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Propaganda Unlimited!

By Jim Kirwan

The most unreported news throughout the world

Is the news that covers human suffering.

In Ukraine:

Around the world now everything in the news

Is anti-human

Without real discussions, going on anywhere,

None of this can be addressed,

Much less solved.

Reversals of fortune and stalemate.

The harder the Western backed states push against the resistance in the East, the more the resistance is able to push back. Washington support for a military solution is flagging as well as Poroshenko’s popularity.

What’s going on in Ukraine right now has to be the most unreported, important story in the world.”

But Gaza is running a very close second

Absolutely and this has been so for months. I mean we’ve had terrible violence in the Eastern Ukraine, cities blockaded, electricity supplies cut off, shelling of residential quarters. Use of multiple rocket launchers against populated areas. The most terrible egregious war crimes and if one was following the news, entirely from the western media, we would hardly know any of that was happening.

Brian what accounts for that? Because the regime in Kiev -because, their fortunes there are going south and they’re going south real fast? Maybe it’s just a phase ­ okay? Maybe its just a phase but nonetheless they’ve experienced some very serious military reversals in the East and we have a lot of defections, leaving a lot of equipment behind, and we also have, according to multiple sources up to a half-a-million refugees coming into Russia. Again it’s not being reported.”

k: Just this last week an additional 1,000 casualties were reported dead in this travesty ­ but that remains unreported.

Well I agree with you there couldn’t be a more underreported ‘important story’ as you put it, than this story. I mean when you think about it a half-a-million refugees, fierce fighting in cities that have been historically at peace in a kind of civil war and you have NATO forces coming in egging on the Kiev government, arming them using them as a device to fasten Ukraine’s historic relationship with NATO in the long term. If you took a poll here in Washington D.C. the nation’s capitol and asked any 50 or 100 group person’s ­ ‘What’s going on in Ukraine?” I think only one or two would be able to tell you: Because that’s not the story in the media! The only story in the media is how President Obama is getting tough with Vladimir Putin in Russia for their so-called imperial ambitions in the Ukraine. That’s the story ­ I mean it is a complete propaganda effort; it has nothing to do with news.

Why? Perhaps the news is sensationalist and maybe Gaza gets the momentary attention, but overall this is a propaganda machine and so they may chose not to cover it, as the US again carries out another failed policy in the Ukraine, but a policy that’s caused immense human suffering.

Richard from over on this side of the pond ~ from the Russian side it looks like Russia is being sanctioned by the Obama Administration; because it hasn’t invaded Ukraine!

The Obama administration and NATO and the EU who have been concerned that Russia has been violating the international border between Russia and Ukraine ­ have been supplying weapons and other assistance to the insurgents (people who resist invaders coming into their country) and so it’s a bit of a punishment, but its more of a deterrent: There’s still a fear that Russia will try and repeat, what appear to have been successful military operations in Georgia and now Crimea and in parts of Eastern Ukraine and so the sanctions are almost designed as a warning that if more were to follow ­ then more severe sanctions. At the moment the sanctions are limited.

They’re designed to put the Russian government in an awkward position ­ hurting Putin’s allies but not Putin himself ~ but for the most part I think they’re moderate and corresponding to what it is admittedly the line here in Washington: Which is that Russia has behaved aggressively in these areas and there’s fear that there will be further Russian aggression.”

k: The ‘WEST’ has forgotten that “SANCTIONS” used in this way against any nation that has done nothing to the US, much the same as it has been with Iran since 1979: Then in this case ‘sanctions’ are being used as a weapon of war, just as they were used against Iraq before we attacked them for the second time in 2003.

Also, if the reasoning behind the Sanctions was valid, then what did we change except to kill millions upon millions of people without just cause? If Russia was truly the aggressor here, then why are there half a million Ukrainians leaving home to go into Russia voluntarily? And why is Russian taking them in, giving them hospital care, food and shelter, if Russia is supposedly that terrible and the most horrible enemy that “must be resisted”?

I can’t see how the word ‘aggression’ can be used because again part of the narrative in the West is that the there was a forced takeover in Kiev that is never even mentioned by Reuters, all they say is (the former president) left. ~ If Russia was going to intervene militarily it probably would have done so a long time ago. And the longer it waits the more likelihood that the regime in Kiev is going to collapse. Go ahead Brian.

Yes, and also if you can look at the actual events with objective faculty you can’t but notice that the Russian government’s position has been very, very cautious, very prudent. Attempting to in many ways distance itself from those that are calling for it to give even more aid, in an attempt not to have a larger and larger confrontation. And no matter what the Russian government does to cool the tensions, to not inflame it, to as Putin did to the upper house of the Russian Government to rescind the resolution giving him the authority to use Russian forces in the Ukraine.

No matter what Russia does, the United States keeps pushing the envelope because they can’t really successfully suppress the a grievous population that is up in arms against the Kiev government, in the Eastern Ukraine, so it’s NOT Russia! And the sanctions are not modest, the sanctions are the beginning. I think they will fail ultimately, but they are a signal that the United States has given up on any sort of détente or rapprochement and is opting now for a prolonged period of intense confrontation with Russia. Not because of Russian aggression, but because Russia or the people in East Ukraine have failed to go along with the United States plan.

Alexander you wanted to follow up on that ­ because if the government in Ukraine fails, or fails to achieve its goals, the more that Russia is blamed for it ­ it’s kind of interesting?

Well it’s only interesting if you actually look at the situation ­ it is utterly bizarre! The Russians have made it absolutely clear that they are not interested in annexing anybody in the Eastern Ukraine. That is a complete scarecrow. And anybody looking at the situation can objectively see that. On the contrary they have been making a major diplomatic push for weeks to try to negotiate a settlement of the problem. There was an agreement made in Geneva on the seventeenth of April, to that effect, which the Russians pushed. There was an agreement on the second of July, to that effect, which the Russians pushed. Both of those agreements committed the Ukraine to a ceasefire and to constitutional negotiations with the people in the East.

The Ukrainians have refused to do that, as the French and German foreign ministers have admitted, and yet, preposterously the U.S, goes off and sanctions Russia for it?

The reality of it of course is that it is the United States that is actually egging on the situation and which is escalating it. And when it isn’t working it does its usual reflex step which is “Blame Russia”

That’s the first 8min and 15 seconds from the 28min and 10sec of the video: Watch the whole broadcast because this clearly outlines what’s really been going on over there and around the world…

k: If America was even half the” mighty global-war-power” that Obama pretends we are, then none of this would be happening. Instead the living proof that we are nothing but a paper tiger has clearly been shown by another uncovered international story the ISIS & ISIL debacle that just murders as many people as they can possible destroy, to run up the numbers of dead and dying everywhere ­ over 5,000 recently slaughtered in Iraq alone… yet it’s as if no one is allowed to care or to follow where these barbarian’s came from—which is probably understandable since they too came from Israel’s global plan for the planet.


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