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Are The PizzaGate Pimps For
The Global Elite Up To Snuff?

By Yoichi Shimatsu
A Rense Exlclusive

In Part 2 of an ongoing series on Pizzagate, this investigation into the shadowy underworld of the political elite is making headway, despite the threat from a pedophile-infested Congress. The proposed hearings on alleged “fake news” is a blatant attempt to intimidate citizen sleuths and bloggers from digging out more toys for boys from their closet. Undeterred by menacing noises from politicians and intelligence agencies, online researchers are grimly digging ever-deeper into organized pedophilia. Knowing full well that it’s a shortened lame duck session, the politicians are just bluffing.
Before firing up the brick oven, anyone unfamiliar with the ingredients for an artisanal pizza can learn the lexicon from the researchers at 4chan and VOAT, who’ve cross-checked all references for accuracy. Here’s the Pizzagate Code:
- hotdog = boy
- pizza = girl
- cheese = little girl
- pasta = little boy
- map = semen
- dominoes = domination
- pillows = drugs
- chicken = a well-worn gay term meaning a youth, often a sex worker on the street
- to that vetted list, one could add sauce, apparently the code word for group sex.
Now to outline this follow-up on issues raised in Part 1:
- First, we probe recent revelations about Saudi ownership of the Chevy Chase tract under Comet Ping Pong pizza and its implications that the Podestas and Alefantes-Brock have been running a chain of safe houses used as child-sex brothels for foreign dignitaries. An official cover-up of Pizzagate supported by NATO member-nations’ intelligence services indicates that a sex-for-secrets operation was being run under a clandestine American-Israeli spying and blackmail operation.
- Next we revisit Rehoboth Beach, aka the Summer Capital for the Washington elite. The Delaware resort was a favorite hangout of that whack job David Brock, LGBT uberlord Barney Frank and gay-marriage propagandist Peter Rosenstein. In that same time-frame, Sussex County was also the spider nest of pediatrician Earl Bradley, who was convicted in 2010 of more than 100 counts of child molestation and rape of girls as young as 3 months old. The prosecutor in that case was Delaware attorney general Beau Biden, son of the Vice President, who suffered a medically improbable brain-tumor relapse in that same year. The synchronicity raises the troubling question: Was the younger Biden, a potential contender for the presidency, targeted for assassination by the pedophile mafia? If Brock feels paranoid, it’s for good reason since there may well be justifiable grounds for payback.
- Then, after his binge of pizza and pasta, Tony Podesta was served just desserts by his lovely wife Heather Podesta nee Miller who divorced him in 2014 and took the Kalorama 8-bedroom heated-pool mansion. No point crying over spilt map, paesano, since there’s still the arts center down in the tunnel of the old Red Line under Connecticut Avenue NW, right near Comet Pizza.You know the place. Don’t worry, Antonio, the pajama parties will be back when Barry Soetaro moves into his new mansion, and his will be bigger than yours, just a couple of blocks away in Kalorama right near James Alefantes’s (J’aime les enfantes) digs.
- The last section ties up loose ends, including the question of whether Alefantes is an actual surname as opposed to ”J’aime les enfants” (I love children, in French); and  a peek into the strange family background of spirit-cooking artist Marina Abramovic.
DOJ cover for Saudi assets
The most perceptive insights on VOAT are focused on Arab-Saudi ownership of the entire city block underneath Comet Pizza and a nearby pizzeria called Besta (not Basta, the Italian word for enough or too much), operated by Abdul Hamade (Abdel Rahmann Hammad), who is also owner of the Boli pizza chain) and Samir Sbitan. Besta, as in bestiality, has for its logo the “Boy Lovers” symbol, a triangular spiral. Are there any sheep out back?
