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Priebus Reversals On
Conspiracy To Steal Nomination

By David John Oates


Today the RNC gave Ted Cruz the state of Colorado's 34 delegates without a single vote being cast by the people! This is simply unbelievable! The greatest Democracy is the world has become the greatest corrupt nation in the world. Reince Priebus' reversals played last Friday on the Rense Program have shown themselves to be dramatically true! The first one, We menace today, shows the RNC is playing dirty games - Wisconsin first and now Colorado. The reversal, bring the deal, shows the whole thing is rigged and decided before hand. Then he says in reverse "have your list, make it pay" - we saw that with the list of delegates in Colorado STOLEN from the people, and he has reversals about financial deals being made everywhere! "But they will buy you."  America was stolen from the people when JFK was assassinated. The assassins are still in power and they think they are invincible! They don't want Trump because he will expose them and destroy the nice little system they have made for themselves. As an Australian citizen and resident looking in I am appalled! If this were to happen in Australia there would be riots in the streets! As Trump says in reverse Wake up America!

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