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A Cloud Over Amazon-WaPo
(& Trumped-Up In Moscow) - PizzaGate 9

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense


Update: The initial contract by a yet-unreported client(s) for the Russia-Trump report was made with Fusion GSP, a Washington-based investigative reporting firm founded in 2009 by former Wall Street Journal reporters, whose principal partners are Glenn Simpson; Peter Fritsch, an associate with the  Congress-funded Wilson Center; and Thomas Catan, a former reporter for The Times of London and the Financial Times and a graduate of the London School of Economics. Catan has background in investigating Russian connections to U.S. politics, for example, his year 2000 report on Russian emigre criminals who made political donations New York Senator Charles Schumer, see “Russian Mafia Link to U.S. Campaign Funds”, The Social Contract, v10 no2.

The project was then subcontracted to Orbis Business Intelligence in London, run by former MI-6 agents Christopher Steele and Christopher Burrows.

This network of private investigators seconded from the MI-6 spy service was tellingly slipped by Thomas Catan in his revelation on the 2006 helicopter crash that killed Yukos Oil chief Mikhail Khordokovsky’s British lawyer Stephen Curtis: “Curtis told a close relative that if he were killed it would not be an accident.” The Khorokovsky-Rothschild element is the key to the puzzle of the Trump-Moscow pissoir fiction.

So who is the mystery man who ordered the Pissoir Report and gave it to John McCain? Let me don the turban of Carnac the Magnificent and hold up the 35 pages to my temple and close my eyes.

"Oh, Great Swami Johnny, wherever thou might be . . . pray tell, who is the mensch behind the Ritz Piss Job?"

"Huh? Wise One, if I may ask a second question: Who in the heck is Randy Scheuneman?"

Before digging into the main course at our 9-course formal dinner, let’s raise a toast to the Pissoir Report against Trump concocted by ex-British spy Christopher Steele with Orbis Business Intelligence, headquartered in Grovenor’s Garden, London.

The Orbis private agency was hired by unnamed opponents of Trump, with John McCain at the top of the list of possible clients who commissioned the report, along with his major funders at JPMorgan-Citibank, the Koch brothers, PriceWaterhouse and Ernst & Young. The role of Buzzfeed in the initial published disclosure puts its parent company NBC, owned by Brian Roberts and mind-controlled by agent Mika Brzezinski, on the suspect list as well.
Former CIA director Michael Hayden, Trump opponent and a vociferous foe of whistle-blower Edward Snowden, has vouched for this dubious mouthpiece of the pedophilic opposition. Steele, 52, was posted as the British embassy in Moscow in 1990 as second chancery, a position reserved for station chiefs. Steele is a retired MI-6 agent for Commonwealth affairs.
Subsequent to his public exposure on Wednesday, January 11, Steele went into hiding, leaving his cat with a neighbor, while the British government issued a D-order, under the Official Secrets Act, to force The Telegraph to delete its scoop. No lobbyist group, political action committee or campaign funder has yet stepped forward to admit responsibility for sponsoring the contract with Orbis, which would well lead to a libel and slander lawsuit. The invocation of the UK secrets act, if anything, indicates that the flawed report is not a prank from a post at 4chan, as claimed by a Never Trump operative named Rick Wilson, in a clever ploy to get NBC-Buzzfeed off the hook for a potential libel and slander lawsuit.
On second read after a quick scan, the trumped-up “golden shower” report has been erroneously interpreted by all those involved in the scandalous accusations from Buzzfeed and CNN. Contrary to the false allegations of Donald Trump being involved in perverted “golden showers” at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow, a close reading of this error-ridden and poorly written report shows quite the opposite, a quite surprising revelation of Trump’s disdain for Russian espionage methods against foreign VIPs.
Quoted in that section is Source A, a senior Russian Foreign Ministry official who alleged that Trump had played a prank against Michelle Obama, due to his hatred of her, by hiring several prostitutes (their sex not indicated) to pee on the king-size bed in the presidential suite where the first couple had stayed in the Moscow, while all along Trump knew fully well that the suite was bugged and being videotaped by the FSB.
