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The Clinton Imbroglio In Haiti-Balkan
Black Magic - PizzaGate 10

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

In these last hours of a momentous political transition in the United States, the time’s come to wrap up the Pizzagate series with Part 10. In the nine parts of this series so far, the major questions and findings from the reddit and VOAT discussion groups were vetted for errors, the facts verified and the findings amplified with additional research from press reports, government documents, domain registry information, business data and Wikileaks releases into comprehensive reports disclosing the larger context of the online allegations. This editorial process proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pizzagate is not “fake news” as irresponsibly claimed by a partisan and benighted mainstream media.
Here, in Part 10, we examine the remaining Pizzagate topics that have until recently been curtailed by a lack of information and/or censorship of key facts. The issues include the alleged suicide of human-trafficking researcher Monica Petersen in Haiti; serious flaws in the anti-child-trafficking networks; the Haiti link of the Alefantis family missed by the online sleuths; background regarding the Serbian artists Marina Alefantis and Biljana Djurdjevic who were patronized by Tony Podesta and James Alefantis; and various items of trivia related to this affair. The list of topics required a detour into the Mexican research of psychoanalyst Michael Maccoby and social theorist Eric Fromm. This essay concludes with a section on the lessons for journalism from Pizzagate denial. That’s a lot of text, so read at your leisure, a section at a time.
That said, to all the those involved in the online investigation and discussions at reddit and VOAT, who dug up all the facts and leads essential for this series, I raise a toast: “Well done, friends and colleagues, thank you and please resume kicking butt.”
Major Media Under the Whip

That rottweiler of the intelligence agencies known as the Washington Post led the attack on the Pizzagate inquiry into the death of human-trafficking researcher Monica Petersen in Haiti:
“The website run by Alex Jones, a big booster of President-elect Donald Trump, posted a YouTube video titled ‘Haiti PIZZAGATE: Death of Child Trafficking Investigator.’ It falsely claimed ‘she had just begun investigating the correlation regarding the Clinton Foundation’s Caracol Industrial Park Complex and its connection to a human trafficking network when her life was cut short.’
The WaPo “Fact-checker” column went on: “’Monica spent her life challenging false narratives,’ said Domina Elle, a Denver-based dominatrix who was a close friend. ‘To have her death be the subject of a false narrative is very sad.””
As in the obsession of the sick puppies at, why does the WaPo staff have a Oedipal dependency on dominatrices? “Domina Elle” sounds like a transvestite, too boot, that is if one is into licking boots. Instead of further flagellating a mainstream press on its knees, let’s get our grown-up jollies by charging back into the thorny thickets of reddit and VOAT to seek real-world answers instead of escapism into obscure corners of fantasy.
Alphabet Soup: The CIA Liar with DEA, DIA and DHS
Human trafficking in Haiti , in connection with Laura Silsby and the recently reported “suicide” of Monica Petersen, was one of the most difficult issues for online sleuths to grapple with, due in large part to the Clinton clan’s stranglehold on foreign aid for that crisis-ravaged and impoverished nation. While spurred by the charges laid at reddit and VOAT, this report relied heavily on blogs including Steemit and Mining Awareness for facts and analysis. A salient point that emerged is that inter-agency rivalry between different U.S. government bureaus has paralyzed effective enforcement of anti-trafficking laws and immeasurably worsened the terrible situation for the Haitian people.
On February 1, 2010, The Fox News “On the Record Show” featured an interview “Alleged Haitian Orphans Case: Attempted Child Trafficking or a Big Misunderstanding?” Host Greta van Susteren conducted a telephone interview with Jorge Puello, the lawyer for a group of Baptists from Idaho, who were arrested at the Haiti-Dominican Republic border for child-trafficking on a bus with 33 orphans leaving earthquake-damaged Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. The following is an exchange from the transcript.
VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know what your clients intended to do with those children? Was it just to bring them to the Dominican Republic or to the United States?
PUELLO: There was no intention to bring them to the United States. They were only trying to take them to a temporary facility so they can be taken care of. A lot of these kids don't even know that their parents have died. They need psychological help. And it doesn't make any sense when at the border they are not asking for any papers. But Haitians cross over to the Dominican Republic and the Dominican government is not asking for passports or any ID to cross over.
VAN SUSTEREN: Where did they find these 33 children? How did they get these children?
