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This Presidential Election Must Be Interrupted

By Jim Kirwan


The 2016 Presidential Election, must be interrupted, given the information just brought so blatantly to light by the film “Clinton Cash”

A One Hour 04min VIDEO


This is the massively well reported history of the Clinton Crime Family and their criminal activities, primarily focused on the rise of Bill & Hillary Clinton and their global purchasing of black-ops and illegal policies world-wide, that spans the political life and career's of both Bill & Hillary Clinton going all the way through to the present day and time.

The film sets up how these crimes were each and all set up by influence-peddling world wide, to some of the most criminal people on the planet, just to fatten the coffers of the Clinton's. The crimes in each and every case have been so clearly illegal and criminal at every step of the way, that the only penalty for their crimes must be a Public hanging, preferably right in front of the same Congressional buildings in Washington D.C. - which their lives have been lived as a total mockery thereof.

In particular, of late, comes the coercion of U.S. taxpayers in the selling of U.S. Uranium to Russia, in and around the lands in Oregon and Nevada, that involved Uranium One, a Russian company. This portion, in the film, runs from 50min to 59 minutes, but does not mention Oregon or Nevada: For that part of the story you need to be familiar with the trial of the people who tried to stop this in Nevada and in Oregon, and who are now illegally being tried in Oregon and Nevada ­ which involves some of the main victims of this criminal- sale of Uranium by the Clinton's to the Russian company Uranium One.

It's all there for anyone that cares to know just how corrupt the Clinton's have been, most recently ­ but in reality the whole of their criminal-career's have been far more damaging to millions of people around the world and always have been; since these two carpetbaggers first arose inside this government ­ wherever they decided to prey upon the poorest countries in the world, going all the way back to their beginnings in Arkansas...

Please watch this film and pass it on to anyone you think might care about just how completely the public and the wider world have been used and abused by these two creatures ­ who should be hung, in public, for their crimes to date.

Compared to the facts unearthed herein, the crimes being discussed around the two political conventions amount to nothing but some idle gossip...If we want to fix the problems in America we must prosecute the Clinton's and finish that task with a public hanging that is the only way to end their life-long-crime spree.

And from that beginning America can finally begin to heal ourselves

by ending the lives of two of the major government criminals

that have been tearing us apart for decades...


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