Therefore the purported incident does not implicate Trump as a participant in perversion, and therefore the stunt cannot be called a golden shower act and instead a bizarre act of revenge. Now let’s check some facts. A king-size bed was drenched in urine because Trump was supposedly pissed off at Michelle? The trigger for their feud was Michelle Obama’s speech blasting Trump in New Hampshire on October 13, 2016. Did Source A then take a telepathic time-machine back to November 2013, to inform Trump while he was in Moscow for the Miss Universe Contest? Imagine the future shock for Trump back then. Me? You gotta be kidding. Did Michelle, what’s her last name, really diss me? What’s she doing in New Hampshire?
The previous time the Obamas were in Moscow was in 2009 for the SALT re-up signing. That's seven years before the First Lady raked Trump. OK, back to the future.
The improbable Code Yellow urinary event becomes more dubious due to the lack of witnesses or participants. The story was "verified" by two hotel employees, only one of whom vaguely recalled the year of the Trump visit as 2013. Neither had been personally involved in the clean-up of a urine-drenched bed.
Source A did not indicate he had ever seen an actual video of the supposed pissoir session but apparently only heard of such an incident. The story must therefore be based on hearsay, one of those vodka-quaffing jokes that circulated in Russia in the autumn of 2016. The president’s wife slams the opposition candidate who hires prostitutes to pee on her bed. Sophomoric humor, possible only after drinking a fifth of Stoly, that being possible only in Russia. So here we have probable grounds to suspect that Agent 008, as in behind the eight ball, Steele, interviewed his local sources in a late-night dive like Kamchatka Bar by Metro station Kuznetsky Most. The one with the sign that demands: Vomit before Entering.
If one is dumb enough to believe this confused and dodgy tale, it would show:
- First, Trump was sending a strong message to Russian intelligence officials to witness that he was well aware that VIP hotel rooms are bugged and videoed. As a hotelier himself, he would consider such privacy violations as unacceptable toward customers. Trump Vegas is not the Bates Motel, nor should the Ritz have two-way mirrors.
- Second, Trump suspected that Russian intel had provided prostitutes (probably boys, and therefore the pissing as an insult) for Obama who toyed with them on that very bed. The unnamed Foreign Ministry official is trying to cover up that sordid episode by concocting a simmering grudge between Trump and Michelle Obama, which in fact did not erupt until the 2016 campaign season, in order to protect Obama’s reputation. The Russians therefore really supported Obama.
- Third, since all Russian sources admitted that Trump never accepted financial emoluments from the Kremlin or purchased real estate in Russia, this suite story reveals Donald Trump's surprising level of distrust of Putin's team (in contrast to his public posture and foreign policy stance of advocating friendship with Russia). Trump can keep his personal opinions separate from policy issues, and that is exactly what a new president should do unlike his emotional predecessor.
- Fourth, the report was deliberately skewed and misrepresented by Buzzfeed and CNN with a false charge of implicating Trump in a sexually perversion (in the wake of the Pizzagate findings against the Democrats, Podesta and Obama). Both of these media fakers should be expelled by the National Press Club and censured by the Poynter Institute for ethical violations.
- Everybody on all sides need to call a truce so that every one of us can toss back a double-shot of vodka.
The poorly written document “Company Intelligence Report 2016/080,” (Orbis being reluctant to claim authorship of such garbage) is titled “US Presidential Election: Republican candidate Donald Trump’s activities in Russia and Compromising Relationship with the Kremlin".
Just from that doozy of a title, that’s another indicator that author Steele is by now an elderly James Bond, driven to ruin by gin, drugs and nightmares of scary vixens, school girls and young boys with beanies he once dared to shag for God and the Queen. Hip-hip-hooray!
- As proof of my verdict equal in acumen to any from, the term “Kremlin” indicates the report author is a leftover from the Cold War, one of Smiley’s destitute over-the-hill gang palming off miscellaneous droppings from British Foreign Office staffers and relying on rather dubious MI-6 contract agents in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
- Many pages were devoted to a paranoiac “conspiracy of cooperation” between Russian officials (many of them not directly employed by spy agencies) and Trump’s inner circle, as supposedly transpired at a secret meeting in Prague. Several unnamed sources recounted the discussions between Konstantin Kosachev, head of the parliamentary foreign relations committee, with one of Trump’s attorneys Michael Cohen. In reality, however, Cohen had not traveled Czech Republic in that period and could not have been present in Prague. His passport does not contain a visa stamp for that country.