The entire lot under Besta and Comet is owned, on paper at least, by attorney Andrew J. Kline, a graduate of the Kennedy School at Harvard. To disguise his government work at the Department of Justice, Kline hides behind a front business, the “Veritas” law office located on Dupont Circle and with a field office in Chevy Chase, near Comet Pizza. Further pursuit by online researchers showed the same curly-haired lawyer Kline to be a Bill Clinton appointee in the Department of Justice (DOJ) Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit, when Janet Reno was Attorney General.
The junior partner at Veritas is Stephen J. Whelan, who worked previously at Metro (the D.C. Transport Agency), an interesting coincidence with the controversy over the old Red Line Tunnel under Connecticut Avenue, mentioned in a John Podesta email.
Kline’s employment with Justice causes some befuddlement among Pizzagate hunters, as it raises the question of whether Comet Pizza is an FBI honey trap to nab international child-smugglers. My educated guess is no, based on my work in an undercover journalistic probe into the secret activities of the human-trafficking bureau at Justice and the State Department.
Despite its pretense of stopping people smugglers, the human trafficking program does the exact opposite, organizing and facilitating the transport of, say, North Koreans and Chinese Uyghurs into Thailand and onto the US territory of Saipan. U.S. consular officers provide money and fake passports to “snakeheads” from China and, more recently, Turkish traffickers who transported Mideast and African migrants by boat to Greece and onto Germany since the summer of 2015. The human trafficking officers aid and abet the flow of illegals, and often prevent immigration and Border Patrol from detaining their live cargo.
Certainly, the Podesta brothers would not be assigned to a honey trap, as that would compromise their intelligence roles. The large property in Chevy Chase has to be part of a political bribery deal between the Arabs and the Clintons, now being protected by the Obama administration.

IOUs from the UAE

It is a common practice for foreign-owned properties to be administered by a proxy registered “owner”, like Kline, on behalf of a foreign company like Dhs.CON.N.E.B. Let’s examine this curious company name, with a little help from my past experience in the Gulf States. First, Dhs in this case does not refer to Department of Homeland Security. It stands for Dirhams, the currency of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). CON is short for Construction and N.E.B. stands for National Engineering Bureau LLC (limited liability company).
This Dubai-owned property group, likely to be financed by the Saudis, has owned the lot for longer than a decade. The primary motive for the property does not appear to be rental income but instead is a vehicle to provide funds to the Clintons. The blog Lux E Tenebris has been so kind as to provide a map of the Dubai-owned lot on either side of Connecticut Avenue.
The storefronts are occupied by Comet Pizza; Bucks Fishing and Camping restaurant (also owned by Alefantes); Besta Pizza run by Arabs; Politics and Prose bookstore owned by Lissa Muscatine, a senior speechwriter for then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her husband Bradley Graham with The Washington Post. Across the street is Beyond Borders, a Clinton Foundation-funded NGO involved with promoting the European refugee crisis; and Terasol Bistro, whose website is decorated with the pedophile trapped heart symbol.
By now, with so many facts vetted and verified, Pizzagate is clearly not fake news, Congressmen, and you’re going to have to face the facts and nothing but the facts.
High-class Brothels for Small Vices
Next question: What do the rich Arab investors get in return? As this question spun around in my brain, the image that popped up out of the memory banks was of a naked prostitute standing inside an upright steel coffin, that image being from the cover of of the second edition of Len Deighton’s 1967 potboiler “An Expensive Place to Die”. Here’s the jacket blurb:
“A 'clinic' on Paris's Avenue Foch designed to cater lavishly for multiple perversions, staffed by a group of sexually and intellectually high-powered girls and equipped with devices ranging from an Iron Maiden to psychedelic truth-drugs that's the set-up operated by the enigmatic Monsieur Daft.
“Naturally, it has a hidden purpose: to compile dossiers of tape and film on influential political clients from East and West. Into this twilight world of decadence and hidden motives come the agents of four world powers. Are they after Datt's pornographic blackmail dossiers? Or is their purpose, altogether more deadly than a trip to the blue movies?”
