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'The World Incorporated'

By Jim Kirwan


The War On Privacy

Part of our confusion now is based on how we lost our personal privacy in the first place. This war did not come in Jack Boots or at the point of military bayonets, far from it. It came instead from effeminate and half dead creatures that insisted that they knew exactly how each one of us should live our lives, as opposed to how we differed from their preferences for every part of our lives.

Those of us who made it into the new millennium, arrived here with so much baggage that we’ve been dragging around since the mid 1950’s, that we failed to even notice how much we have already surrendered to these self-appointed snitches who invented being “Politically Correct” long before the Second World War.

In today’s world every single thing we do comes with an entire book of instructions, permits, fines, fees, and sentences for any that refuse to live in this permanent prison. All of it was created by the same Bolshevik communists that ruined both Germany and Russia, going back to the First World War, with their criminally designed plans for anyone who actually thought that their private lives were their own.

It’s garbage now just as it was always garbage then!

The origins for this level of societal control originated with families and the powers they exercised over their children from the cradle to the grave. Gradually, in America, this cancer was injected into the socialized school-curriculums of the public schools and through the various teachings of religious institutions as well as the corporate-state that we have all become part of - until we reached this place where there is no longer any freedom for any people: As Freedom is now reserved only for those who enjoy life in The New World Inc.

The Road Back to Personal Freedom!

Recently the war between the Bundy Ranch vs. the BLM, BATF, FBI and the BIA ­ all of which except for the FBI are traded on the New York Stock Exchange as private-for-profit corporations.

That makes those private-corporations who are pretending to be real government agencies, into criminals that have committed major felonies, in addition to threatening the people they attacked with snipers, loaded weapons, attack dogs and tasers.

Yet nothing was done about this series of crimes committed by those who were hiding behind US badges that are and have always been bogus!

The reason the fake-forces backed down was because of those Militia members from across the nation who came to the defense of the Bundy Ranch and their extended family and their cattle. Then just a few days ago the Oklahoma Militia pledged their 50,000 man Militia to the defense of Cliven Bundy

By today the fake-federal agents decided to “stand down”.

But today the BLM Decided to take 90,000 acres of Texas Land.

Oklahoma’s Militia is only one of the 49 other state militias across the nation. It occurs to me that because of the kinds of individuals who make up these state Militias; that the public might be overlooking a national resource that goes far beyond just knowing how to use arms to defend the defenseless.

Everything that’s obviously missing from the herd that’s been trained by the overtly politically-correct, is present for the most part in most of the men and women who make up the active State Militias, in all fifty states. These are successful people, in business, the professions, some from the arts as well as the self-employed who have dealt with this criminal-enterprise for most of their adult lives. So when thinking of the State Militia’s we need to recognize that their members come from every walk of life that has been directly affected by this cancer in one way or another, that’s killing this country by design.

We could use their skills that come with each of them as people, in addition to knowing how to use their weapons. The State Militia could provide a beginning point toward ending the nightmare we’ve allowed to grow unchecked, over all the years since the murder of JFK.

The real job that we need help with is to dissolve the total corruption of the global-corporations that have already taken over the world. That task has always hinged upon the very few at the top.

The takeover has already happened in the fact that official law enforcement no longer exists. But if the State Militias’ could provide the heft needed to arrest the criminals, then everything will change virtually overnight—if only a few of these traitors could be taken away at gunpoint to face the real charges that the people could finally bring directly against creatures like Feinstein, Reid, Cheney and the other second-tier traitors that need to face trial?

If we start in the second tier and bring some of them down that would open the attack to get the top tier. The Fed, the Bankers, the President, the officers of the administration and the Courts, as well as the Congress need to go, but first we need a real opening. Then we’ll get those below the initial foray as well as holding the politicians accountable: Then we can begin to take this country back ­ while at the same time avoiding global-war?

Going a bit further: The citizens that could take back all those illegally created federal-facilities being used for what have become private-corporations such as the EPA, BLM, Department of the Interior, BATF, Forest Service etc: Their current facilities and resources could be used to administer real changes across the nation to the way this country treats its people. Who knows maybe the Idaho Militia might want to take down that huge black box that illegally contains all our records that have been stolen from us since 2001? Or the California Militia might want to open the spigots controlling California’s water. That would allow the farmers to have their water and distribution rights returned to them?

Part of the key to all of this is to have ordinary people doing a job that they don’t particularly want (full time). But using their personal independence and skills as guides, these individuals could change huge areas of the massive criminality we’ve been living in for far too long. It could be something like jury-duty, in terms of the time it would take, to take the nation back, to that place before we began to overload the Constitution with billions upon billions of pounds of human waste.

The best political officers are those who are not paid. That tends to avoid a whole lot of conflicts of interest, and especially during any house cleaning. We need those people who understand how life works, over how well corruption can be spread thru corrupted public officials.

Once the government gets sent back to their 50 square miles in D.C., then there is a chance that the survivors of this reversal might help the rest of us to recreate a place that can be lived in again, while we go about the process of eliminating the traitors, assassins, murders, rapists and thieves that are the major components in today’s United States Incorporated. Our Corporations must be de-legitimized, along with the all the corporations that have tried to steal the planet.

People do NOT need corporations. Corporations are NOT persons, despite the illegal US Supreme Court Decision that claimed to have made them into “people”. Now the same criminals want to make it legal for International Corporations to own nation-states. Instead the world needs to eliminate all corporations, everywhere on the earth today—for starters!

Think about what that would do to the global-criminal banking industry and all that totally bogus debt that they need to pay the public back for creating it. They created those bogus DEBTS out of thin air. With the global-banks destroyed, the pivotal wars which are currently being threatened will not be fought: Because without the criminal-global-banks there’s no need for any of these wars…

Think about it! The only thing this public has lacked since the beginning of this attack upon us has been our own army, navy, air force and marines. But in reality we have not had real people running this country for over a hundred years. In addition we have always needed competent and intelligent people at every level throughout the society—instead we have nothing but trash in every office and in every area of political life. Hell it’s no wonder we can’t get anywhere, we don’t have a single person out there that can either think or make intelligent decisions. The only purpose any of them ever serve is their own private enrichment and to hell with how many human lives that will cost us.

Imagine if the schools actually taught kids how to read and what the constitution actually means, as well as the basics of what real life is all about? Compound thought, the pursuit of enlarging a creative imagination and the luxury of living a self-designed life in which people could again decide what they want to be and where, as well as how they want to live? Once people begin to take responsibility for their own lives again, there really won’t be much time to try and monitor all their neighbors for habits that they personally disagree with.

And with global-spying ended and especially with everything we’ve done to every man woman and child in the world having been terminated: The world could get back to living again without having to fear being murdered by Amerikan or Israeli mercenaries or drones ­ Wow what a concept!

What do you think ­ wouldn’t you like to give that a chance, given what a total failure the last entire century has obviously turned out to be?

Why not contact you local State Militia

Sign up if you qualify or just help wherever you can

We have a lot to do

And everyone’s talents are needed, now more than ever!

Bundy Ranch and the New Rules of Engagement


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