourth-largest nuclear arsenal that both continue to try and treat every decision as nothing more than bloodless policy decisions, that supposedly will have no casualties for the attacking US invasion forces: These are truly the Forgotten Victims of all these global-wars.

Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy’s ‘Critical Critters’ & The Angry Chef’s Karyotype Diet (E509)

All that will be left will be unthinkable and uninhabitable

After the war-lords, the thieves and outlaws have had their way with us.

This will involve Israel's favorite policy, “the Sampson-option”.

If for instance South Korea is bombed, Americans don't seem to understand that along with the population of South & North Korea the 27,000 US troops currently in Korea will die—even if America itself is spared. The same is true of the Americans stationed on Guam, or in Japan, not to mention the literally tens of thousands of troops assigned to the American flotilla's on the open seas. Not a single thought has ever been given to the real casualties, that these thoughtless 'decisions' will instantly create.

Of course if any of the global fake-flash-points are allowed to explode, such as Syria or Iran, not to mention the ongoing illegal war in Ukraine, In addition to being turned into nuclear ruins, millions of Americans will also die along with the falsely-targeted civilian-populations.

How in hell did the world allow the completely corrupted Mossad to direct this potential nuclear slaughter of the world, just to fatten the coffers of the global-banks and the mercenary-death-squads that are supporting all these global wars against the entire world?

When 'we' officially allowed ourselves to be classified as nothing more than unrepresented 'deplorable s' that now have no representation in any political decisions in any “nation' on earth: We have basically surrendered our rights to any freedom worldwide. Our only 'representative' against this HORROR has become the skeleton above.

The only response to these truths is physical global action

against these global treason's and invasions against the populations of the world.

Words and voting are never enough

Liberty demands blood and considered conscientious actions worldwide,

because people everywhere have the right to defend themselves

against these global wars against us all.

Anonymous - Russia Declares STATE OF WAR between America! (and to Remove Donald Trump) 7min 35sec VIDEO

Blame the US Congress & Trump for all of this - k