Fact being stranger than fiction is something I can attest to after 30 years of investigative journalism. What if your wealthy and powerful target has already tried everything, including Vegas hookers, Dallas lap dancers, Asian massage, Castro Street bath houses, Thai transvestites and foxy Euros on Avenue Foch, what else is new? What about sex with a 10-month-old blonde German girl, like the one advertised by Alefantes? Or a boisterous white American boy of 7 who’s just now learning about the wonders of erectile tissue? In a decadent world of cosmetic surgery and boob jobs, innocent children are caviar to the connoisseur.
For the jaded sheikh or defense minister, who’s seen and done everything, it’s no great thrill to watch naked lads sliding down the handrail of a staircase, a scene of degraded commercialized sex in the male brothel scene from Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past. Instead of overt sexuality, what if your guests were invited to an informal pizza dinner at your home and discovered “the neighbor’s kids” skinny dipping in the heated pool? What more could you offer as a token of friendship than an invitation to a master bedroom with its own jacuzzi for each of the guests to share with a little companion?
Welcome to the family, make yourself at home. Help yourself to wine and the pantry and the kids. Oh, phone. Darn, there’s noise from the human rights crowd about Yemen, but another few million on top of the F-18 contract should be enough to handle Congress. We’ll deal with it in the morning. Ain’t she as cute as a doll? Wish I had a daughter like that. Enjoy the late night show, buddy.
Would the foreign dignitaries spot the hidden camera and microphone? Or are they too tantalized to notice? And that’s why intelligence services are pressing Congress crack down on fake news to protect their dirty little secret. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton agitates for children’s rights. It would be a comedy of hypocrisy if little kids were not being traumatized and dumped into landfills.
Beachside at the Summer Capital
Just one look at a snapshot taken in the year 2000 of Barney Frank as flatulent as Jabba the Hutt and the dumb grin on Peter Rosenstein’s face reveals the leering indecency of Rehoboth Beach. Leaning in, right next to The Barn, is a wide-eyed David Brock, with a black leather choker around his fat neck and the stare of an undisguised psycho. There’s astonishing resemblance to Charlie Manson.
Now nearly 17 years later, after he bet on the wrong horse, Brock’s pledging to raise bundles of cash to fund a “leftist Breitbart” that will thump Trump. If I recall correctly, Andrew Breitbart died mysteriously, collapsing on the pavement in LA. Go ahead, Davey, be the leftist Breitbart and drop dead, too.
An early death might actually come as a relief for the anxiety-ridden operative. As posted earlier at, Fox News reported: “Sussex County (Delaware) property records show (Brock) took out a $273,000 mortgage to buy the pale yellow colonial and carriage house for $606,666 in 1995. As the converted inn, built in 1793, continued to rise in value, Brock refinanced his loan on at least two occasions. Records show he had a $1.44 million mortgage on the property, as well as two more loans against the home totaling just over $500,000. Brock received $1,587,500 for the home on May 25, 2010, in a sale to McLean, Va.-based Vardell Realty Investments.”
The Fox News report, by Perry Chiaramonte, continued: “The Rehoboth Beach home was torn down months after Brock sold it, amid much community opposition, so the buyer could divide the parcel and build two homes. It remains a vacant lot.” It is beyond suspicious that a 207-year-old historic house, with more than $1 million in resale value, would be ripped down. Realtor Michael Vardell has kept an unusually low profile for a real-estate agent. His addresses varied from Charlestown, South Carolina, to Bethesda, Maryland, and McLean, Virginia, towns that are associated respectively with the U.S. Navy, Walter Reed Army Hospital, and the CIA. Was Vardell involved in setting up safe houses and disposing of the bodies?
The house sale was preceded by a property dispute with ex-partner William Grey. That legal conflict diclosed key dates about Brock’s relocation from Rehoboth Beach to the nation’s capital. In 2005 Brock started to date James Alefantes in Washington DC; in 2007 Brock removed some of his belongings to live with his new partner in D.C. while keeping his domicile with old partner Grey, and then in 2010 Grey filed a legal complaint against Brock, who by then had finished moving out the furniture.
