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Politicians First


By Jim Kirwan


When Dealing with the Undocumented

A great deal has been talked about regarding 'Sheltering the Undocumented' to the point that in some countries residents are being evicted to make room for the undocumented. As a result: Some Europeans are about to become victims of their own insanity because they have refused, in many cases, to consider the facts in their own country about “their own ability” to house, clothe, or feed hundreds of thousands of 'people' ­ that in most cases don't speak the language or share the views or the religious practices of the host country.

In the aftermath of the false-flag-bloodbath in Paris: America's Homosexual-Muslim president now wants Americans to begin accepting 'refugees' and the undocumented into the U.S,. And apparently the ultra-left leaning America-hating politically-correct absolutists are beginning to demand that this new 'responsibility' should become mandatory in America ASAP.

A suggestion:

If anything along these lines is proposed in the U.S., then the first people to house the undocumented immigrants, must be every politician and government worker, beginning in the towns, the cities and the states—then moving on to include all government workers, before any civilians here are forced to house anyone against their will.

If 'accepting total strangers', is such a great idea, then this government at all levels, MUST begin with themselves first: And just as has been the case in Europe, once anyone in government has been assigned to take some of these 'undocumented' people: Then the people chosen to do this cannot refuse to take-them in.

No Excuses, No Exceptions, Resistance will be met with The Rico Act that will take everything from anyone that refuses to comply.

Isn't it time that American-politicians began

to “Lead by Example”?

In San Francisco, both Pelosi & Feinstein live within two miles of my apartment, and their sumptuous homes could easily house say 50 refugees, each? As these two American office-holders are prominent members of the 535-club; the public should ask 60 minutes to film the moving-in of these undocumented creatures, into the homes of some of America's most prominent political thieves.

And of course every political candidate running for any public office, in America, must take in all the refugee's that will fit into their homes as well, as a sign of good-faith in “doing their part” to end the White Race entirely, ASAP of course!

Of course the Secret Service contingent will have to be increased, for both these mufti-millionaires, who have spent their lives sucking up the public's money at the very-special-troughs that keep the Empire running: But remember, this is an opportunity “to set an example” for the entire political class across America!

What do you think about this, as a way to control America's contribution to the problem of the undesirable millions who are fleeing the over seventy wars which the 535 club has silently approved of: By refusing to vote to stop any of the chaos or the destruction that was critical to creating all the death, starvation and homelessness in the first place?

From this day forward no American should accept any foreign person into this country or their homes, until every single political person has publicly ACCEPTED THEIR FAIR SHARE, of the homeless, the hungry and the politically contaminated...

Oh and regardless of the religious beliefs of the host families here: If the refugee's are of a different 'faith' then the host family must change their habits to fully accommodate the religious views and dietary requirements of the new arrivals. This will include Sharia Law along with the treatment of American women, according to the retarded religious views of their sixth century practices—no exceptions!

Women in America should begin to get used to this image, because

it's all legal under Sharia Law.

Just ask any woman in Sweden or Finland...



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