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PizzaGate Is A Giant Step
For Investigative Journalism

By Yoichi Shimatsu
A Rense Exclusive

Just when it looked like investigative journalism was dead and buried, there came along PizzaGate, which is busting open a new era of cyber-sleuthing to expose and take down once-untouchable criminals in high office. This most heartening rebirth, with the surge by a vigilant posse of blogs and websites, is accomplishing what the late Aaron Swartz of reddit (prior to its new role as self-appointed censor) was attempting before he was cut down in his tracks with an “assisted suicide” ordered by murderous pedophiles.
The damning evidence gathered so far against the powerful Podesta brothers, who ran the Hillary for America campaign and served as advisers to Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton is crucial to demolishing the corrupt and unrepresentative Democratic National Committee and its bedfellows among so-called establishment Republicans. The foolhardy response of those high-level felons is to order an illegal cover-up and unconstitutional crackdown by America’s law-enforcement agencies, intelligence bureaus and NATO allies with the pretext of combating “fake news.”
Caught with their pants down, the panicked perverts in power, from the Bilderbergers who denied association with pimp Marc Dutroux to the predators of the Franklin child-abuse scandal, now dare to accuse truth-tellers of running “fake news” in a lame attempt to scare off angry fathers who want answers to why missing kids are outnumbering milk cartons at the supermarket. The next line of defense for the cowardly political class is to plant cookies from their own hastily assembled fake sites as if their crumbs are IEDs.
None of those namby-pamby tactics, like speaking in code words derived from pizza terminology, have deterred the online anti-pedophile crusaders, so the idiotic clandestine-ops bosses had to stage a phony lone-gunman attack on Comet Ping Pong Pizza. The assailant turned out to be an unemployed movie actor-writer named Edgar Madisson Welch, who previously appeared in the horror movie “The Bleeding” and worked as go-fer for “A Tale about Bootlegging”. This pathetic a ploy is yet another waste of newsprint and taxpayers’ money.
The trans-Atlantic war on “fake news”, as documented on the European side of the pond by Thierry Meyssan of Voltaire network, had to have been ordered by the Office of the President or it simply wouldn’t be involving NATO command, which has nothing better to do, for example, fighting the cutthroats of ISIS.
Instead of being the Mini-me of that criminal dictator Suharto from your Indonesian boyhood days, Barry, grow up and act like a real man for once in your life. And get ready for more stench out of the overflowing the sewer pipe, you own next time. Instead of trying to plug the streaming flow of facts, you’d better prepare for a safe retirement where you can feel at home, somewhere like Kenya. Never mind trying to protect Hillary and the Podestas, because they smoked their own chicken at Cheryl Mills’ Moloch Barbecue.
That White House email, now available for all to see at Wikileaks, promised Hillary Clinton a sacrifice to that ancient Canaanite idol, knowing full well that it’s not KFC and that the bull-headed demon demands burnt offerings with a child sacrifice. In this case, it may not be a metaphor, as will be explored later in this essay.
Scotland Yard stares across the Atlantic

