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The Plantation State

By jim Kirwan

The lying Stasi State sees the world as a prison-plantation.

In their view all other places in the world are just plantation states that already belong to the global bankers and USI.

The globe is a jigsaw puzzle cast above in black & white which is how the outlaws, the bankers and the mercenaries, have always seen the entire planet. Now all of this is finally being challenged.

What’s coming to light now are more of the true reasons behind the recent military incursions into Eastern Ukraine. The control over energy resources is part of what motivated the push into Ukraine in the first place, along with their surrender to the IMF.

In Ukraine there are at least four nuclear plants that are under siege by Westinghouse and their flawed nuclear fuels and plants. At issue is the continued use of more flawed nuclear power in a time when solar power, natural gas, water fusion, electromagnetic energy and other major breakthroughs are being suppressed. These innovations have been ignored, in favor of dangerously archaic nuclear plants that have been proven to be flawed and sub-standard throughout the industry—across the world.

In the RT video @12:25 the story explains ‘why Kiev has chosen to opt for jeopardizing safety for politics’. This includes the story on Westinghouse and its plan to create enforced embargoes and it concludes @ 15min 17sec.

The link is below the next paragraph. The RT site is called ‘Bulletin Board’ and is Russia’s answer to CNN. There is no question that CNN is not even in the same class when it comes to covering any news story in the world today.

Living Behind the CNN Curtain

In Energy news the oil and gas deal between China and Russia is about to be finalized. Both China and Russia are moving up in the global world of trade and profits, while the US and the EU are headed straight for total collapse. This deal has been in the works for ten years and will be worth around $400 billion US dollars. This story begins @1min 20sec and concludes @ 3min 46sec in the video.

Volkswagen has engineered and produced a vehicle that gets 230 miles to the gallon. How soon will China and Russia, not to mention the US automotive market; begin to take advantage of this potentially fantastic breakthrough?

High-technologies, going forward, will soon be forced to combine with contaminate-free resources to create cleaner more efficient travel and energy use around the planet. So why does Ukraine insist upon continuing with crude and dirty nuclear plants that will only threaten the lives and futures of the people inside, not just Ukraine, but everyone on the East-Asian continent as well? M.O.N.E.Y. is of course the real reason, but that short-sightedness by the Neo-NAZI’s is what will be killing people by the hundreds of thousands, wherever it’s used. That’s on top of the numbers of people that are expected to be slaughtered in the two breakaway independent cities that are still under siege.

The planet has to awaken to the realities in the world today, visa vi; the clear patterns that show everyone that nation-states are dead: Having been replaced by subject states that for all practical purposes are being treated as parts of the Lying States of America. All of this being just the assembly of vassal states that have no rights and no future at all—so long as they remain chained to the IMF, WB and the Bank of International Settlements—all of which are owned outright by USSA.

The world cannot continue to exist if people fail to dump the current criminal attacks upon the world being put forward by the Zionists, the USI and the illegally created global-bankers. The people of the world must stop these mercenary forces in their tracks and revert back to nation state status if there is to be any chance for people anywhere to survive…

The EU needs to be dissolved. USI must lose their corporate status. And inside America the major political parties must be disenfranchised because they have sold themselves out to America’s real enemies, (Rothschilds, the Vatican, City of London and the City of Columbia >D.C.<) both inside the USA and worldwide. Needless to say the FED must be ended by Americans, before they can do any more damage when the soon to arrive collapse begins.


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