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The Planned AIDS Rape & Genocide Of The West

By Dr. Patricia Doyle, PhD

Hello Jeff  It seems crystal clear to me that the reason so many Africans are being brought across the Mediterranean in those beyond-crowded rafts to rape and spread STDs - and especially AIDS - among European women, girls and little boys is to perpetrate White Genocide.  I believe the zionist globalists have the intention of wiping out an entire generation of young whites.   I also believe the judges and courts who let these savages go to rape again, have never once, that I have heard, forced a rapist to undergo medical screening for the sake of the victims.   The judges ACT like they want to spread AIDS among European peoples.  There is no other logical way to view their behavior.

I have mentioned the AIDS crisis in Europe before and how it is exploding in the white European community.  This is a DIRECT result of the above policies.  It is the inhuman, sub-human gang rapes that are doing the most damage.  All of these convicted rapists should be executed as being completely, irredeemably defective.  Every woman who is raped dies a spiritual death and many of them are getting a physical death sentence as well.  Murder is murder.

1  The invasion of AIDS-infected and TB-infected (among dozens of other diseases) is 100% planned
2   The Fourth World cretins were given the mission of spreading death and disease, whether they realize it or not.
3.  This is why the UN and refugee organizations don't require 'refugees' to be screened for AIDS.  My guess is the doctors in the African countries who certify the savages as 'healthy' are knowingly sending AIDS and TB-infected rapists to Europe and America.
4.  The CDC is also complicit in this plot as they knowingly have been bringing Ebola, Marburg and other disease-infected savages to the US in their CDC BSL Ebola planes.  

THAT is the plot.   An invasion of BioWar human weapons of the most evil kind imaginable.  

I have sent various articles to back up my theory as proof.

Europe is on alert now and is experiencing an AIDS crisis.  It is absolutely due to the rapes and gang rapes of white Europeans by African and Muslim savages.   

They want to be sure whites in the West suffer a massive genocide and agonizing die-off.  I hope to God I am wrong but the information I am finding backs up my theory.  Case numbers are not lying and the fact that gang rapists who are black African and or Arab Muslim are being let go to rape again tells the story.   

Meanwhile, the CDC planes keep flying in those with this tweaked version of Marburg and Plague which I suspect may have been changed to be airborne.   Africans run from Madagascar and are bringing airborne Plague with them to the African mainland and then to the Western First World.  Remember also, African men actually commonly believe that raping a little baby will cure them of AIDS.   That is the kind of brain power - average IQs of 60, we are seeing.  This ensures we will lose an entire generation of white Christians.  

 I believe I am 100% correct.  The numerous gang rapes, the influx of blacks and Muslims - most of whom are probably infected with AIDS - and the judges who, against ALL reason and logic and our long Western, First World justice standards, let these savages go to rape again, bear out my theory of planned spread of AIDS and other deadly diseases to the West.   The goal can ONLY logically and rationally be deduced as being done with the utmost intent to perpetrate Western genocide.  

We should have known something so evil was up when Obama dropped mandatory HIV-AIDS health screening as a requirement for immigrant refugees over 6 years ago.  That's right, official US policy is not to screen the savages and other immigrants for AIDS.  Do you see the obvious conclusion to draw?

This is further proof this entire open door to Syrian 'refugees' is a TOTAL sham to kill off whites in Europe, America, Canada and Australia.  It seems utterly undeniable to me.

How else could you possible explain the AIDS curtain now descending across Europe?   I further submit that some of these sub-humans may very well be being intentionally-infected with AIDS and other deadly STD pathogens in the camps they are being held in in North Africa before making the jump to Europe.  There are said to be 35-40 MILLION blacks queued up, waiting in staging areas to be sent into Europe to kill what's left of it.   The only way Europe and the West can protect against this planned AIDS rape genocide is with the use of deadly force.  

It is also a common occurrence in rapes by these bastards that the victim ends up severely bitten.  The saliva of an AIDS-infected rapist is often a death sentence for the person bitten.

We also have over 700,00 cases of sexually transmitted 'mycoplasma genitalium' spreading in Australia.  Guess who is doing the spreading.  The muslim rapists in Australia, of course.  The purpose of these savages and so many rapes is to infect the innocent infidels and kill them.

By the way, the cases of airborne Plague are well over 2,000 now and no end is in sight.   

Regarding deadly Marburg Fever, for the first time in its history, Egypt closed its borders and all air, sea and land ports to anyone from South Sudan as well as any other Marburg-infected countries.   Do you think the Egyptians know there is something extra bad about this strain of Marburg?  Of course, they do, and notice that not one other country is calling Egypt 'racist.'  The Egyptians are protecting their own people.  Too bad the West refuses to do the same.  The West, especially the US, is actually flying these sick and often dying savages right into the heart of America on the CDC's BSL 3 and 4 jets.

 I further suspect this Marburg strain may be more recombinant virus with Ebola.  There is not much written on the strain yet.  We have had plenty of time to identify the virus (which they did but kept quiet) and plenty of time to understand the composition of the virus.  Is this Marburg-LIKE or is it a recombinant with Ebola?  Why are we flying in plane loads of infected savages here?

We are running out of time.  Europe's death will be ours unless we stop the world Zionist plot to exterminate enough of us to allow its 'Greater Israel' world domination plan to be even bigger than common knowledge indicates.