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Political Correctness - A Fatal Flaw
A Turn For The Worse...

From Patricia Doyle

Political correctness has taken a fatal turn for the worse and has actually stepped down to national suicide.  What started years ago with the call to take down Confederate flags that hung in some town halls and State houses has now blossomed into full-blown cultural insanity.  

The war on whites has now been expanded even further into sheer malevolent lunacy with the takedown and call for destruction of historic statues of not just Confederate Generals but of our Founding Fathers.   The Soros-funded communist left and racist BLM crowd are also calling to change the name of Columbus Day to 'Indigenous Day'.  Mark my words, next they will be demanding to rewrite the American Constitution…often acknowledged as the greatest document on nationhood ever written.

The next step is to rewrite history itself which is exactly how the zionist communist bolsheviks took over Russia.  Page after page, year after year of our history will be ripped away and in its place we will hear all about the great African and Muslim histories.  We will be told how it really was a 'black man' who invented electricity and the telephone, and then move over Al Gore, it was a 'black man' who invented the internet.  How far are we going to allow this overthrow of our entire culture to continue?

First of all, the Presidents and land owners who had slaves did absolutely nothing wrong.  No, I am not racist - and so what if you believe I am - I am not going to condemn someone for doing what was legal and a financial necessity of a different age.  The creation and industry of human slavery is historically-proven and known to have been a largely jewish enterprise.  The ownership records of the slave ships are all there in black and white. Slavery was a jewish business.    that all plantation owners had to work with.  Washington, Jefferson and countless others had to use owned-labor to sustain their businesses and ultimately the viability of the economy.

Slavery at the time of George Washington was as legal and common as owning automobiles today.  If people are to be judged it must be done according to the times in which they lived.  Judging people who lived in the 1700 or 1800s by today's standards and laws is mental quackery.   Furthermore, to ignore the enormous slave trade in many parts of today's world is even more ludicrous.

Charlottesville was ultimately orchestrated by the globalists elite to discouraged white people from holding protests and demonstrations in the future.   The communists here in the media and in politics are tripping all over themselves in their rush to label various white organizations as 'homegrown terrorists' and, like it or not, that will make it harder white people to organize and get permits for future rallies.  Towns now will be afraid to grant white people the right of Constitutional Assembly and will use the excuse of possible riots and violence to refuse them their right of free assembly.

I believe the elitists put the left up to the sham riots and violence.  I would not be surprised if those pretending to be KKK or white supremacists were in fact, left wing Obama followers.  I believe they may have even been paid to break up the white demonstration.

It is so obvious that the powers that be want to show white people as racists and violent anacharists which is not true.  The whites see what is happening in South Africa, Europe and North America. How can a white family not read the news and hear of the many gang rapes of white children and toddlers and the Africans who call for more gang rapes of non Muslim whites.

My question is this... we hear of blacks, even professors, calling for the killing of ALL white people...and yet those blacks are never said to be racist.  Why do we never hear of Black Supremacy, or Black Racism?

White people, no matter who they are, are considered by blacks to be racist.  It's an instant reflex…a malignant mindset…a device they use to put whites on the defensive.  No, blacks are never called 'racist' even though they may be the most racist group of all.   They are protected by the media.  Blacks can all for the burning of whites in their homes, the killing of all whites and, we heard BLM (who should be labeled a home grown terrorist group) call for the murder of all white policemen.  Yet, BLM not a 'racist' group or 'terrorist' group. How come?  TRY toimagine if whites said those things...


Look to South Africa.  Next year alll lands owned by whites will be taken away from whites and no compensation will be given.  Why are South African blacks not considered racists? They want to genocide all whites.  If that is not black supremacy and racism, it doesn't exist.   Killing off a group of people because of the color of their skin is absolute racism and racial supremacy.

Black South Africans will be mass starving within two years if the white farm lands taken.  They will either use the whites in canibal rituals or save a few to blackmail the West for money.  So, they will eat whites or use them to barter for bling, oops, I mean food.  I say, let the blacks in South Africa starve…it would be their own fault.  Let them learn how to fish, to grow food, to work and then they must control the population. Let them follow China's one child only policy. The blacks complain there is overpopulation and not enough food. Then they beg the whites for food and money.  They must control the population and learn how to grow food. Instead they will blame the whites.  

I think the two races, white and black, will never be able to live in one country peacefully. It just isn't happening.  I had hoped that the older blacks who are good, honest, decent Christians would get together with the whites who want to live in peace.  It would also be helpful if black and whites could demonstrate together against any form of racism. It was also my hope that black Christians would join us in calling for equality. Unfortunately, the globalists are not going to allow us the chance to join together.  It is sad.

We are reaching the point where white people are MUST stand up for their rights and we can't allow a muslim take over of America. WE are going to see to it that our children learn about our history, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Erasing pages and years of history and lying to our children to bolster up black people's contribution to America is wrong. It is wrong to take down statues, flags and wrong to label black names on inventions of whites. They can easily say it was not Henry Ford who invented the car and mass production.  The blacks will begin claiming Elmer Jefferson (made up name) did it all.  There will be no stopping it, they will claim it was not Edison...but rather Jefferson Jones (made up name) who invented the phonograph, etc, etc.

It is ludicrous to rewrite history but the Communists did it and no one challenged them. The first thing the Islamists do when they take over a country is rob people of their identity.  They rewrite history, they tear down statues, they destroy humanity.  Read about the muslim invasions of the past and you will see their m.o. loud and clear.   Remember how the Taliban blew up the Hindu statue in Afghanistan.  They would not even allow India to purchase it to save it.  They simply wanted to destroy it. Destroy is what Islam does to a country and its identity.  There is no advantage to turning over America and the West to Islamists and Third World morons.

They are not a boost to the economy, theirs of anyone else's.   Madam Merkel the vile globalist communist tried to con her people into accepting Africans and Muslims. How do they boost an economy?  They are inarguably…this is a statement of reality...the most unproductive people in the world.

They are not going to build skyscrapers or bridges.  They are not going to cure cancer or invent anything. Instead they are going to gang rape children and toddlers.  They are going to import diseases.  They will kill and commit crimes endlessly.  

At this time, since March 2017, there is a major outbreak of Hepatitis A spreading in San Diego.  According to the CDC, they 'do not know' how this virulent strain is spreading. They dare not mention the HAV virus outbreak in Mexico and Africa.  The CDC is afraid that people may figure out HAV is coming into the US via illegals…Latino farm workers to be exact.  Many cases are asymptomatic…so they can infected and shed the virus as they pick our crops and fruit...but they won't have symptoms. They can easily contaminate crops and produce they pick.

The CDC plane just made aother trip to Europe, this one N71PG is headed to London. Care to guess on who is being brought to the US and with a highly infectious disease?  We are fed up with the influx of refugees, especially infected refugees coming to the US. By 2025 this will be a majority black and brown country and its main religion will be Islam.

It is time to reevaluate our participation in the UN immigration policy.  There are several ways refugees come here not just through the UN refugee agency but also through a diversity refugee plan and also a rising sea level refugee displacementplan, etc etc.

We are not getting the true numbers when it comes to refugees.  The media virtually  NEVER mentions the UN refugees.  What happens when you add up the numbers of blacks and Muslims from all of the various refugee entry points into the US?   What happens is we have a majority population of blacks and Muslims and a dying white population who pays all the bills.

Affirmative Action has given us no quality productive labor force.  It simply boosts up the ladder of life because they are black.  IF I were black, I would be offended by Affirmative Action.  It only serves to tell blacks they are inferior and cannot get employment or succeed in our society unless they are GIVEN jobs and positions on the basis of skin color.  Yes, that would bother me if I were black

The first thing we must do is force the government to hear us - we want NO MORE REFUGEES.  Stop giving ANY welfare and benefits to ALL refugees.  Let them know that they are expected to find a job and home within 6 months.  Most have been here far longer.  So, ALL welfare and food stamps, medical coverage, social security payments, cars and free housing ends.  They provide for themselves and families or go back to where then came from. I think many will opt to leave.  Of course, those countless thousands here for ISIS and jihad will stay and it will be up to us to deport them.

Any migrant or refugee who has infectious diseases like HIV, Aids, Hep C, or TB, Malaria, Hepatitis A, B must leave.  All migrants, asylum seekers and refugees must be tested for all forms of infectious diseases and mental illness.

I am sick of black supremacy and black racism against whites.  It is time to make some noise and do not allow the left to disrupt demonstrations and hide behind the alt-left communist MSM.  Also, we will not take 'no' for an answer.  BLM has plenty of trouble at their demonstrations yet they always get permits.

I, for one, am angry to see our history being soiled, defamed and erased...and replaced with black history.  Most blacks in Africa do not even have toilets. I do not want to live like that.

Time to tell people if they are ashamed of history then they can move from America to another country they feel suits them. Let unhappy American blacks go to Africa to live with their fellow blacks...since that is who they seem to want to replace white America with.  South Africa will take them. Although, after the SA blacks kill off the white farmers and take their lands, they may only want to take in whites to put in their stew pots. Let's see what American blacks think of the Third World when living in it.  Love America or leave it.  Do not change it and do not judge ancestors who lived 100 or 200 years ago with 21st century laws.  

White Lives Do Matter