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URGENT - Proof Cruz Is NOT
ELIGIBLE To Run  For President
'(Cruz is) Probably An Undocumented Alien'

By Charlotte Iserbyt

This article should be read by all American supporters of Ted Cruz for President.

I, Charlotte, am particularly fascinated by the  clarity of the wording (below)  proving that Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for President.

The article is HERE

  Why?   Since both of my sons were born abroad to myself, an American citizen, and my husband, a Belgian citizen.  One son born in Belgium; one son born in Grenada, W.I.  

There was never any question in my mind that neither of them would be constitutionally allowed to run for President of the United States.  However, I never had the exact wording backing up my assumption/understanding.   

Here it is, and it applies to Ted Cruz as it would apply to either of my sons:

One of my sons, the one born in Grenada, was stopped by Belgian immigration on a visit we made to Brussels about 20 years ago.  The Belgian Immigration people mistook him for his brother who had indeed been born in Belgium.  They said he had not performed his Belgian military service.  We thought since his father was Belgian at the time of his birth in Grenada,  that might have justified the Belgian claim.  The one born in Grenada, who had recently completed his U.S. Marines military service in Iraq, questioned why he would be required to perform "Belgian" military service.  He was held overnight at a Belgian military installation, and only through intervention of a Belgian friend of my husband's was he released two days later.

Awhile later, the son who was actually born in Belgium, living at home in the USA, received papers from the Belgian Embassy in D.C. stating  that "he" had not performed his military service. This was proof they had targeted the wrong son.

We had to go through much red tape to get the Belgians not to follow through with this requirement.

We then realized  the mistake that was made when immigration officials stopped the son born in Grenada, mistaking him for the son born in Belgium.

The bottom line here, which is clearly spelled out in the following quote, is that if someone is born overseas, of parents,  one of whom is American and one of whom is foreign, that person is considered by the country in which he is born to be a
citizen of that country and must adhere to all requirements of citizens of that country.

The article from which I quote below actually says more than I had previously finally understood:  that the child's parents could BOTH be Americans and that child, born in the foreign country, would still be considered a citizen of that country and subject to requirements, such as military training/service, of that country.

NALC Lead Attorney - Documents Obtained From Canada on Ted Cruz

'(Cruz is) Probably An Undocumented Alien'

The characterization of any person as a “citizen at birth” or “Citizen by birth” in a statute or rule or policy, does not mean that that person is a native born citizen or a “natural born citizen” for Constitutional Purposes and Presidential Eligibility. The foreign born child of any American Citizen, who is born under the jurisdiction of a foreign government, and is thereby recognized by that government as a citizen of that nation at birth, by their own law, and who is born with an allegiance due to that foreign government, is neither a native born citizen of the United States, nor a natural born citizen of the United States, even if a United States statute refers to that person as a “citizen at birth” or “Citizen by birth” or “not a citizen by naturalization”. Renunciation of a foreign citizenship cannot and does not have any impact whatsoever on whether a person is a natural born citizen for Constitutional Purposes.

So, with my family's experience and if I understand the above correctly, Cruz is not constitutionally eligible to run for the Office of President of the USA.

Again, the full article is HERE

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education


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