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Privatized Propaganda Is Failing


By Jim Kirwan


The world is made up of very different countries and ideologies worldwide and always has been. As a result the planet has not responded well to any of the one-world-policies which have tried to force the world of today into global slavery.

The planet as a result has metaphorically been ‘underwater’ since at least 1994.

Take a look around the world from the cities of today above, all the way down through the ruins of the past, the ancient Great Wall of China, the ruins of the Aztecs and the Anastasi all the way back through medieval Europe, and on around to the Parthenon, the US capital, Hagia Sophia, the Kremlin, The black pillar from St. Peter’s in the Vatican, the Taj Mahal to the Opera House in Sydney: So many different cultures, so many civilizations and all have suffered under the illegal global-yoke of international propaganda that always contradicts these fallacious one-world policies wherein all the “Evidence” for any of their policies has been dropped, in favor of their endless lies which they call their “NARRATIVE. …

Full Fathom Five, Kirwan © 1994


Everywhere anyone looks today, wherever any of these wars have been created: “The Evidence” needed to justify whatever is being done is always Missing-in-Action”. And without clear evidence, for whatever continues to happen in any area of the world, there can never be any clear path to justify whatever is being done to any people anywhere on this earth.

Don Debar on Crosstalk from London: a Case in point beginning around 18min 35sec:

Don: “… Well first of all, I’m sure I’m not the only person on planet earth that was sitting around with a little stopwatch next to the TV; waiting to see how long it would be before CNN floated the idea that Putin downed that German plane. So, from the very beginning and there have been all kinds of facts that were made available to the general public that ran counter to the narrative about not only Russian involvement in the downing of that plane, which was strongly suggested if as subtext, but bear with that, but also their enabling of it by arming these crazies who are supposedly their brethren in the East and acting as if they are dubious or unknowing agents,

That whole narrative has been collapsing and it’s interesting because it has to be constructed really - only for Amerikans.

For example people in Bahrain know exactly what that scenario is like, They have been occupied by Saudi Arabia, at the request of a discredited government to support it against a genuine, a universal popular uprising: To protect a major Amerikan military base. Now that is a fact-pattern that if it’s permitted, would have permitted Russia: The moment there were protests on Maidan, to occupy and pacify Ukraine ­ to protect its’ naval base, (and) to solve the political crisis there on its border and to make sure that the power elite, that was friendly to it, remained in power.

That is what Russia is entitled to have done; as it would have been entitled to do: If what Saudi Arabia did in Bahrain is permitted and I haven’t seen anyone sanctioning Saudi Arabia or bringing this up at the Security Council or any of that. I mean there are clearly many “standards” but people all over the world lie in relation to the United States and its’ policies toward s others ­ in the same way that people of Bahrain do.

There are so many “victim nations” around the world and “victim peoples” around the world that the “narrative” doesn’t sell to them: It only sells to the domestic audience here…” (21min 22sec)

West vs. RT: http://rt.com/shows/crosstalk/244401-media-eu-nato-us/

K: Every pillar of the once global foundations for the existence of any society on earth, has been censored out of existence, by the one-world-outlaws that have failed at each and every turn and now this quandary must be faced and eliminated from the global-dialogue; that has been seized by a miniscule group of self-appointed barbarians who must be stopped dead in their tracks.

The continued failures, everywhere at the moment, is where the global-polices of these traitors to humanity are revealing themselves to be right now. This is being done through lies, intimidation, blackmail, and virtually every vile political and military practice that’s all designed to lead directly to global war, regardless of their failures in every design for full spectrum dominance around the planet today.

For the last hundred plus years the standards for world domination have been totally slanted toward this fake-world-order that cannot possibly survive. The proof of this is in the screaming now about the various “totally false narratives” that they’ve tried to use to replace Evidence and Survivability with sloppily slapped together “NARRATIVES” that have never made any sense at all, to any thinking person.

If the world is not going to follow the perception indicated in Full Fathom Five, then we must get past our differences and come together to outlaw these outlaws worldwide, and that must become a global priority if there is to be a tomorrow…



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