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The Precariat Generation


By Jim Kiwan


The Robotic Revolution is invading the human Work Force

A.I. State Created Replacements for ’Us’

Today marks the launch of a six part series from Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert that examines where ‘we’ are when it comes to how we’re still not dealing with reality in the global workforces on the earth. Robotics is only one aspect of the erosion along with the oversupply of corporate slaves that are being forced to compete for fewer and fewer jobs on the planet.

Episode 791:

This Keiser report is stunning in its overview of what has not happened, versus what is still collapsing this time, when Amerikans prefer to bury themselves in trash-talk politics between traitors on all sides, because if we chose to look directly at where we are: Then we’d simply hang the lot of them.

This video is not a one-shot wonder. This, by contrast to the usual fare of traditional-interviews, is an in-depth report from a writer and researcher who has put his findings into several books; but as you will see he’s more than capable of making his work clear to the ordinary people who need to know this stuff.

If we, as people, don’t soon begin to grasp what the hell is really going on within the global society, wherever real work or the lack of it is concerned: Then we shall soon begin to start down the road that will begin to break down the differences between robots and what’s left of the population as it is today. Consequently the changes being forced upon our societies around the world more than matter ­ because they are the keys to survivability worldwide:

Of course all this presupposes that the people of the earth can still find ways to circumvent the projected cataclysms scheduled to be launched in the next two months: From Jade Helm 15, to the $10.5 Quadrillion in Debt, that’s all just sitting on the edge of oblivion, along with global wars in dozens of countries, to see which of these criminal global events might just throw us all into the bottomless pit of unsurvivable fallout from WWIII.

In the meanwhile we need to do something more than just take selfies about the coming faceless and humorless work-force that’s seeking to create a real-time “Borg population” where there used to be a multifaceted society built upon millions of different ideas, peoples and states that were involved in worthwhile creations around the planet ­ but that was long before the “war-machine’ became the only thing that globally matters, in what’s left of the planet now.

If by some series of miracles the world, does manage to survive then a complete overhaul of the entire society and all its social and financial practices will need to directly be addressed - just as some of them are in the 27min 56 sec video from Max Keiser as seen above from RT today.

Enjoy the weekend fellow Precariat’s ­ why not spend an hour discussing the conversation on the Keiser Report with some friends? It’s not really new, but the solutions to everything will have to come from all of us ­ and those solutions will have to be way ahead of the twentieth-century canards that we’re still playing at worldwide…




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