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Protect your family from COVert-19 pharma fraud - Part 7

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

At last, the World Health Organization (WHO) is including "ethics" on the list of priorities for its campaign against the worldwide spread of the renamed COVID-19 outbreak. That message warning against genetic tampering and profiteering is, of course, being being treated as window-dressing by pharmaceuticals and biotech companies listed on NASDAQ, which are hyping their new "miracle cures" in the pipeline.

There's already a dirty dozen of NASDAQ-listed biotech-pharmas promising therapeutic breakthroughs from gene tampering and flaunting their insider connections with medical experts in China, so you'd better pause for a minute before tossing your life-savings into that mosh pit of deception and embezzlement.

This far down the autumn-winter flu season around the world, the only convincing cure-alls remain a cup of hot tea with a lemon slice and a steaming bowl of chicken soup, so it's better to invest in Florida citrus growers and Grandma Beulah sweating over the stove, along with your favorite type of leafy caffeine.

After a century of failing to cure the common cold, the pharmaco-hustlers are still promising a sure-fire panacea arriving within days, weeks, decades or maybe never. The San Diego area (be warned that's where the Z-Mapp miracle remedy for Ebola was hatched) has an infectious cluster of research start-ups in need of an injection of your vitamin C-notes. For instance, the new bright hope from J. Joseph Kim, the boss of Inova (not to be confused with the oncologist Joseph J. Kim) who has just announced how his proprietary algorithm has discovered a cure for COVID in just 3 hours.

Now I'm wondering my old herbalist mentor never used so much as an abacus to calculate his concoctions that effectively protected me from everything from SARS to Fukushima radioactivity? Artificial Intelligence is needed nowadays to catch with what ancient practitioners have been doing with plant-based medication since the caveman era.

Glancing over Inova's publicity materials, it came to my attention that their new CEO managed to earn a BA degree from somewhere in Arizona, while supreme director Kim was trained in biochemical engineering, a field focused on treatment of sewage, converting corn to gasahol (which Snuffy Smith up in backwoods Appalachia did with his moonshine still) and synthetic vitamins. As put by the Brando character Terry Malloy by that foul-smelling dockside in "On the Waterfront", they could'a been a contender, but not against competition from the big-time pharmaco-crooks blowing Valentine's kisses at Wall Street. Whoops, bad analogy since nobody kissed on Valentine's Day in this Year of Dying Dangerously. Come to think of it, I could use a new algorithm to brew a better of coffee.

Gentlemen, start your engines

In the pole position is CEPI, which has been funding development of an anti-flu vaccine by Moderna, led by Stephane Bancel, former Europe director of Eli Lilly. Just the mention of that MK-ULTRA lab raises suspicions. What's CEPI? The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovations, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Family Foundation, the Wellcome Trust (aka the Opium War) and the dodgy World Economic Forum at Davos. On that welcome news, Moderna's share value actually fell. Wall Street traders must be whispering "This is like a takeover of Ben & Jerry's by Carnation canned milk."

Next up front is Crispr Therapeutics, a name guaranteed to fry your bacon and brain to a crisp. Yes, gene editing, the final frontier. CT is targeting polymerase chain reactions, which involves redesign of proteins in RNA of viruses that attack the host cells in your body. Unfortunately, it was just this sort of modification of virus RNA that led up to this epidemic, with the installing of HIV proteins into fluviruses at the animal lab at U Wisconsin run by microbiologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka. Putting a modified virus into a human body is easy enough, but removing it, well, the only way out is with a plasma incinerator at a crematorium, as we're seeing across Wuhan.

Next up, Vertex, a term defined as the highest point or tip of a polygon, a clever name since there are slews of multi-facted viruses in the polyomaviridae group found in green monkeys, mice and birds, which are rarely transmitted to human. Vertex was founded and run by Joshua Boger. His research was focused on proteas inhibitors, which gum up the proteins involved in viral replication. This research is legit, so my non-secured speculative advice is a "buy", that is unless this treatment turns your abs and biceps into quivering jello. Theory is about what might be possible, proof shows nearly all that's theorized to be impossible.

A lot of hype has enveloped Vir Biotechnology, which claims an ability to boost the immune system to output more T-cells and siRNA, small interfering RNA strands. The Kawaoka HIV-enhanced virus, however, is designed to replicate in high gear, meaning the contest between T-cells and COVID-19 inside your lungs could be a repeat of Shelby vs. Enzo as in Cobra against Stallion, depicted in the movie "Ford Vs Ferrari". If you're a chain smoker whose lungs are paved with tar, go for it, and be sure to wave the checkered flag, whichever wins before you crash and burn.

The Jansen division of J&J is always in the race for another drug scandal; and so is Gilead, dispensing Donald Rumsfeld's infamous Tamiflu, which visually impaired and caused mental disorders in Japanese children. As I write, there are more biotech start-up rolling up to this race than the crowded field at Daytona or the Indy 500. I've yet to spot anything as promising as Anikin gunning his engines.