- The accusations also smeared Carter Page, who is an energy expert and CFR member, about his contact with Igor Sechin, former head of the Rosneft oil company. Page’s role is in fact to liaise with Russian officials over issues affecting oil-and-gas, which are openly conducted and in the American interest, even when confidential.
The fingering of respected energy expert Carter Page indicates that this blundering operation is linked to British oil interests, that is, the Rothschild group and BP, which are still angry at Vladimir Putin for Mikhael Khordokovsky’s loss of Yukos Oil. George Soros is, of course, their agent whose paid stooges in the Czech Republic and Russia are fully capable of concocting such imaginative nonsense in support of the Rothschild-allied Clintons, who are worried about investigation into their family foundation and need leverage against Trump.
With this draft for a spy novel, Michael Steele is destined not to unseat John LeCarre, Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie, who are safe from competition. Some tips to the fiction writer: A credible thriller demands a monstrously devious adversary like Karla the Stasi spymaster, Professor Moriarty or Poirot’s mustache. Putin, in the evil category, simply does not match his given name. Vladimir the Impaler, now that’s a bad guy worthy of his own library of mayhem.
Madness in the Blood
Now back to Pizzagate 9 on the role of the Washington Post: Great families often suffer a recurrent distemper that triggers crimes whose enormity overshadow the noble ideals of their distinguished founders. A recurrent disorder can arise out of a hereditary flaw or stem from a morbid obsession that grips the bloodline. An accursed inheritance can be received by a family member in either of two ways: Struggle against the madness as did the heroic Bobby Kennedy, or succumb to the dark side as, for example, the Dupont heirs, one who murdered a wrestling coach in 1996 and another convicted of raping his 3-year-old daughter and later allegedly a second child.
Even among lesser lineages, the sins of the patriarch are sometimes passed down to the progeny, as seen in the Bezos-Gise family, whose personal biographies are overshadowed by the overblown repetitive publicity about the astonishing amazing Amazon. The inherited curse running its destructive course is now evident in the pitiful and dishonorable decline of The Washington Post following its takeover by Jeff Bezos. For all their prominence, the background of this strange family is sketchy at best. Does anyone really know the Bezos-Gise clan?
This question looms large because of the role of the Gise-Bezos family members in founding the military-research juggernaut known as DARPA and their current participation in the Obama Brain Initiative, which is the successor to the MK-ULTRA mind-control program. Their cyber-neurology research is now developing a seamless interface between artificial intelligence programs and brain implants, aimed at transforming humans, with all their compulsive thoughts and irrational feelings edited out, so as to become obedient computer-guided robots with the semblance of animation.
DARPA set its goal for brain research as early as 2008: “The vision for the DARPA SyNAPSE program is the enabling of electronic neuromorphic machine technology that is scalable to biological levels. Programmable machines are limited not only by their computational capacity, but also by an architecture requiring human-derived algorithms to both describe and process information from their environment.” Programmable minds merged with operating system, this is even worse than the Matrix, which at least allows us pleasurable fantasies before the battery’s run down.
Mastermind of the Military-Industrial Complex
The Pentagon’s drive toward cybernetic control systems began with the 1957 “Sputnik Shock”, which triggered a national drive to overtake the Soviet lead in satellite-launch technology and other fields of technology rivalry. In the following year, the Eisenhower administration established the independent Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), headquartered in Virginia Square, Arlington, Virginia, since moved to Fairfax Avenue in Ballston.
Roy Johnson from General Electric was recruited to be its first director, and Lawrence Prescott Gise (grandfather of Jeff Bezos) was appointed as chief administrator in charge of project development. Gise earned a reputation for meticulous planning, logistics, cost control, and follow-through in the outsourcing of contracts to private-sector defense corporations. His tireless effort at coordination and inspection, and the setting of guidelines and standards for supply chain in defense R&D, expanded to become known as “the military-industrial complex” that President Eisenhower warned against in his farewell speech.