One of the patently false claims from Hillary’s occult crackpots is that “Trump supporters” concocted the accusations against Podesta. Excuse me for raising inconvenient truths, but this entire episode was started by the London Metropolitan Police in 2013. Back then, Trump supporters did not yet exist, except at the Miss Universe contest.
As reported by ABC News in a video clip online, Scotland Yard released police artist sketches from witness accounts of two men who were spotted stalking the Portuguese vacation apartment where Madeleine McCann was abducted while her parents were away at a tapas restaurant. A bouncer at a tourist bar, along with other locals, recognized the pair as being Americans. Police notices are routinely filed with Interpol and, therefore, the FBI was obligated to run a facial-recognition check on the drawings.
Only three years later, starting this autumn, did whispers emerge that the two depicted suspects have a stunning resemblance to beefy Tony Podesta and brother John with the sad eyes. According to yet-unverified leaks from law enforcement, the Podestas were in Praia do Luz, southern Portugal, on the very day of 4-year-old Maddie’s disappearance in that seaside town. May 3, 2007, a date to remember.  
Freud’s Tavistock as forerunner of MK-ULTRA
In Praia do Luz, the brothers stayed in the plush villa of Clement Freud, a British TV personality and parliamentarian who was accused postmortem of being an insatiable pedophile. His grandfather was psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, founder of the Tavistock Institute in London. That psychiatric research lab developed the theory of sexual pleasure behind the sadistic methods adopted by the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind-control assassination program (which are described in the Jason Bourne movies).
Immediately after Maddie was nabbed, the Podestas flew to Oxford, for some yet undisclosed meeting, perhaps to thank Clement for the hospitality in Portugal and to arrange the more complicated flight to the US, where there are strict immigration controls over children traveling without a parent or legal guardian.
Following Clement Freuds’s death in 2009, the British press carried accounts of several women, exposing him as a sexual predator of underage girls. At the BBC, Freud was a close friend of Jimmy Savile, the head of an organized pedophile ring.
Clement’s son Matthew Freud owns Britain’s most influential publicity company called Freuds, formerly Freud Communications. In an obvious giveaway, Freud hired the McCann’s spokesman, thereby muzzling their demand for a wider police probe.
Matthew Freud, until a recent divorce, was married to Elizabeth Murdoch, the daughter of Rupert. Her grandmother was Jewish, and the publishing empire News Corp. and The Australian are financed by the NM Rothschild Bank. Freud is a  confidant of Lord Jacob Rothschild, David Cameron, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson. In a step toward truthfulness in advertising, Freud should rename his PR firm as “Frauds”.
Podesta’s Girl Friday is a Rothschild watchdog
Now get this: Matthew’s former ace at Freud Communications, Sara Latham, was on the White House staff of Bill Clinton, a consultant to the Clinton Foundation and Microsoft, and she is the Chief of Staff for Podesta Associates and his liaison staffer to the Hillary for America campaign. Latham is the Rothschild watchdog over Podesta, the Clintons and the Democratic Party leadership. She is also a mentor to Chelsea Clinton.
Why then should anyone be surprised that Rothschild Bank has just set up its new U.S. headquarters in Chicago, the Podestas’ hometown now run by Mayor Rahm Emanuel? The Rothschilds are managing Bayer’s takeover of Monsanto and selling off the Green Giant division of General Mills. Not that any of this lucrative business would ever be blocked under the globalist trade regime in a belated response to the Rothschild dynasty’s role in provoking the British imperial aggression against the United States in the War of 1812 and the Civil War, which killed untold thousands of Americans and caused the burning of the White House. If your clan hates American democracy and openness so much, then why don’t you Rothschilds just stay out?
Payoff for the Portuguese caper
Now here’s the capper: In spring 2007 immediately before departing to Portugal to fetch a prize, Tony Podesta had purchased a 7-bath house with swimming pool in the Kalorama area of Washington D.C. for a mere $3.9 million. At exactly the same moment, for a cool $1.7 million, James Achilles Alefantis (the owner-operator of Comet Ping Pong Pizza) and his partner James Brock, the anti-Trump editor of Media Matters attack site, bought a 6-bedroom rowhouse in the same neighborhood as Podesta. That amounts to a pile of pepperoni, paesani.
A few years later, in early 2012, while the British police were starting to trace the Maddie McCann kidnapping to America, David Brock paid an out-of-court settlement of $850,000 to an ex-lover named William Grey, who threatened to tell all to law enforcement authorities. To raise the money to silence what he called “blackmail”, Brock sold his house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, at huge profit for more than $1 million to a realtor in McLean, Virginia, where coincidentally the CIA Langley headquarters is located. Oddly, the new owner tore down the valuable house but did not erect another structure, leaving the expensive lot empty. So that raises the obvious question: Were their little bodies buried below the basement?
Until their recent separation, Alefantis and Brock operated the now-infamous Comet Ping Pong Pizza in the Chevy Chase area of Washington D.C., near the Maryland state line. Comet is the favorite hangout of in-house lawyers and staffers from the Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta and funded by George Soros and Bill Gates. A pizza parlor is a public place that cannot be readily used as a crash pad for teenage boys. Chickens are taken home to roost, as inside 7-bathroom mansions with a heated pool where they can cavort without a lot of clothing before retiring to one of the bedrooms.
The upmarket for children
The next obvious question: When you have so much chicken in your backyard, why fly to Portugal for an English bird? This paradoxical point raises the many purposes and functions of pedophilia other than immediate gratification from young flesh.
In the closet of pedophilia as in a classroom, children are graded on their merits. Rowdy young lads will never get past being fresh meat for the gay bathhouses. Smarter ones with neat habits can be assigned as Senate pages, if they show some eagerness to please the powerful patricians despite the bad body odor and flaky skin of old age, for example, Dennis Hastert congressional leader from, here once again, Illinois. And the utterly useless kids just might be given to a cult for an upcoming sexual rite and a blood feast served up by one of Fat Tony’s favorite artist and chief torturer Marina Abramovic.  
Then, at the top of the class are those exceptionally talented students with charismatic appeal, who are ideal as future movie stars or even might make a fine-looking president. Although by no means smart at math or homework, as an example, little Barry had an appealing smile and knitted his brow so cutely when he was serious. Athletic as a boy and mild as a girl, he was irresistible and therefore electable.
Since looks can be deceiving, and the ruling elite is mindlessly superstitious, natal astrology is the basis for predicting future prospects. In the case of Barack Obama, born allegedly in Honolulu on August 4, 1962, the birth signs are Sun in Leo (charismatic leadership); Aquarius ascending (visionary); Moon in Gemini (a dual emotional-sexual nature); and Uranus (inciter of rebellion). Remember “Change”, the revolution that birthed the Arab Spring and ISIS? That come out of Uranus.
Signs of a shaman-queen
Next, Madeleine McCann. Before gazing at her planets, let’s look at the lineage. Her father’s a physician and medical researcher (intelligent with focus on the corporeal). She is of Scottish descent, and the core cultural group in the USA is Scots-Irish. Now with a head’s up: Sun in Taurus (strong and durable as an ox Moloch and the Minotaur); Libra ascending (balanced judgment, just desserts); Moon in Libra; and her dominants are Venus (desirable, sensual); Jupiter (power) and Mars (aggressive).
This astrological combination of power and sexual attractiveness indicates that this little girl snatched from Praia do Luz can easily become the high priestess of a mystery cult or a respected political leader. Which is why the Controllers of the Cabal were willing to spend millions on acquiring her to establishing an enduring realm for the Illuminati. By the way, her point of departure, Praia do Luz translates as “shore of light”, auspicious for the Prince of Light, Lucifer.
The cult option would probably be something like the present-day Minoans, the worshipers of sexual power as symbolized by the Minotaur and the Cretan priestesses. Their rites are head underground in Crete, where Hillary Clinton spent time after her Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was violated and blood-sacrificed in Benghazi, the North African soil of Baal Hammon, the Carthaginian Moloch.
There’s huge political potential for the woman president who completes the feminization of American society, transforming the once-macho nation into an androgynous matriarchy, which is the goal of more radical feminists and other advocates of demasculation.
Rescuing the abducted