PUELLO: There was an orphanage that collapsed in Haiti. It was called Friends of the Orphans of Haiti. And there was somebody over there that told them that the orphans had no place, no room to place them. And these people that came to Haiti to help these kids were trying to do a job that nobody is doing right now. There's too many kids in the streets. There's a lot of people starving to death in Haiti. And they were just trying to help them. There was no intention to do anything illegal.
VAN SUSTEREN: Jorge, thank you, and keep us informed. Thank you.
At the subsequent trial of project organizers Laura Silsby (Gayler) and her church-based supporters, the Haitian prosecution showed that Jorge Puello (aka Torres-Orellana) was not a lawyer as claimed but instead a wanted criminal in El Salvador and Costa Rica on charges of international trafficking of women and underage girls for prostitution. Born in Yonkers, New York, to a Dominican mother and Puerto Rican father, he was previously arrested for people-smuggling into Canada. He had also been arrested the U.S. for handling money for drug smugglers.
Puello-Torres asserted that he was the head of the 400-strong Sephardic Jewish community in the Dominican Republic, based on lineage from his mother, who was also implicated but not charged in the family business of human trafficking, but appears to be the matriarch of a larger crime family.
Notably, Puello-Torres said that he had worked with U.S. Army military intelligence, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Department of Homeland Security. Why was this undercover agent involved in an attempt to transfer “orphans”, many of them children still with parents, transferred from Friends of the Orphans facilities to Laura Silsby’s operation across the border? Why did he serve only half of his prison sentence? Was the leniency toward this fraudster and pimp due to powerful patrons in the American political establishment?
Before probing their links to the death of Monica Petersen, this report must make a detour by circling into the foggy bottom of the Washington D.C. elite, who were overflowing out of Comet Ping Pong Pizza on to the sidewalk of Connecticut Avenue NW.
Mired in Gooey Cheese
In took a full six years before these troubling questions were seriously broached at the online posts that linked Silsby to the Pizzagate child-sex scandal, as suggested by FBIanon, who is believed to be a whistle-blower. Soon thereafter, a post at reddit and VOAT that showed a connection between Silby’s Haitian child-abduction with Max Maccoby, an attorney for James Alefantis of Comet Pizza and his former lover David Brock, who heads the “fact-checking” groups Correct the Record (CTR) and Media Matters for America (MMA). The finger-pointing fact-checkers are a scurrilous crew with much to hide themselves.
Civil claims Max Maccoby, with the D.C. law office of Butzel Long, represented the notorious gay couple against “blackmail” by Brock’s former male lover William Grey in a December 2011 lawsuit that charged misappropriation of funds from his non-profit groups and threatened to disclose more serious crimes (the mystery of the demolished Rehoboth Beach house in Delaware is examined in an earlier episode of this Pizzagate series).
One of the commentators at VOAT pointed out: “I was having a look at Butzel Long, and the first thing I noticed was its logo ‘BL’. The company's name doesn't seem to be based on the founders, but instead two employees who joined later on, so it strikes me as odd because ‘BL’ stands for ‘boy lover.’” It’s something to watch for.
Max Maccoby is a board member of Friends of the Orphans. The charity was founded by the late Catholic priest William B. Wasson in 1954. As stated by his group: “Born on December 21, 1923, in Phoenix, Arizona, Fr. William Wasson was always concerned with the needs of the poor. He received his MA in law and social sciences at San Luis Rey University, Santa Barbara, California. He then traveled to Mexico, where he was ordained a priest in 1953 by the VII Bishop of Cuernavaca. Fr. Wasson was assigned to the chapel in the Tepetates market district of Cuernavaca, and almost immediately instituted a daycare center for poor children.

A year later he rescued a boy from a harsh prison sentence for stealing from the church poor box ‘because he was hungry.’ Father won custody of the boy and eight others in the cell with him. Thus began Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH), which means Our Little Brothers and Sisters.” Correction: The Franciscan Brothers’ San Luis Rey College was relocated from Mission Santa Barbara in 1929 to Oceanside, San Diego, and has since 1968 been based at Berkeley under the Graduate Theological Union (GTU).
