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By Jim Kirwan

Promises Made & Broken

On December 12, 2000 The White House broke the promise in the Constitution that prohibits the Supreme Court from ever interfering in any Presidential race, in any way. On that day the people of the United States were officially ‘at war’ with the people who did 911 the following year. Those same people who attacked the United States have never been charged with their crimes, because they are still active in Washington D.C. and Jerusalem; with some additional players in The City of London and the Vatican: 12-12-2000 was the Day that World War III officially began!

After 911 the long, long list of nations that we decided to attack as part of the war on the planet began to grow. It officially began with Afghanistan, without any mention of 12-12-2000, which was the initial crime against the Constitution and the people of the United States. Yet the American public didn’t even blink!

Afghanistan was only in the spotlight for a short time until we ran out of rocks to bomb. By 2003 the war moved back into the continuing war which Bush Sr. had declared in 1991, but never finished. NATO and the UN kept the no-fly zones filled with fighters and bombers right up until Jr. arrived which made that war into the over twenty years of failure that it finally became.

Over 3 million died needlessly and we brutalized Iraq while we segregated it and then literally tore their infrastructure and their society apart. They still don’t have enough functional clean water, or enough electrical power, and that former nation is still in ruins


We promised Iraq Freedom & Democracy

We brought them segregation, religious wars unending, torture, military prisons, corruption and murder without end then

We’ told them they were “FREE”!

Everything was done according to the Bush Doctrine of 2002

Including the torture, which was always part of the plan for WWIII.

In how many other nations did we make promises which we did not even remotely keep? That list is huge and we continue to add to it monthly. Google the nations that we have attacked and you decide whether any of them are better off today than they were before we came in like Attila the Hun to massacre their way of life: While we destroyed everything that had been built up over all the years before we decided to promise them “FREEDOM & Democracy”, neither of which any of those places ever received.

We’ve been illegally killing people since 1991, in broad daylight with no apologies to anyone for our openly-criminal behavior. Do the research yourself, find out just how many nations we’ve attacked and be prepared to be surprised.

Afghanistan picked up again after we officially pulled out of Iraq, because we actually lost in that ruined place, despite our technological military advantage we could not overcome the spirit of the people we had so brutally attacked in the Israeli version of Shekinah, just to let the world know that we were still doing Israel’s bidding once again—but we called it Shock & Awe!

We’ll never leave Afghanistan because of all that opium.

Then came Pakistan, in addition to Palestine that has never stopped being a permanent war zone enforced by US jet fighters, napalm and phosphorous raids on hospitals, schools and apartment buildings throughout Gaza. Except there are no promises made in Palestine which are not immediately shattered by Israel and supported by the USSA.

Along the way there has been Jordon, several times, Lebanon also several times and each time the horror of the destructions had to be rebuilt, which of course we did not do. Just part of the price of “freedom” we mumbled to the world, but our actions in support of the bestiality of Israel overrode whatever gestures we ever supposedly tried to make.

Our promises throughout the Middle East have always been nothing but a huge and ever-changing pack of lies: And Amerikans never objected during these ‘adventures’ that have never paid off. Israel which was supposed to be the beneficiary is still the same shitty little place it’s always been, because they can’t win any war where the opponent is armed with modern weaponry. All they do is shoot and torture unarmed civilians and level the homes of anyone who objects, while they destroy hospitals, schools, water supplies, denying any life-saving aid to anyone that’s resisting the illegal occupation of Palestine.

So much for promising “Freedom & Democracy” to anyone! And while all this was going on the USA lost all our former freedoms and our Republic as well as our Democratic way of life to the Stazi-Police-State that now runs this country in every respect.

Most people are unaware that USI has been making war all over this planet, 24-7, three hundred and sixty five days every year, since the end of WWII. Amerikans have literally lost virtually everything we’ve ever worked for, or we son will, if you still have anything left to try and hang onto. Over 62% of every dollar is now wasted on the military which isn’t even the primary force we used to fight these meaningless exercises. Practices that simply waste money by the pallet full in every place we decide to run up the tab which feeds the war-machine as if their appetite for profits can never be satiated, because that statement is absolutely true.

