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PROOF -We've Forgotten History

By Jim Kirwan


Would it surprise you to know that the Germans Did Not Create this symbol, it was created in Iraq in the 9th Century by Islam.

See the eighth paragraph below.

Brigitte Gabriel, the Islamophobe is speaking:

As you well know I am not politically correct, so you leave your sensitivities ~ at the door. Brigitte Gabriel has just entered the room. I am going to crunch fourteen hundred years of Islamic history, in five minutes and make it as exciting as I can possibly make it....”

Now I understand why they can say:

'Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it'!

In order for you to understand why Western Civilization is very different from the Islamic world: You need to understand the history of Islam. When prophet Muhammad supposedly revealed his revelation from the Angel Gabriel that he is supposed to be the last of the prophets in the early 600's. He started preaching in his own city Mecca. He tried to recruit sons and followers to spread his religion and he tried for twelve years and failed. And after twelve years he was only able to recruit his immediate family and friends.

So he decided if I go to Medina, which was the Jewish hub of Arabia, the business hub where the Jews lived: If I go there and preach my religion to them ­ if they respect me ­ that will buy me respect and stature with my own people who will then respect me.

So prophet Muhammad started borrowing a lot from the old testament, to make his religion more palpable to the Jews: To make it a lot similar. This is why you saw a lot of similarities between Judaism and Islam. For example: Jews don't eat pigs, Muslims don't eat pigs. Jews pray few times a day, Muslims pray few times a day. Jews fast on Yon-Kipper, Muslims fast on Romadom, and this is why we started seeing a lot of good writing at the beginning of the Koran when Prophet Muhammad was saying all the good things about the people-of-the-book. He took his message and went to Medina trying to recruit the Jews: Talking about the people-of-the-book, and how similar the religions are.

When they refused to accept him and follow him as the last of the prophets, that's when he turned against them and started killing them ­ and started expelling them. That's when 'Islam' went from a spiritual movement; for the first twelve years of Islam, into a political-group cloaked in a religion: ~ After Mohammad went to Medina and the Jews did not accept him. he became a military warrior, and declared war on them and started expelling them. Jews and Christians became 'Dimi', or second class citizens. They were only allowed to stay alive and not be killed, only by paying 'the protection tax'.

So they had a choice, convert to Islam or if you want to stay alive you have pay the protection tax ­ living as Dimi (second class citizens) in the Islamic nation. Christians and Jews could not ring church bells ~ they could not pray publicly. Christians and Jews could not gather together and build new churches, or new temples. And the way they paid the protection tax, was in a monthly ceremony, where they would get together downtown, and the Jew would kneel on his knee and hand his goods to the Mullah, who would take the goods as the price for buying the protection.

And in many areas Jews and Christians were given necklaces to wear, as a receipt that they paid their 'protection taxes'. Jews considered Negis under Islam. Negis is bodily fluid. Negis is garbage, Negis is 'dogs' Negis is dirty. So Christians and Jews were treated as second-class citizens.

Islam continued to grow. As Islam grew, more people became Dimi or second class citizens. Jews and Christians were given identifiable clothing. The Yellow Star which was given to the Jews, that most people think is a German invention, was actually an Islamic invention, in the ninth century in Iraq, by the second Calif, ~ who invented the yellow star for the Jews, to be identified as they walked down the street.

Because Jews were considered Negis, If a Muslim man or a Jew walked on the same side of the street, the Jew had to cross to the other side so when the Muslim man walks he is not dirtied by the filth of the Jew. Christians were given the Zunar. The belt, which most of you men are wearing right now. That was an Islamic invention for the Christians.

Islam continued to grow they went all the way to Jerusalem. They conquered Jerusalem. Christians couldn't ring their church bells in Jerusalem.

The Pope in Rome in 1090, told the Christians 'How can you sit idoly by, and allow your breathern to suffer like this in 'The Holy Land'. You need to go liberate the Christians. You need to go help the Christians'. That's why the Crusaders were launched.

The Crusaders were not launched because they just felt like waking up in the morning and going and converting a bunch of Muslims or beheading them. The Crusader's were launched to liberate Jerusalem. And they were able to liberate Jerusalem for less than 100 years, before Saladin took it back and Jerusalem remained under Islamic control until 1967, when the State of Israel liberated Jerusalem ­ where Christians, Jews and Muslims could pray under the same sky.”

kirwan: All of that has since reverted to 'JEWS ONLY' today.

BG continues: “The Crusaders continued fighting Islam and for 300 years they tried and failed. And by the 1300's the Crusader's disappeared because they could not win against Islam. Islam continued to expand. They went all the way to Central Europe. They went all the way to China. They went to India. They conquered Spain. They changed the name of Spain to Andalusia and as they advanced they conquered more nations, more people paid the protection tax, and this is how the Islamic Empire grew.

It went all the way

until they were stopped at the gates of Vienna on 911

911 is not a date that Osama bin Laden just picked out of a hat. '911' is a symbolic date in the Islamic calendar. By the 1600's Islam had covered more of the Earth's surface than the Roman Empire did at its peak. Between the 1600's and the 1800's the Europeans were experiencing the European Industrial Revolution—where the Europeans were able to invent products on factory lines, where they were able to make money and sell products, which gave them the money to build a strong army in order to fight the Muslims: And that's how they were able to stop them at the Gates of Vienna on 911.