If she’s still alive, Madeleine McCann, along with the tens of thousands of child captives like her around the world, must be rescued, by force as required, from their Illuminati captors. Instead of being protected by U.S. law enforcement and the intelligence agencies pretending that the facts are fake, the Podestas should be arrested, robustly debriefed and sentenced to minimum of life with hard labor, perhaps tossing pizzas on death row.
These sorts of grotesque violations of human rights will not end until the secretive cabal including and surrounding the Rothschilds, Freuds, Goldsmiths and other Illuminati filth are confined to a remote prison without parole or possibility of escape, inside a retirement home like Devil’s Island. If justice is not served, then the alternative solution will have to be more like the outcome in Blade, the Wesley Snipes ninja epic, or Selene of Underworld. Law or action, take your pick.
This new Dark Age of captivity under demonic spells cause the deadly Ghostship cult fire that swept through a crowded Oakland warehouse. These sorts of felonies are not simply legal lapses of a secular nature. There are laws that apply to religion-related practices under the moral injunction that in civilized societies no preacher or cult leader is permitted to subject other humans to physical harm. This principle of law and ethics was incontrovertibly and irrevocably decreed in the 5th Century CE by the brilliant philosopher Saint Augustine, the Bishop of Hippo in Roman Africa. Forceful arrest by the state is ethically allowable to protect the weak, the helpless, the naive and ignorant.
His ethical-legal ruling signaled the beginning of the end for an era of pagan horrors under superstitious despots and heralded the age of voluntary and reasoned consent by citizens. We either stand with the rule of lawful reason or kneel in fear as abject slaves. Mothers, make your choice and take your stand, and fathers do what you must to protect the children from sadistic oppressors.
For parting shot about “fake news”, here's an email from a staffer at the Sandler Foundation to John Podesta, who dropped something from his back pocket:
"Hi, John. The realtor found a handkerchief. I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yours? They can send it if you want. I know you’re busy so feel free not to respond if it's not yours or you don't want it.”
Podesta replied: “It's mine.”
How can anyone ever eat pizza again?
Yoichi Shimatsu was the editor in charge of a team of investigative journalists probing the Aum Shinrikyo cult in the wake of the Tokyo subway gassing, and later fought against high-ranking American pedophiles who violated subteen children and produced explicit kiddie porn in Cambodia.


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