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Projections vs Reality

By Jim Kirwan


The rise of the motion-picture industry just happened to coincide with the war-effort of WWII. As the four years neared an end, Americans had become accustomed to the canned versions of radio-news that appeared as newsreels, in theaters. It was sheer pabulum from beginning to end. In many ways it reflected what anyone might see while watching a football game; where it wasn’t substance that counted, just the score at the end of “the game”.

After the war “Hollywood” began a whole new era of commercially successful ”films” and the ever-rising private-fortunes that went with them. By the time” Television” arrived, there seemed to be another perfect public-venue to adapt their big-screen productions into. There were glitches for awhile, while TV tried to find its way into the world of national broadcasting and production, but after awhile they finally worked out the contractual relationships and Hollywood managed to add their silver screen to the classically popular world of major motion-pictures as film.

Throughout this rise the film industry had learned to serve several levels of interest simultaneously. By the time TV commercials became a staple in every television station’s daily programming, the type was set for the take-down to begin. By the 1950’s psy-ops and subliminal advertising were firmly entrenched in TV advertising and by the 60’s the Big Screen had learned how to cater to the desires of both the producers and the audience.

The result for film was a lot of ridiculously outdated social moray’s that propped up a lot of crap that had already been left far behind by the end of the War ­ but not for Hollywood. International-Jewry owned Hollywood. Their products reflected their twisted tastes. Television followed-suit pushing the limits of the lowest common denominators, from early morning until signoff, after having slaughtered anything deeper than a thimble when it came to actual content. Amerikans sucked it all up while begging for more.

And some Americans were furious.

And then came Vietnam! Americans finally got a partial look at what real war looks like, and sometimes you could almost smell the burning flesh. That translated directly to national-politics and demonstrations nationwide. Owners of the media began to freak-out because of what the real news was doing to their advertising agenda and the fact that the public was beginning to wake the fck up… and not just about the war!

People began to challenge and to question everything, once they’d finally seen what they’d been lied to about for all those years: And then, of course, something had to be done about all that chaotic-confusion. We allowed the media to end up in the hands of The OWNERS, and from that day to this we haven’t gotten any truth from any politician about any of the dozens of wars that we’ve participated in since Vietnam.

Television war’ went back to being just another form of private-entertainment. Everyone knew that nothing on the screens was “true” after all it was only a movie or a television show—and Amerika went on her merry-mindless-way and paid no attention at all to whatever the hell might be happening anywhere besides in their very-narrow world of the red-white & blue of the forever-wonderful USA!

By the time we reached the after-action world of Bush senior’s Iraq war, new types of television and film offerings were beginning to make their way into the national consciousness. The very sophisticated refinements of psy-ops and subliminal advertising were making a renewed international debut, but Amerikans didn’t notice any of that.

For those who always seem to get caught

When it comes to just how horribly corrupt this government is

And has been for decades

you need to take a long hard look at the crap you’ve filled your idle-brains with from the time you were very small all the way through college.

Since after Vietnam there was no longer a draft, most of you chose not to bother with either national or international news, since you personally would not be going. Besides, you were having too much fun and you were all on your way to becoming very, very rich or so you obviously thought. But then came Bush Junior! And everything in everyone’s world turned to shit, unless you were one of those that actually did get hooked into a cushy place at the rarely-available “table” where no one ever worried about needing to conform to anything except the laws of greed and high-stakes-theft; regardless of whatever “business” you chose to chase.

Maybe it wouldn’t have been quite so bad if you’d tried to season your “life” with anything except more business and more ways to steal your way to the top of whatever farce you had invested yourselves in. Of course none of that would have become the lone option if you’d actually gotten involved in reality for just a couple of hours every week. But that couldn’t be tabulated in the business-plan and that brings you to where you are not today.

Here’s just some of what you’ve been missing.

Films and television were never just entertainment they both were and are programmed brainwashing, of the subtle variety for the most part, even though lately they’re becoming a lot more hard-nosed and without bothering with much reality at all.