Wars are won with logistics, and therefore the United States won the Cold War. Sputnik is today remembered as a cute little prototype of R2D2. The logistical and production systems that Gise built would later be tech-transferred to the civilian economy, as for example, the Amazon supply chain and delivery network. There is nothing fundamentally innovative about Jeff Bezos’s operation, not even its Internet piloting code, the prototype of which was launched with ARPA Net in 1959.
Gise was himself a designer of guided missiles during the catch-up phase against Soviet leadership in booster rockets and soon thereafter in multi-stage rocketry, with which sections fall away after liftoff to jettison redundant weight on the path toward orbit.
For that generation, during my impressionable youth, even the comic books promoted ARPA’s brilliant and ponderous work of rocket science, and Werner Von Braun was seen as an all-American hero. Even the German V-bombs that destroyed London were considered then to be the founding fathers of what was to come on the frontier of space. Civilians huddled in the Tube, their homes blasted by screaming rockets were the cost of the technological progress. Thor, the intermediate-range missile, and his namesake were idolized in the comics, much later inspiring the superhero of the Marvel movies. Gise’s quiet role in building America’s missile arsenal has since been buried under reams of classification, along with our generation’s naive excitement over the wonders of science.
Prescott Gise surfaces on the public record in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as the young Jeffrey’s doting grandfather, who happened to work at the regional office of the Atomic Energy Agency (AEA). His primary task by then was to develop anti-missile missiles, short-range interceptors to protect nuclear-warhead launch sites. One of his technical assistants at Stanford was Fred Kavli, a Norwegian emigre, who designed control systems and servo motors for guided missiles. His legacy, the Kavli Foundation (not be confused with the Norway rye-crisp company’s charity), is a major funder of brain research, which applies electronic control systems theory to cerebral functions in humans.
Prescott, as he was casually known, spent his summers at the Gise clan spread in Cotilla, Texas, which at 49-square-miles was one of the largest ranches in Texas. Besides doing chores, the patriarch nurtured the young lad with the basics of technology theory and practical design. By the time Jeff was 2-years-old, the ARPA Net was up and running. That was in 1966. Whether legal or not, Prescott was transferring classified technology to his youngest-ever contractor. Thus arose the myth of the boy genius, who had the unfair advantage of a head start over his classmates.
The Bezos clan’s obsession with control mechanisms, including mind control, extends into a Washington Post, which is now a remote-controlled prototype of machine commands, a propaganda mouthpiece instead of a disputatious area of public discourse in a human-centered society.
Spotlight in One Direction
Marty Baron, executive editor of the Bezos-owned Washington Post, gets rave reviews as the nation’s greatest-ever editor, which is absurd hype that crumbles under closer examination of his career path. One of the hallmarks of a great crusading editor is ethical impartiality, the ability to be as critical of criminal behavior among one’s own side, meaning family, friends and political allies, as toward foes in an opposing faction or interest group. Partisan coverage is, in essence, propaganda, a hit job prompted by biased self-interest, usually in the service of the powers that be.
Baron’s worst offense against press freedom was to publish “The List”of state-targeted online news sites during the White House crackdown on Pizzagate coverage. This violation of press freedom is best addressed by Norman Solomon, founder of the Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA), a Bernie Sanders supporter, and who, I am very proud to say, is a fellow journalist who got his start at the feisty Pacific News Service in San Francisco:
“We still don’t have any sort of apology or retraction from the Washington Post for promoting The List, the highly dangerous blacklist that got a huge boost from the newspaper’s fawning coverage on November 24. The project of smearing 200 websites with one broad brush wouldn’t have gotten far without the avid complicity of high-profile media outlets, starting with the Post.
“A week after the Post published its front-page news article hyping the blacklist that was put out by a group of unidentified people called PropOrNot, I sent a petition statement to the newspaper’s executive editor Martin Baron.
“’Smearing is not reporting,’ the RootsAction petition says. ‘The Washington Post‘s recent descent into McCarthyism, promoting anonymous and shoddy claims that a vast range of some 200 websites are all accomplices or tools of the Russian government, violates basic journalistic standards and does real harm to democratic discourse in our country. We urge the Washington Post to prominently retract the article and apologize for publishing it.’”