If they could steal ten times as much money as they have already wasted: They would spend every dime just to keep this merry-go-round to hell on that private-corporate track that does not care to win anything ­ because all that ever mattered to the bankers, the money-changers and the outlaws was to keep the Ponzi scheme moving deeper and deeper into total debt that can never ever be ended…

I wonder what ever happened to people just asking: “What did you do with all that money? Where’s the profit beneath all the sacrifices we have made so that you can pretend to protect us from you—which is what this was always supposed to be about. You call it “SECURITY” most of us call this just a con with no payoff that anyone can ever see or touch. The world has been under siege for decades. The government is totally corrupt right down to the lowliest individuals; yet no one seems to care.

There is not a single positive thing in America at this late date. We’ve been royally screwed, assaulted, tortured and we’re raped and blackmailed routinely now: The constitution has been deserted, the Republic is dead, and all that’s left is the new LBGT government and the politically-correct children who live out their lives as if they are part of the Lord of the Flies, instead of being people living in a viable world, anywhere in this dive that’s too busy with “Closing-Down: to even notice how much we’ve lost.

Politics, elections and all of that is long since gone the way of do-do bird. Oaths mean absolutely nothing, honor has become a public embarrassment, for most, and it’s just another bad joke to the herd.

The United States ran death squads throughout Central America, and now they’ve moved that up to places as far away as Venezuela and Somalia, where we continue to practice. We’ve turned the planet into a shooting range for our totally illegal drones, while we still target civilians in every other country to try and appear vigilant when all we succeed in doing is to murder civilians by the dozen each and every day. All of that is done in the name of a “National-Security” that has deemed every other person on the planet an Enemy combatant against this Stazi-Police State that we’ve created, just to be able to say

This continuous war will continue unabated

And it will last till the end of time itself.”

Dirty Dick Cheney

We’ve broken every contract that we ever signed. We’ve trashed every reason that we ever had to make the world a better place, in favor of fighting more wars, regardless of their supposed outcomes because the profits from this fantasy “are just too good to pass up!” But where will they even have the chance to spend any of it, once the destruction has finished ending this world? Or in their wildest dreams, if they were to succeed in wiping out 95% of the entire planet—what would they do then?

And since none of them have ever had to take care of themselves, who would be there to keep these savages alive!

Along the way of course we’ve trashed our national reputation, destroyed any credibility that we ever had. But now we’ve come down to the point behind it all: “Where do we go from here?”

If you were to ask the public that question and if they were to answer honestly they might say “To the gallows NOW! But more than likely, because of fear of the unknown they will simply shrug or just turn away with the pitiful hope that “something will save them” when they already know that will never happen, at least not in this lifetime!

For those who embrace that stance, it’s way too late to do anything to change anything; so they’ll just die in the first wave when the violence starts. But what about the rest of us?

For those who are not vocalizing what they plan on doing, there will be a long period of trials and tribulation followed by some victories and a lot of anguish: In the end this nightmare will have to end because there quite literally is nothing left for the sharks or their masters to get, from most of us any longer.

How did we get this far down into this black-hole in the first place? No doubt there are a great many reasons, but what matters now is how are you and those you care about going to claw your way up out of this pit, to take back the world in a way that is still survivable?

Everything is coming together in the next few weeks, the financial collapse, the burgeoning war in Ukraine, the end of all our remaining rights and the dawning of surveillance incorporated that is about to take control of every moment in every life that remains unguarded. Some of us will die, most of us will surrender, but some of us will fight on and no one actually knows what will happen, which is where I came out in this continuing set of promises which have never been more that just another pack of lies…

Good luck to the survivors who will inevitably be those who refuse to stop thinking and responding to whatever they can still do…


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