Let’s just go back as far as the CSI phenomenon. It started with one program set in Vegas. By season two they added CSI Miami and then New York, so every week you had potentially three shots to watch different CSI programs. The nation ate it up! The technical side of criminal investigations, the gadgets and the specialty equipment while they rode around in Hummers, supposedly paid for by taxpayers? Colleges and universities began to offer courses to teach becoming a CSI. And then it stopped ­ dead in the water. Did anyone wonder why?

Might it have had anything to do with the fact that the cops weren’t finding a need for that kind of work any longer?

Today the Federal Bureau of Investigation has dropped the word “investigation”. They just became the Federal Bureau of Enforcement. Local cops no longer need all that expensive gear to figure out who did what any longer. The reason is simple; ‘enforcement’ now decides everything whether local, state or federal. They decide who did what and when, from among those they haven’t already killed: Then their targets are locked up after the sentence they decide on is pronounced but before they have arrested anyone for anything! Just as The Miranda Warnings, so prominent in early cop shows have totally disappeared today, the now infamous “To Protect & Serve” slogan on police cars has also officially vanished.

By watching what programs succeed and which ones die, you could tell a lot about what might be your own fate one day soon. When they pick you up for nothing at all; you know this right? But then you never wanted to know about any of it—did you?

The same thing happened to stuff like Murder One, and a lot of cop shows because it became harder and harder to make their programs interestingly believable. In real life the obscenities being committed by the lawyers, judges, cops and politicians was becoming an off-the charts phenomena that no one, “in entertainment”, wanted to try and excuse, so they just moved on to easier things to lie about!

That brought us to the alphabet soup agencies in spades. FBI, CIA, NIS, SIS, Secret Service. These ‘shows’ replaced stuff like the Green Berets and later the various Seal Teams coupled with specialized Death-Squad fantasies disguised to look like Special Ops. There were special police units, stories of gun runners, drugs by the container ship-full, sex trafficking, the black-market in body-parts, stories of government hit-men and literally tons of garbage about heroic military units, fake patriotism, real terrorism and misunderstood returning vets, coupled with reams of stuff like James Bond, Mission Impossible and all that other beyond the pale super-patriotism without disturbing the brains of their viewers; with any substance or meaning in anything that was ever done on any screen.

There are of course the very few films that have real merit and real scripts as well as actors—but those are the exceptional ones and they’re still few and far between.

The “reasons behind all this”?

Simple, the reason was to flesh out the lies they have to tell the public each and every hour of the day and night, with “programming” that supposedly keeps the public primed for Terrorism inside the USA, Homeland Security, National Security the Secret Service and more, to replace what was done for the FBI and for countless police forces for decades. But that’s gone now so it has to be replaced with something. Now Hollywood just takes their cues from the headlines and then they go wild with dozens of dead bodies, hijackings, nuclear terrorism, sci-fi terror in outer space, prison camps, and global nuclear apocalypse and on and on and on. All of it is done to keep people primed and ready to surrender to anything that shows up dressed for combat in WWIII. And dumber than a box of rocks Amerikans continue to watch and to BELIEVE whatever they are only semi-consciously absorbing.

Politics has also been vetted along the exact same lines. With actors playing all the parts and the public still just sits there and takes in everything without even a murmur of anger. But this is real-life and not a movie Damnit.

It’s obvious that most people can’t believe anything which has not been pre-scripted for them; let alone go against the sacred-script?

What’s happening now, happens, because people are not shown the truth or the examples from history when Empires were destroyed by ordinary people. Consequently, most Amerrikans refuse to BELIEVE that we could ever get to the place where we could contradict the Emperor or the police-state and live to talk about it…

But it has worked! All of it continues to work. The public was primed to swallow the Batman shootings and the Sandy-Hook massacre that took place, even without most of their supposed victims. Then there was the Attack on Boston and Watertown, just to let American’s know that we cannot be protected from the fascist police no matter where we live.

This whole damned thing has been scripted, from start to finish. They have attempted to program us into accepting every horrible bit of the nightmare, just as it was planned by them, for you and me…

Are you enjoying the “show”?

This is NOT a made-for-TV movie

This is your last shot at “getting a real life”!

The projections outlined above

Were real but

What they “show” us was never true!



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