Let me raise a toast of IPA, an India pale ale, to you, brave colleague Norman Solomon and the 6,000 individuals who signed the petition in defense of Constitutional rights against despicable media-endorsed censorship.
The publication of The List followed on Wikileaks emails that showed the Washington Post had given pre-publication “sneak previews” to John Podesta and the Clinton Foundation.

- Post reporter Tom Hamburger sought approval from the Clinton Foundation for clearance for an article concerning a subpoena for Huma Abedin, stating “We want to be careful of this and get it right.” Is that fact-checking or groveling before the power of censorship?

- Editor Juliet Eilperin consulted White House assistant press secretary for “permission” to report on John Podesta’s role as then-head of Center for American Progress (CAP) in accepting “major donations from environmentally minded billionaires Tom Steyer and Hansjorg Wyss before he joined Obama’s staff.” What she did not include in the article was the existing financial ties between Podesta and Wyss, reported by other publications.  
Double Standard on Pedophilia
Besides an inclination toward censorship, there was a gross disparity between Baron’s eagerness at the Boston Globe to pursue pedophilia charges against Catholic priests, as depicted in the movie “Spotlight”, and the shameless denial under his editorship at The Washington Post of allegations of elite child-sex trafficking in the nation’s capital during the Pizzagate revelations.
Baron was famously quoted in “Spotlight” as saying: "We (investigative journaists) need to focus on the institution, not the individual priests.” When the institution in question is the Democratic Party with its wealthy Jewish funders and White House officials rather than Catholic clerics, editor Baron showed zero crusading zeal and, to the contrary, rallied to their defense against allegations from citizen researchers.
Ultra-religious sentiment cannot be denied as a factor in Baron’s editorial judgment.. His Orthodox Jewish father, Heinz “Howard” Naftali Baron, a Berlin-born Polish Jew, and mother, Rebecca Zimmerman, left Germany in 1936 to immigrate to Israel in an era of Zionist scorn for the Vatican’s cooperation with Nazi-led Germany. Pizzagate, in contrast, was an equal-opportunity scandal, with allegations against Jews as well Christians and Hindus.
Beside religious affiliation, there also appear to have been factors of political fealty to intelligence agencies. Heinz Baron and his wife immigrated in 1954 to Davis Island in Tampa, which hosted the airstrip for Coastal Patrol Base 13 of the Civil Air Patrol (since renamed the Peter O. Knight Airport). The backwater airfield was also a jumping-off point for gangsters and shills for Meyer Lanksky’s casinos in Havana. Here it should be noted that the Baron family in Ulanow, Poland, were innkeepers and bartenders aka mobsters. Located where he was, Israeli dual citizen Heinz Baron could not have avoided connections with the Lanksy organization and, later, the CIA plans to topple the Cuban revolution.
Close to Tampa and Fort Meyers on the Gulf Coast, Useppa Island was the first CIA paramilitary training ground for anti-Castro Cuban exiles for the upcoming Bay of Pigs invasion. Another confluence of Cuban Jewry in the casino and spookdom is The Miami Herald, where Martin Baron received his apprenticeship. Here is a revealing quote from the History News Network:
“The tale of the Miami Herald’s Bay of Pigs scoop and its subsequent capitulation to the CIA has mostly been shrouded in mystery for the past five decades. It was explored briefly in ‘Anything but the Truth’, a book by Washington reporters William McGaffin and Erwin Knoll that was published in 1968 and quickly disappeared.” Herald reporter David Kraslow, who had stumbled on Cuban exiles practicing marksmanship near Miami seven months before the invasion, was forced by CEO Lee Hills to have his article vetted by the State Department and CIA in October 1960. CIA director Allen Dulles killed the Herald story with a phone call to Miami.
Martin Baron was apparently a good student of Miami Herald-style “capitulation to the CIA.” The newspaper’s close cooperation with the CIA has gone so far as to provide its espionage agents with cover as reporters, according to Agency officials interviewed by Carl Bernstein. The spy assignments are done with the knowledge of top editors, which later I discovered with the Miami Herald’s role in a CIA-funded terrorist operation planned against American students abroad. The agent-reporter had carried bundled cash from a U.S. embassy to an Islamic terror outfit in at two locations. can, too, be traced back to Las Vegas kingpin Lansky, an architect of the both Bay of Pigs and the JFK assassination, and his Cuban mafia of hidden Jews, which will be explored further on in the arrival of Cuban adolescent Miguel “Mike” Bezos under the auspices of the CIA and the Catholic Salesian Order, a legacy group of the Opus Dei surveillance arm of the hidden Jewish generalissimo Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War.