How does Brock’s time-line correlate with the biggest sex-crime case in Delaware’s history? Perhaps not by coincidence, in 2004, the receptionist at a pediatric clinic in Lewes, just 7 miles from Rehoboth Beach, filed a complaint with Sussex County police over pedophilic acts committed by Dr. Earl Bradley against his underage patients from Dover, Delmar, Easton and Rehoboth Beach. There were other citations, including from a local police officer, as discussed in the Wilmington WBOC news article “Red flags consistently missed for accused pedophile doctor.”
In his Disney-themed office, the 6-foot 225-lb doctor forced more than 100 children to perform sex acts inside the Pinocchio exam room. After his arrest in December 2009, Bradley refused to cooperate with investigating detectives, and that raises the question of whether he was protecting accomplices in a child-sex ring. A police raid on his home turned up 13 hours of edited kiddie porn that he had recorded with a video camera.
Did David Brock leave town after receiving warnings about parental complaints against “America’s worst pedophile”? Did Dr. Bradley supply young children to woo his powerful and wealthy funders? Law enforcement was, no doubt, stymied and delayed by the code of silence within the local gay community in this Summer Capital, Washington’s vacation resort by the beach. To put another question right up front: Were there bodies more recent than the Revolutionary War buried under the colonial carriage house? Why else would that valuable historic structure, sold by Brock be demolished without any attempt at resale?
Beau Didn’t Jest
Pedophile influence and gay silence were so pervasive along the Eastern Shore that Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden refused to run as a shoo-in candidate in the by-election for his father’s vacated senatorial seat in order to prosecute Earl Bradley. The younger Biden, who in childhood was injured in the head-on car collision that killed his mother and older sister, understood that life is serious and not some meaningless game. He could not watch further harm done to innocent children. His undivided dedication, knowing the dark forces he was up against, resulted in 14 life sentences for the child rapist.
Before the verdict, however, Beau Biden suffered an unexpected relapse following earlier surgery for a brain lesion. He was then given massive radiation “therapy” at Bethesda hospital, and died of complications from a brain tumor in 2015. Current medical opinion indicates that brain tumors usually do not kill the patient if treated in time, and he was under close observation by his doctor. Beau Biden should still be alive and well. Something was rotten in Delaware.
Today, in hindsight after the Pizzagate scandal, the question needs to be raised. Was Beau Biden, with his clear path to the presidency, the target of a sophisticated medical assassination? According to columnist Maureen Dowd, Beau on his deathbed pleaded with his father to run for the nomination to prevent the corrupt Clintons from coming back to power.
Over the past year, the murder threats against candidate Donald Trump along with the suspicious deaths of Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Joe Montano, Victor Thorn and John Ashe in campaign 2016, raises the matter of who’s running the assassination operation? To that query one might add: how does a paranoiac lunatic with armed bodyguards like David Brock, who was committed to a psychiatric ward in 2001, command so much donor money and political influence? Though not Jewish by birth, he was adopted into a Jewish family, which accounts for his identity crisis. Why should Washington be so afraid of him just because he stares like Charlie Manson?
Fat Tony Craves Pizza
Tony Podesta must prefer pizza over his wife’s home cooking. His charming spouse filed divorce papers in 2014 without uttering a single public comment on her reasons for separation. Why would a woman leave one of the most successful men in Washington politics, who enjoys making meals for friends and actually has any interest in art? Maybe his taste for pasta in art, those paintings of young studs, might have had something to do with her decision.
By any standard, Heather Miller ex-Podesta is an attractive woman and obviously witty and intelligent. But instead of minding the homefront, Tony’s been off with his new flame, an eccentric older woman named Marina Abramovic, also a great cook at least in spirit. Her blood pudding is legendary by now.