Nothing beats grandma's soup

After glancing down that list of notable producers of quack remedies, let me urge you to try adding chicken feet into the soup kettle with a stick of astragalus and a piece of ginger root from the Chinese store (it's just as safe as shopping at Trader Joe's and way cheaper). Skip the bird claws, if you want only the herbs, since chicken feet don't help you run any faster from the quarantine police.

Here's the tip. Just before serving, squeeze a triangle of lemon or even better lime over that bowl for the fragrance, because the steam racing through your nostrils will reach your lungs to stun those nasty viruses. As for hot tea, add a cinnamon stick and a dab of honey, the only sweet stuff allowed on our Paleo Bio-Safety diet. Once you're feeling warmer, rummage around your kitchen shelves to collect every source of sugar, especially those with fructose content, into the garbage bin. Hold onto the lemons, beets and carrots because their flavonoids and vitamins are as rich as fruit but with lower sugar content. All the animals that are carriers of coronavirus are frugivores, fruit eaters. Sugar is the energy source for viruses, during their massive mining work of boring through the collagen walls of your lungs, gut, heart and brain to access red-blood cells for their replication process.

Ionizers rule!

As for wiping out viruses inside your home, car and office, there's only one effective solution. That's to use an ionizing air-cleaner of any size or price. These devices are based on catalysis by silver or titanium dioxide (the latter in combo with UV), which split tiny water droplets from the indoors humidity, for example, your exhalation. The catalysis processed spins off radicals (charged ions) f oxygen and hydroxyl particles (-OH), which rip apart bacteria and rupture viruses, like a light saber searing through the ranks of the First Order and Snoke's Praetorian Guards. (Did you happen to notice that the crimson-clad Praetorians have an uncanny resemblance to the Pope's College of Cardinals?) As I've just stressed, these viruses after your red-blood cells so feel no pity when the Ionizers wipe the slate clean. So what is it about red shoes, anyway?

With coronavirus now set to spread around the world, take a peak at the online Walmart catalog. Your basic needs are merely one small unit for every bedroom that's occupied in your home, to be set for 10 hours at night (switched on an hour or two before sleeping), costing $50 max and sometimes with a two-for-one bargain; and also a flashlight-size air ionizer to plug into the cigarette lighter of your car, about $20 or less. The ions not only destroy viruses in the immediate environment, the reactive particles enter your nose, throat, respiratory and gut tracks, lungs, along with the eyes, ears, hair, everywhere there's air.

The viruses need a couple of days to tunnel through through and into your blood vessels. So disruption of their infiltration at the early stage, just for a few hours every day, is a sure means of prevention of infection. Therefore ionized air intake while asleep or driving, every day during a contagion, is the only way to halt their progress inside your body. It's amazingly simple and effective.

I survived 6 months of SARS in Hong Kong in good health without once wearing a mask (although I did put on eyeglasses when I dined out at empty restaurants, downed red wine at neighborhood bars, and even had a cyst removed at a hospital). Two years later, the ionizers kept me shielded for about 4 months during the massive avian influenza outbreak in Thailand, following my visits poultry-raising facilities and labs. As I strolled past hundreds of giant migratory storks in the swamps and entered chicken-processing plants where gigantic fans blew the indoor air outside, the security guards didn't know what to do with my unexpected presence and allowed me to meet their scientists. That was sort of like an aged Luke Skywalker stepping outside to to taunt Kylo's laser-spitting Terrain tanks. Keep trying to kill me, you miserable little gnats, ha!

Then I'd head back to the gloom of Bangkok to take a long hot shower, switch on the life-saving ionizer and try to figure how sex is ever going to be possible again when everyone's living in fear of contact? There are solutions, but not very pretty ones. Whoops, Rose McGowan's going to be beating me to a pulp for that one. It was just said in jest as a Harveyism, whapp, ouch!

The other step, of course, is sterilization. Why are you nodding, Rosie? Avoid harsh chemicals especially chlorine, which promotes virus mutation. What I use on a daily basis is vodka. No, I never drink the toxic stuff. Fill a couple of spray bottles with minimally 90 proof vodka (or 45 percent alcohol) to hit the pillow and bed sheets, your chair, refrigerator handle, and toilet seat and the bowl, whatever could be crawling with viruses.

Happy Trails

Once you're armed with the zappers, you're a survivor, health-wise and inside the the wallet. Why don't the public health authorities tell you these basics? Because they'd be out of a job. The medical officials are more interested in kickbacks from putting public money into vaccine development by the pharmaceuticals. I hope the prisoners on the Tokyo Bay Love Boat read this and have Amazon drones deliver mini-ionizers to their cabins. Be sure to listen in to Dr. Henry Animal and yours truly on the online radio program at, as we tackle the scare-mongering disinformation and decipher what's happening in China and aboard the death ship in Tokyo Bay, and farther battlefronts in this Year of Dying Dangerously.

In the next installment, Part 8, I shall get back to exposing the nefarious schemes of unethical microbiologists and public-health officials in the service of the dharma industry. Let's hope that COVID turns on these murderous parasites who so eerily resemble Smoke and Pal patine, because in a nightmare last night the Lord of Death Kawaoka smashed through the door and snarled with total derision: "Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Side!" Thank you, sir, I'll take that as a compliment.