There are other parallels between the Bay of Pigs and the Swamp of Swine known as Pizzzagate in the
running of safe-houses, secret passages, drug-smuggling, voodoo, child-rape, homosexuality, money-laundering and media complicity with CIA sponsorship of terrorism and false flag attacks against Americans. It has little to do with Cuba libre and instead everything about organized crime.
Peter Pan and Panspermia
Michael Jackson named his retreat “Neverland” after the perverse children’s story by J.M. Barrie called “Peter Pan”. In thin guise, the tale is a smorgasbord of sexual references to pedophilia, which has increasingly under fire from alarmed parents and librarians. It there exists such an undercurrent as the collective subconscious, Peter Pan and Pizzagate are apparitions of the same species in the fog of lust and transgression.
For example, Comet Pizza’s James Alefantis, who is of Greek ancestry, considers Pan to be his avatar.  The dancing horned god with goatee, a goat’s peter and hairy hind legs blows on the multiple tubes of his pan pipes. Alefantis’s fan devotion to this hedonist demonic figure extended to being a producer of the short film “Chapel Perilous”, in which the protagonist named Levi grows goat horns as a sign of his self-discovery. The film’s title is taken after the Round Table knight Percival’s encounter with the “black hand” of Satan in a mysterious chapel during his Grail quest, that being the moral specter of masturbation.
The film, which premiered and received good reviews at the Sundance Festival, was inspired by the anthropological theory of Jeremy Narby, who suggests a relationship between shamanic hallucinations and DNA biology. The theory also suggests that life is transmitted across the Universe by a space-traveling “cosmic dragon”, which recklessly casts its seed everywhere in a procreative flurry of “panspermia”. Narby’s attempt to link intelligence to reproduction overlooks the biological fact that it is the lower forms of life that breed prolifically and non-selectively, whereas sentient beings chose their mates very carefully. The lone mollusk broadcasts its milt into the sea without regard for or contact with the potential mother, whereas ducks are love birds loyal to each other and their ducklings for a lifetime. It seems Jimmy the Pan is actually more of a creepy-crawly slug than a high-flying migratory bird.
The madness known as Pan worship does not end in the pandemonium of a galactic circle jerk. The Comet Pizza crowd has promoted “pansexuality”, which is defined in the LGBT online dictionary as “sometimes referred to as omnisexuality or being ‘gender blind’, pansexuality is inclusive of bisexuality (attraction to both males and females) but additionally includes attraction to other genders and sexes such as those identifying as transgender, genderqueer, bigender,  intersex and . . .” That List goes on into four-letter expletives with whom sexual intercourse is unthinkable and better done with the lights turned off and a condom held on with superglue.
The collective subconscious that floated Captain Hook’s pirate ship of kidnapped kids reached apotheosis in Operation Peter Pan, or Pedro Pan, 1960-62,of 1,400 Cuban children to the US, in a joint pedo-pan airlift by the CIA and the Catholic diocese of Miami. Writers Nelson Valdes and Saul Landau exposed the CIA scam behind this human-trafficking operation:
“The Agency forged a law to make affluent Cubans believe the revolutionary government planned to usurp parental control. CIA operative Maurice Bishop’s agents in Cuba spread this rumor, backed by a forged simulation of the supposed law, to members of the professional and propertied classes. The forgery “declared that parents would lose control of their kids to the state. This false document ‘created tremendous panic.’”
Instead of freedom and salvation, many of the children were introduced to pedophilia. As recalled by survivor Alex Lopez:
“My parents were terrified (by the false story of impending parental separation) and put me on a plane headed for the United States to save me from communism and the panic that had been sown. There I lived among mistreated, abused and abandoned children.” After children protested over sexual abuse by the priests in a refugee camp, a social worker promised to send him to a boarding house in Ohio. Instead, he was relocated to an orphanage to silence him.
