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The Price Of Treason
Is Rising

By Jim Kirwan


Elite treason

In the past week a number of disturbing rumors have come back to haunt our waking hours. Here are just a few of those still simmering supposed facts that need to be seen through a human prospective.

Martial Law to begin October 1st?

According to this brand new video from Kevin Allan, martial law in America will begin on or about the 1st of October, 2013, merely days away. The facts shared in this video are plentiful, many provided by FreePatriot.Org in this linked story. Are we only days away from our worst nightmares?” (1)

Let’s walk through it and take a hard look at what this might portend.

The first thing you need to know about Martial Law is that it has already been declared. In fact it is renewed each and every year by the president, and this has been going on, because it is required by US Incorporated, to keep the Jewnited States of Israel within legal boundaries, for the illegal corporate state that has used this to stay in power since the end of American Civil War.

This is not advertised, but then neither is the fact that the supposed Constitutional government with the Constitution has been superseded by a private corporation since 1913 when we gave away the right to print our own money to the Rothschilds and the Old-New World Order.

There are rumors of foreign troops from 15,000 to 386,000 troops that are supposedly here and ready to go to war against Americans. When I was in the military we too had war-games about every three months that were confined to specific areas. The scale of the feral war-games now has clearly broken with all past experiences, which is where the terror comes from. However 386,000 troops inside the USA could never be hidden from the public. Troops from whatever country need to have human interaction with the public, and would be noticed: Men seek women, they need to relax, eat and drink in order to remain functional ­ and that large a force could not remain as invisible as they reportedly are today.

Moreover the numbers are deceiving in themselves. If you know anything about military numbers you know that that is not a large number when compared to the extent of the territory of the United States. Yes most of our troops are overseas and are heavily involved in massively illegal-actions to enslave a number of other nations. At the same time our troops have begun to see the light and mutinies against the Nero regime are quite possibly underway—directly due to our use of Al Qaeda forces to subdue Assad, at the same time our troops are being killed by the same group we’re paying to fight for us in Syria. That has finally gotten the attention of the much abused US military—and the fact that they are being used to fight all of Israel’s wars for them. (2)

Nothing says “FUCK YOU” as clearly as testing nuclear missiles on International Disarmament Day - We are beyond insane!’

US to test nukes on disarmament day

The United States is planning to test nuclear missiles next week on the same day that heads of states and foreign ministers from around the world are to hold a high-level meeting on nuclear disarmament at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The US has scheduled two test launches for its nuclear-capable Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) on September 22 and September 26.

The first nuclear missile will be launched one day after the International Day of Peace and the second one is expected to be launched on the same day the UN’s high-level meeting on nuclear disarmament will take place in New York.

“Instead of honoring the significance of these dates and working in good faith to achieve nuclear disarmament, the United States has chosen to schedule two tests of its Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile on September 22 and September 26,” Rick Wayman of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation told the
Daily Times.” (5)

Retired South Dakota State Senator Songstad” turns out to be an ex-government representative who runs a camera shop in a small town. He has never had any background in any of what he talks about. His active role in government ended over twenty years ago. Next up in the video is the supposed training that will be completed on October first for the newly armed forces. Nero’s Amerikan armed force will supposedly surpass the number of troops that the entire US military currently has (just over 2 million troops ­ mostly overseas).

First it is important to note that having heavy weapons and uniforms does not a fighting combat-soldier make. Russia’s troops are battle-hardened and their troops are conditioned to survive the elimination of officers and NCOs’ alike; to be able to continue to fight.

Amerika’s homeland security forces are exactly the opposite. If their “leaders” are taken-out they will fall apart like baskets of leaves in an autumn Hurricane ­ because these children have no personal skills and no combat experience. Nero is trying to convince Americans that the feral government has successfully created a huge military force in just a few months to replace, in America, the over two million troops we already have. That is flat out lie. They have used the DHS purchases of weapons, bullets and equipment to convince the militarily-illiterate enslaved public that we will be wiped out against their overwhelming military odds. This is an even larger-fantasy. Their military-projections have not addressed any facet of their promised treasonous-force which would be needed to totally subdue the American public!

In fact the truth may be that what Nero has armed might rebel and turn their weapons against the criminals in this sham government that Israel now owns lock-stock & barrel. Rumors of Russian or Chinese troops training in Amerika to take-over America are pure fantasy! The public that buys into this only does so because of the left-over red-scare from the days of the USSR that was activated during the cold war.

Today’s Russian forces are trying to keep the world from being forced into a Third World War and China is with Russia ­ all of which is conveniently left out by the Warmongers-of-September in the Jewnited States of Israel.

The Roman-numerals of FEMA regions are real. The North American Union is real. The UN was given the entire US 5th Army to control the entire northwestern US, (20,000 US troops). But twenty-thousand troops even with the other supposedly 385,000 raw recruits is nothing in the grand scheme of things ­ especially given the size and diversity of this continent ­ not to mention the over 2 million guns this country has: Most of which are in the hands of people who know how to use them. All that has been missing is the will to do so and it is that which Nero is trying everything to force Americans to do - so they can openly declare the real-WAR they just can’t wait to start.