Spirit Cookery with a Crock Pot
The one possibly fake news item, from the vast online propaganda factory in Macedonia as uncovered by unnamed “intelligence sources”, is a post in Serbian language about Abramovic’s distinguished maternal grandfather Varnana Abramovic. Marina’s mother is Rosic (here is that Rosy Cross reference), the child of Varnana, who was the Orthodox Church Patriarch of Serbia 1930-37. He reported made pro-Nazi comments then, but apparently did not join the German invasion of 1941. Petar was his name at birth in August 1889, when the Balkans were still part of the Ottoman Empire.
The post at VOAT by “BrickInTheWall” ran an online translation of “Residents of Pljevljima”, copied here with grammar corrections: “Slight and short with a high-pitched voice, Varnava, it was rumored, liked to wear women's clothing, throw wild parties in the monastery, and take boys to his bed. . . . The head chaplain of the Tsar’s Navy, Father Gyorgy Shavelsky, even claimed Varnava had sexually abused and then murdered a beautiful young altar boy at Kolomna. The body was later discovered lodged under the waterwheel of a mill.” The flour from that mill must have been quite suitable for spirit baking.
The account grows stranger. “Varnava and Rasputin met in one of the capital's (Moscow) salons, and though they did not become friends, the two men of similar backgrounds apparently realized they could be of use to each other: Rasputin could help advance Varnava's career, while Varnava could defend Rasputin against attacks from within the ranks of the church.”
The account has the ring of authenticity, although its factual correctness cannot be verified short of flying to Belgrade to consult a historian, unless of course you’re Snopes, the Ministry of Truth’s doublespeak experts at Bureau 1984. Although Serbia is bordered by the Macedonia of cyber-disinfo, it makes zero sense for Vladimir Putin to waste human resources on anything this arcane and obscure. Spirit cooking is not at the top of the Russian agenda, and who really cares about Grandpa Varnana?
So where’s the fake news, if all other items garnered in Parts 1 and 2 of this review of Pizzagate are verified by reports from before the 2016 election campaign? The claim about fake news must be fake. Hillary, you and your intelligence lackeys are hopeless nitwits and pathetic liars. You’ve lost the recount and you’re starting to lose your mind, so why not just take Huma to Comet Ping Pong for some nice hot cheesy pizza? Mmmmm . . .
Alefantes the Greek
There’s been suggestions that James Alefantes is a pseudonym based on the French “J’aime les enfantes” (I love children). The phrase was printed on a T-shirt he wore in a photo taken inside Comet. That remarkable coincidence was first noticed by Alefantes himself, and he wore it proudly. If Hillary had been elected, Pedophile Pride Day might have someday become a national holiday.  
On his paternal side, James Alefantes aka Jimmy Comet is a fourth-generation Greek-American (his mother has an Irish surname) whose great-grandfather Achilles Raptotasios was born in Greece in 1880 and immigrated to American after the 1910 census and before the birth of a son in January 1915.
In 2012, GQ named Alefantes as the 49th most powerful man in Washington D.C., impressive for a pizza tosser, especially when considering there are 80 male Senators and 404 Congressmen. What’s he got that they don’t?
Here’s GQ rationale: "restaurateur and bon vivant" Alefantes is No.49 thanks to the "liberal twenty-somethings in khakis" who eat at Comet Ping Pong and the "more established progressives" who flock to Buck’s Fishing & Camping. "If you don't know him, you aren't wearing your scarf right.”
Remember, John, a handkerchief with a map won’t get you better service from waiters at the Comet, even if it’s folded neatly into your back pocket. If you fail to stylishly loop your Dolce & Gabbana cashmere scarf or a sporty Merino from Banana Republic, Jimmy Comet is going to call up one of his boys to whip you with a wet noodle before you’re allowed to order hotdogs for your Arab guests. Bon Apetit!
Yoichi Shimatsu is a veteran investigative journalist who’s mustered truth versus six U.S. presidents, nine Japanese prime ministers and other tyrannical megalomaniacs.



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