Filmmaker Roberto Rodriguez said in an interview with Repeating Islands website: “Now, more people are beginning to tell their stories, which, in many cases, were even worse than mine. The worst of all is to think that there was no need to go to orphanages, reformatories, or to fall into homes of people who abused us in many ways. People should be aware that there was mental, sexual, and physical abuse; and the same priests told us that if we spoke out, we would be sent back to Cuba and that we would bring shame on our families. I understand that this was the biggest problem of Operation Pedro Pan, and while it is true that not all priests behaved this way, most of them did.”
Operation Pedo Pan, indeed it was. This is why it’s called Never Never Land, boys and girls, because a smart kid never goes to Never Land. Peter Pan was coordinated with simultaneous planning for Operation Pluto, the training program for the Bay of Pigs invasion. Here again, an odd name from the deep subconscious for a government project, Pluto being the god of underground wealth traditionally associated by Christians, including John Milton in “Paradise Lost”, with Satan. Let’s pray that the sins of our fathers do not pass on to their grandsons.
One of those “lucky” kids was Miguel Bezos, 15, vetted to join a select group of 15 boys sent to the House of Sales boarding school in Wilmington, in the Dupont state of Delaware. The Salesianum School is run by the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, better known as the Salesians. Casa de Sales was something of a House of the Rising Sun, judging from this “healing” letter from Father James Greenfield:
“In August 2012 the Wilmington/Philadelphia Province of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales published a letter stating, ‘Since 2004, the Wilmington/Philadelphia Province of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales has been named in lawsuits in the Superior Court of Delaware filed by 40 plaintiffs, each of which contained allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.’ The letter named 12 oblates who had been involved and expressed regrets, stating, ‘The abuse of children by priests and other clergy is shocking, reprehensible, and devastating to all whose trust has been shattered by their selfish deeds.’" Ah-hum.
The Salesian order, which focuses on education, is closely associated with the Prelature of the Holy Cross, or Opus Dei, which was founded by Josemaria Balaguer Escriva, a spymaster for Generalissimo Franco in the Spanish Civil War, who turned over lists of parishioners involved with the Republic side to fascist firing squads. The association between the militarist dictator and the clergyman is rooted deep in the history of the hidden Jews of Spain and Portugal, known as the Marranos.
Under the Inquisition, launched in the late-15th Century, one of the darker survival strategies of crypto-Jewish communities was to become inquisitors themselves, denouncing potential informers in their secret ranks for tortured and to be burned alive. Cruel acts of persecution against their own co-believers ensured safety from denunciation of the wealthier members of hidden Jewish community. During the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39, Franco and Escriva resurrected this surefire tactic against leftist and liberal Jews who were tortured and massacre to protect the reputations of senors Franco and Escriva in the Army and Church.
The Spanish surname Bezos is, in itself, rather odd, translating as “pursed lips” or a kiss, or colloquially as “fat lips”, which has a derogatory connotation as in the kiss of Judas or from a common whore. Twenty pieces of silver or deuce, whatever you can afford from As the story goes, rather unreliably, Mike Bezos was accepted by the University of Albuquerque, met single-mother Jacklyn Gise at a bank where they both worked, married her and fathered a child named Mark Bezos, who now works with a charity in New York City.
As the legend goes, Mike Bezos worked as a petroleum engineer for Exxon in Houston, hub for the Gulf of Mexico oil-extraction operations, but then was transferred to Florida. Exxon does not engage in oil-drilling in Florida but does have a chemicals-production center in Pensacola. Jeff Bezos claims to have lived in Pensacola “briefly,” but attended high school in Miami, at the opposite end of Florida far from Pensacola, which is on the panhandle near the Louisiana state line. This raises the question of whether step-dad was assigned to the Cuba watch with the exile guns for hire, with official cover provided by Exxon.
How did this Cuban “refugee” manage to marry into a family whose patriarch was a founder and top administrator of the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA, since renamed DARPA) and owner of one of the biggest land holdings in Texas? Well, daddy and daughter needed an alibi.
