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'Commie Red' Pope Francis Joins CDC and the
WHO in Pushing Deadly COVID Vaccinations...

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Pope Francis is again pushing far-left and elite causes.  He now wants all countries to ensure everyone takes the COVID vaccination.

Pope Francis made a Christmas Day admonition for world leaders to " promote cooperation and not competition " in the race to stop the so-called pandemic, imploring that the most vulnerable be first to get vaccines.

" We can't let closed nationalisms impede us from living as the true human family that we are ," Francis said Friday in a speech from the Vatican just hours after he celebrated Christmas Eve Mass that was sparsely attended because of COVID restrictions across Europe.

The goal, he said, is " vaccines for everybody, especially for the most vulnerable and needy ."

The Pope joins the World Health Organization which is pushing the vaccination on the world as well:

Pope Francis said political and business leaders must not allow market forces and patent laws to take priority over making Covid 19 vaccines available to all,  condemning nationalism  and " the  virus of radical individualism ".

The pandemic and its social and economic effects  dominated the message , in which Francis  called for global unity  and help for nations suffering from conflicts and humanitarian crises.

"At this moment in history, marked by the  ecological crisis  [?] and grave economic and social imbalances only worsened by the coronavirus pandemic, it is all the more important for us to acknowledge one another as brothers and sisters ," he said.

Stressing that health is an international issue, he appeared to criticise so-called ' vaccine nationalism ', which U.N. officials fear will worsen the pandemic if poor nations receive the vaccine last.

"I beg everyone, heads of state, companies and international organisations to promote cooperation and not competition, to  find a solution for everyone—  vaccines for all  — especially for the most vulnerable and needy in all areas of the planet ," he said.

" The most vulnerable and needy must be first ," he said, in the Vatican's Hall of the Benedictions, with only about 50 Vatican staff wearing masks sitting along the long walls.

" We can't put ourselves before others, putting market forces and patent laws before the laws of love and the health of humanity ," he said. " We cannot let closed nationalisms block us from living like the true human family that we are."

The CDC is also pushing this effort:   Beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing.