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Playing With Fire

By Jim Kirwan

The world is ‘Playing with Fire’. Once the flames are ignited there is no guarantee that the flames will go where they were intended to go.

What is certain is that “Every Occupation deserves an effective and continuing Resistance.

Just ten days ago the US began its illegal bombing runs inside Syria. At the time Obamanation declared that these ‘surgical’ strikes would take pains to avoid civilian casualties. By yesterday, continuing to make this up as he goes along: Obama decided that he would no longer try to avoid “collateral damage.”

What was supposedly begun as a very careful threading of lines and targets, in just ten days, has already reverted back to what we do best; the carpet bombing of Syria. This is the exact same plan as was carried out in Libya. Mountains of lies were cited, NATO & UN were brought in, along with the great and gruesome co-conspirators to wipe Libya off the map. USI has confirmed that Syria will follow directly in Libya’s footsteps: Which is exactly what Israel designed these wars to be.

Our Track Record in Brief:

America is a hunter-killer nation and has been since

Colonists landed on these shores.

By 2014 we have become the world’s worst enemy of all time.

By the end of WWII we had already mastered fire-bombing in Dresden and 53 cities in Japan to the point of committing massive war-crimes which we were not charged with because we “won” that war.

By the time we got to Vietnam we played with chemicals and Agent Orange, carpet bombing along with indiscriminate mass shelling of “the enemy”. Then came Cambodia and Laos where we dropped so much ordinance from the air that we surpassed everything that was dropped in all of WWII, to put that figure into perspective.

On September 11, 1973, two years before we lost in Vietnam, Henry Kissinger & company along with the CIA designed and carried out the overthrow of Chile. It was meant to be a stealth operation, but it was horrifically brutal and Kissinger bragged about it. Neither he nor the CIA was never charged with any crime; despite the fact that we had attacked a nation that had done nothing at all to the United States.

In Panama we surrounded a seven block area of apartment buildings, sealed off any possible escape, then burned the buildings and occupants to death. No mention of this in the heroic reporting on the capture of Noriega: This was a “Poppy-Special” carried out by the 41st president of the United States. GWH Bush was also the dictator who ordered the wholesale slaughter of the surrendering Iraqi Republican Guard along “The Highway of Death” that stretched from Kuwait to Baghdad. The convoy was filled with thousands of wounded, damaged and surrendering troops that were murdered by the US Air Force.

By the time we got to Afghanistan we were already well versed in massive overkill in order to have the desired effects. Then we did a variation on everything we learned and put it all into Shekinah or “Shock & Awe” as Bush liked to call his completion of Poppy’s 1991 war, with the opening round in Junior’s 2003 “War on Iraq”.

The rest most people probably remember enough to track, if more proof is needed.

The point is that no one anywhere on the earth can ever believe anything this country says, about anything, but especially about anything to do with pre-emptive strikes or controlling ‘insurgents’ (patriots of any country we decide to erase).

The United States answers to no nation, no national or international law or conventions. We have become a law unto ourselves: In which we have joined with Israel that other global outlaw state in spitting in the face of the entire planet—whenever we choose to do whatever we think is necessary

This time the world has had a few more months to think about what USRAEL has been trying to accomplish for the last three years. In a typical fit of pique both Obama and Netanyahu decided to

Just do it and to hell with the world court or the UN!”

And that’s where we are today.

Except that this time round there are a number of other nations who are determined not to let Syria become another Libya. These particular nations are not defenseless. Some of them are armed and dangerous and determined to stop the global-bandits who are dead-set on finishing their hijacking of the planet.

Until now Israel & USI have been playing with impoverished or unarmed states that had neither the weapons nor the armies to resist us: That’s what makes this time truly different!

Not only is the preferred Axis of Evil’s approach to use what they’re calling Asymmetrical Warfare to conquer by deception that which they cannot directly gain by subterfuge or sabotage (both of which just failed in Syria). But now USI & Israel are attempting to cast Syria, Palestine and Eastern Ukraine into the role of “terrorists” because the people of those nations are resisting all efforts to erase these “sub-humans” from the world.

The problem that’s driving all of this now comes directly from that 250 year old corporate banking system and the troglodytes that both own and run the true Axis of Evil throughout the world.

It’s urgent because their private fiefdom of global capital is imploding and without a war they could well go under in that same “oblivion they originally planned to use on us. The urgency of their need is why our paper-tiger only waited ten days before deciding to lay bare the blood-stained claws to try to kill the world again.

Their battle plan includes financial, military, social and storm-trooper security worldwide. This time, supposedly, they will not take “no” for an answer. What they have failed to grasp is that the world, this time, might not lie down and roll over as their puppets always do.

Slaves have never been very useful tools. There’s far too much hatred and too little sustenance to keep them around for very long. This is where the idea of “An Effective and continuing Resistance” comes into play. The film below is based on a true story and was nominated for the Best Picture of the Year…

Nero’s New Millennium

12 Years a Slave ­ 2min 29sec VIDEO

The coming week should bring us something new by way of the always unchallenged military-force which this world has grown so accustomed to…



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