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Proof Trump Is Funding Programs
To Bring Black Africans To US
US 2018 Black African 'Refugee' Resettlement

From Patricia Doyle


Hello Jeff - Read this and weep...

'Resettle Africa' a new US Government agency bringing illiterate, disease-ridden fake 'refugees' from blackest Africa to America.   This is absolute Trump Treason against the American people.  We do not have the money or the ability to bring the dregs of Africa here.  This is a Globalist, Marxist agenda to dilute and destroy America with still more Third World trash.  And Trump is 100% allowing and permitting it to happen.  That makes him intimately, inarguably involved with the annihilation agenda being waged against America.

These people will reproduce like roaches and not to mention the half-breeds that will be raised by the State as the children of black on white rape.

Where the hell is Trump?  WHAT the hell is Trump?  

I almost died when I read the above Dept of State 2018 refugee plans.   Yes, by 2018-2019, we will see more black and brown babies born in the US than white babies.

You do not see new agencies like Resettlement For Persecuted South African Whites, or for the persecuted white Christians of Europe or persecuted Christians in the Mideast.  Nothing.

Still don't believe Trump is committing treason against America?  Here it is again…READ IT..