The Steady Balance of a Unicycle
Despite the best investigative efforts by Wired and Esquire, the Jeff Bezos story remains murky and full of blind spots. His biological father is reportedly the biological son of Theodore “Ted” Jorgensen, then an itinerant unicycle performer at fairs and circuses, supposedly or perhaps imaginatively and maybe not at all.
Here’s how Wired reported the autumn 2013 encounter between its reporter and Jorgensen at his bicycle shop in Arizona: “Here's how Jorgensen reacted when Stone introduced himself: ‘He had no idea what I was talking about. Jorgensen said he didn’t know who Jeff Bezos was and was baffled by my suggestion that he was the father of this famous CEO. . . . Bezos' biological father had disconnected so thoroughly from Bezos’ life that not only did he not remember his name, and not only did he not realize his son was one of the richest men in the world, but he wasn't even sure if his son was still alive. ” Son, what son? You say I have a son who is one of the richest people in America? Oh yeah, that son!
If Jorgensen’s initial memory of not having a son is indeed true, then he may not be the father, and we are looking at a scenario something like the Faye Dunaway-John Huston relationship in “Chinatown”. Adding fuel to the smoldering fire of suspicion is the absence of a record on her mother Mattie Gise nee Strait, who died in San Antonio in 1977, all but wiped away. Nor was Lawrence Prescott Gise especially seen as a local hero in Texas, as shown in the Dallas Morning Herald coverage of him, despite the fact of his high-ranking job in the U.S. weapons-development industry and his family’s ranch reminiscent of the tragic movie Giant, with its memorable hero Rock Hudson and loser in life James Dean. There is background to this type of coolness, which the likes of and The Washington Post might write off as “folklore” or “fake news”. All we know is that on a vast Texas spread, father figure Prescott raised toddler Jeffrey on his knee.
Perhaps the best evidence for inbreeding is “cone-head” Jeff Bezos’s infantile fascination with pranks and toys, the latter disturbingly noticed by reporter Rand Duran with The Dallas Morning Herald:
“How many CEOs do you know who work in an office the size of a small closet, and have on their desk a Nerf gun with Nerf bullets, a toy tank driven by remote control and a Super Soaker to wet down employees as they walk to their cars on the ground below? . . . It's business as usual at, where Jeff Bezos is playing with toys. That's right, toys.”
Clearly a sick puppy. Each item taken by itself may seen innocuous, but when put together these indicate a possibly disturbing pattern:

- from the Seattle Times: “His competitior Quidsi, responsible for, was acquired after Bezos made relentless attacks with heavy discounts and offers to match” That’s right, diapers.

- from ArtDaily: “When one of his employees, Jennifer Cast asked for donation of about $100,000 for a same-sex marriage cause in Washington, Jeff and his wife donated $2.5 million instead.” Are we starting to close in?
No wonder the Bezos elders are heavily committed to childhood cognitive development, with apps distributed from the family foundation website, in alliance with the Obama Brain Initiative, since they’ve had a growing problem on their hands with the craziness at and the Washington Post. The witch’s brew of memory lapses, mind control and pedophilic porn are the more probable reasons for the CIA to select Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a $600 million grant for cloud storage technology. All those photos have to go somewhere than to the Dallas Morning Herald.
Fanfare for Foodies
As someone who is fond of old book shops and classic cocktail bars, as opposed to halls of nouveau gluttony, my comments about the cuisine at Cosmic Ping Pong Pizza and Buck’s Fishing and Camping restaurant are kept brief and left to the end, with the flush lever near at hand.
Tom Sietsema, restaurant reviewer for the Washington Post, has heaped praise on the pair of DC eateries, Buck’s and Comet Pizza, operated by James Alefantis, the latter being where chef Marina Abramovic did a spirited performance of steak tartar a la Jeffrey Dahmer.
“Restaurants are a bit like theater,” the WaPo food critic says. “Every day is like a new show. The interior is like a set. So it fulfills a lot of my desires.” Does that sounds like the Sins of Pizzagate to you, Father Confessor Moriarty? What about fixing it with that traditional Spanish recipe. Toss him on the rack like a standing rib roast. Buen apetito!
Yoichi Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based investigative reporter and former lecturer in the journalism programs of three major universities.



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