BTW the real national-guard troops are overseas as we speak. When Nero speaks thru the criminal DHS he’s not talking about the home-town National-Guard troops that Bush drafted to fight his wars: No Nero is talking about his own private fantasy that’s made up of children and the unemployed that can’t find work so they signed up to do something they know nothing about. Which is to slaughter pregnant women, children and the elderly. See the targets they issue to those “troops in training” and decide for yourself. This is exactly what we did in Iraq!

Remember also that the reason for the numbers of military suicides in the regular military is because of what they have been forced to do. Which are apparently the same kind of orders that will be given to the new fake-force which will be wiped out the first time they face committed people defending themselves and the lives of those they love when confronted by these Jewnited traitors in US uniforms.

The rumored start of biological-warfare against the entire country cannot be taken lightly. But there are so many threats being “leaked” to the public that anyone who’s serious has to know that they have layered their news releases to terrify rather than to warn. In fact, if the government knows that these bio-logical attacks are coming then why has the government NOT chosen to end the threat by killing those who plan to make these deadly-releases against the whole nation? This is more than just similar to Hurricane Andrew that killed more than twice as many Americans than did 911.

The attack by Hurricane Andrew upon America has never been investigated. It happened on Clinton’s watch and was the forerunner for Katrina. FEMA was activated in both Hurricanes and did nothing except to imprison disarm and disappear 5,700 Americans: They did not save lives or help with the relief effort in any way. This was the first shot in this war

BTW don’t just scan this link ­ read the whole god damned thing: Then judge for yourself who is working for this country

And who is trying to destroy us all! (3)

The military attacks that will supposedly be coming from the sea on the Eastern Seaboard are yet another false-flag. The US has nuclear subs that patrol our borders from the open seas. Unless they are acting in unison with these traitors, no attack could ever get past those submarines—something everyone seems to have forgotten about. As far as Austin Texas and the southern borders goes—that too is meant to scare Americans to death. But because that entire region is fraught with dangers of all kinds along with gang and drug activity at all times, there is nothing certain about any attack that will likely get through unmolested.

The West Coast is yet again another series of vague threats with almost nothing behind them either. The coordinated DRILLS nationally are a real threat given the seriousness of the areas of American life they have targeted. The potential interruption of everything from the ham radio network to the electrical grid, to the emergency broadcasting system (Sept 25 thru Oct 2) is problematic!

Another real time hell has been forecast for November.

The electrical grid of the Jewnited States is tied into the Canadian grid, and likely the Mexican grid, as well. The largest draw on the grid is the JSSA. When they shut the grid down Nov. 13th everything will spin down, especially refrigeration technologies. When all those refrigerators are at ambient temperature it takes a lot of electrical power to get them up and running again. When they try to turn it back on, the subsequent massive drawing of electricity will be so great, breaker after breaker will trip and the thing will shut down again. The only way the grid can be brought up again is a tiny piece at a time; hence to get your power back may take weeks, or even months in some places.

It makes perfect sense that once the lights go out, a whole lot of nasty business can be carried out in the dark. Darkened cities, for example, will bring the ‘Morlochs’ out. Better lock your doors if you live downtown, especially. Make sure you have lots of supplies; water, food, candles, flashlights, matches, propane camp stove, loaded weapons, etc. Within three to five days, the grocery stores will be empty; since truckers can not obtain fuel because the diesel pumps run on electricity. People go crazy very quickly and become rabid animals when their stomachs are empty and there is no water to drink. Oh, yes. Remember, all water, unless you live beside a clear spring, is delivered courtesy of electric pumps. If you want to phone the utility company, you can’t because cell phone towers and phone systems run on electricity. Morlochs come to your door, you will not be able to call 9/11.

It is imperative that this grid test be stopped. It is as serious as stopping the war against Syria, Iran, and WW3. The idea is so dangerous; it must have been fomented by a Jew. Only a Jewish mind would come up with such an absolutely insane idea; shut the electrical grid down for an, ’exercise’? Utter madness, given the ramifications.

People in Canada think they are so safe. Many of them are deluded and actually believe the government is a benevolent big brother who truly would not conspire to do the people harm. They dismiss, without much protest, the fact that the Canadian Prime Minister is actually a treasonous criminal who has twice been ruled in contempt of parliament and has prorogued parliament three times already. He promised that Canada would defend Israhell to the last drop of Canadian blood if necessary. When the lights go out in
November, the same chaos will accrue in Canada as in the Jewnited States. If you are a Gentile, it will not be Kosher to be out in the streets at night. Curfews and Martial law will be clamping down pretty hard on any unauthorized movement.”

Given all that’s going on right now between the lies we continue to spread around about what we supposedly intend to do, probably within a week to Syria, coupled with the collapse that is absolutely COMING SOON ­ all together we are facing some clear choices. We can either wait for the end of everything or we can begin to force their hands and shut down their power bases in our local areas ­ now. (4)

1) Martial Law to Begin October 1st ­ 14min 15 sec VIDEO

2) The American Military has Mutinied

3) Deadly Silences the Hurricane Andrew Coverup

4) AFTERBURNER: The World Gone Mad - Video

5) U.S. To Test Nukes on Disarmament Day





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