The Europeans started the pushback against Islam: It pushed them out of Europe. They pushed them all the way to the Middle East and North Africa. By 1924 the Islamic Empire ended. In 1924 the Islamic Califate was ended, by Turkey, by (the) president who was a secularist. He ended the Islamic Empire and he gave women rights to vote. He gave women the right to an education, a 'right to work' a right to choose a husband. He forbid women from wearing the hi-jab. He forbid men from wearing the beard. The Muslim hate him so much that they consider him a Jewish agent - because they believe that his mother in his blood-line was Jewish. And that was his influence on … By the time the Islamic Empire or the Islamic state ended in 1924 the Islamic Califate has existed for 1400 years: And it ended less that 100 years ago.

By the time the Islamic State had ended in 1924 - 270 million people around the world were KILLED by ISLAM. 270,000,000 and 'we didn't have weapons of mass destruction' ~ All of these people were killed, butchered by the sword.

The people of the world, less than a hundred years ago ­ how many people knew this history? Please raise your hands? We in America have failed to educate our children about history. 'We” in America FAILED to educate our population about HISTORY. Our children in highschool ­ you take any 17, or 16 year old or 18 year old kid and ask him about WWII. They can't even tell you what happened in WWII. For them it's ancient history and we still have WWII veterans walking among us. That's how little we know of history.

Islam ended in 1924, the Califate. People thought Islam, the Califate will never be resurrected. The Califate will never come back. But two things happened in the Middle East. In the last century that made the Islamists able to resurrect the Califate.

Number one is the discovery of Oil in Saudi Arabia , which we were able to discover and were stupid enough to allow them to nationalize it (Thanks to the Bush Clan & the Rothschilds), And the number two that's happened

was Ayatollah Khomeini coming to power in 1979. (k -Thanks again to the overthrow of our puppet the Shah of Iran & the failure of the CIA to prevent it) That gave the Islamist's the money and also the spiritual covering, in order to explode on the world stage.

And people say: Oh well the Wahhabi's exported their radical religion. The Wahhabi's are the name of Wahhab, we're not a different sect of Islam: They followed the authentic teaching of Prophet Mohammad the way prophet Muhammad lived and practiced his religion. This is why neither you or me or any infidel can set a foot in Mecca, because as far as they're concerned “WE ARE FILTH”. And as infidels we're not allowed to step a foot ­ not president Obama, and not anybody else. As a matter of fact Al Qaeda used to use Saudi Arabia and its success as an excuse to recruit members, as the example, to show them how Allah has blessed Saudi Arabia has adhered to the tenants of Islam.

k: Think about that with the beheadings, the torture & all the rest of it.

BG: “And today we talk about ISIS. ISIS is not a new invention. ISIS RESURRECED THE CALIFATE THAT ENDED LESS THAN A HUNDRED YEARS AGO. Except we are too ignorant and too uninformed to understand what ISIS is doing ­ AND WHY ISIS IS (k”was”)SUCCCEEDING.

Two things you need to understand, about Islam and the principles of war and Islam. One is the law of 'takia', which means lying and deception.

It means that a Muslim man can lay his hand on the Koran and 'swear that he is telling the truth; knowing that he is lying, but also knowing the Koran will also forgive him because he is advancing the cause of Islam.

The second thing you need to know about is (a treaty) which is an Islamic Principle of War which is the model on how to deceive your enemies'. I mean when you have to sign 'peace treaties' with your enemy., and it is based upon a principle by prophet Mohammad..”

k: The following is probably part of what's behind Trump's reasons for wanting to revisit the Treaty with Iran.

“… This was how he was able to recruit, because this is how people make money, without working. And so he attacked the Mecca caravans. When he realized that he was able to defeat Mecca in that city, he signed a ten year treaty with them—does that sound familiar? A ten year treaty with them that says he will not attack them, he will have peace with them, he will not declare war on them. Mohammad used the treaty for two years to build his military, strengthen his army and when he realized he was strong enough, to attack his enemies when they least expected it - because they thought they had a peace-treaty with Muhammad: He broke the treaty attacked them two years later and Mecca fell within 24 hours, because they were not expecting the attack. And that became a principle of War in Islam. And to give you an example of that as practiced—this is why anything signed with Iran MEANS NOTHING TO THEM.

And to give you an example of how this law has been put to use in recent history: Yassir Arafat who was not an Islamist, but he was a Muslim, met with the Israeli's and signed the Oslo Accords in 1993. Remember all the hand-shaking on the lawn at the White House? The Oslo Accord, Yassir Arafat used the Peace Treaty, the Oslo Accord with Israel, to get Israel to bring him back and give him his territory, finance his military, train his police and give his police the weapons. Yassir Arafat broke the Oslo Accord eight years later, he didn't wait ten years, and he declared the Second Intifada in 2000. All Hell broke loose. He used the same treaty to win and deceive against his enemies. When Jordanian Press signed the Oslo Accord with Israel, an Egyptian Press went to interview Yassir Arafat and they would say: “How could you sign a peace treaty with the Devil? “

How could you sign a peace treaty with the Jews? Yassir Arafat will tell them “Remember Habibbia “ that's all he would have to say.

The whole Muslim World knew exactly what Yassir Arafat was talking about. We in the West and the Jews in Israel ­ it was over their heads. Nobody understood what Habibbia was referring to. - and this is the type of deception we are dealing with.

So when Iran signs a peace-treaty with the United States for ten years: They are using us as Useful Idiots, as gullible ignorant people who are signing a peace-treaty with the Devil in order for Iran to continue with her thing.”

k ­ Israel has changed it's spots a number of times since they were artificially created in this world. Each and every change has brought with it massive crimes that have also had a major impact upon the survival of the world of today...

Religion of Peace A Brief History of Islam ­ Bridgette Gabriel


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Between these two videos you will have a much clearer idea

of what has happened to us all

Through the History we have all ignored

But that has guided every step this world has taken,



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