Today, the orphan -support group’s main region of operation is Central America and the Caribbean. In French-speaking islands of the Caribbean, the group is called Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs (NPFS). NPFS sponsored 8 orphanages and daycare centers in Haiti at the time of the 2010 earthquake, in addition to a central logistics center. As testimony in the Silsby case showed, the orphanage “donated” children to the visiting Baptists from the U.S. without any assurance of a registration permit and related licenses in either Haiti or the Dominican Republic.
Attorney Max inherited his board seat at Friends of the Orphans from his father Dr. Michael Maccoby, a psychoanalyst who recently accused Donald Trump of being a “narcissist”. Dr. Maccoby conducted a research project on NPH orphans group with Erich Fromm, and at Harvard worked with the determinist psychiatrist B.F. Skinner and policymaker McGeorge Bundy. The early-age psychological conditioning theories of Skinner and Fromm were a part of the Tavistock mind-control program, the blueprint for MK-ULTRA. Conditioning exercises were the lesser-known practical techniques used in the CIA brainwashing project, which was founded on Freudian trauma theory.
Escape from Freedom
Eric Fromm was an odd figure, who notably is not mentioned in the same breath as CIA psychological warfare programs, at least a far as the available declassified records indicate. Yet his career path runs through the Frankfurt School and the New School for Social Research, those seedbeds of MK-ULTRA. The timing of his long sojourn in Mexico, coincides perfectly with the State Department and CIA effort to wean Mexican’s educated elite off the siren songs of Soviet communism. Fromm’s most famous quote is: “If you want a Big Brother, you get all that comes with it.” But “all” could also mean a tenured professorship, secret stipends, medical bills paid discreetly, grants for travel, and other perks that come with official cover.
Fromm left the New School in New York City to emigrate to Mexico in 1949. In his research on the NPH in 1970, he found a social experiment that confirmed his latter-day perspective that the conformism in medieval society provided limits on freedom, which reduced individual anxiety and reinforced a sense of belonging to an immediate encompassing community. This anti-modernist perspective, which contrasted with his earlier viewpoints in “Escape from Freedom”, developed during a long residence in Mexico City, where he taught psychoanalysis at the National Autonomous University (NAM) and then at the Mexican Society of Psychoanalysis (MSP) from 1949 to 1974.
Like many of his fellows with the Frankfurt School, including known CIA collaborators Herbert Marcus, Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Fromm was opposed to the totalitarian aspects of both Soviet communism and a dehumanized American corporate capitalism. In spite of any whiff of collaboration with the CIA, Fromm’s tenure in Mexico stretched over a long period of State Department and Rockefeller Foundation interest in altering the leftward pro-communist direction of populist firebrands toward the Frankfurt School’s alternative of “socialist humanism”, which was later modified in the Latin American church as “liberation theology.”
Fromm’s appointment at the NAM coincided with the triumphant homecoming in 1950 of communist artist David Siqueiros, who had fled to the Soviet Union following his involvement in the 1940 ice-pick assassination of Leon Trotsky in the Coyoacan district of Mexico City. While Fromm delivered his first lectures in Mexico City, Siqueiros was painting a mural at the same National Autonomous University.
Eric Fromm owned a villa in Cuernavaca in the same period when Siqueiros established his famous studio there. What is known is that CIA and the Rockefellers, tantalized by the prospect of modern art becoming an effective counter to the collectivist principles of Stalinist realism, made every effort to host Siqueros, who became a mentor of both the New York School and California movement in abstract painting, drawn from Mexican artist’s experiments in Surrealist “automatic writing” during his European exile. Key organizers of the clandestine cultural Cold War included Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) chairman John Hay Whitney, critic Clement Greenberg and mega-patron David Rockefeller.
Why does any of this dark side of art history have to do with Pizzagate? Because the CIA focus on psychoanalytic uses of the arts is key to Yugoslav communist princess Marina Abramovic’s journeys to the USA and, as this Pizzagate series has shown, to James Alefantis’s arts patronage at Comet and his galleries in Washington D.C., along with the collection of Tony Podesta.
Blowout on the Ping Pong Pavement
Fromm’s disciple Michael Maccoby, in contrast, is a Washington insider focused on commercial psychological testing for leadership potential and strategic intelligence using Rorschach ink-blot tests to determine character types (which he defined with themes like “company man”, “jungle fighter” and “gamesman”. Similar to CIA consultant Herbert Marcuse before him, Maccoby is aligned with “liberation” supporters among intelligence circles, as exemplified by the Clinton-Obama crazed “Arab Spring”, as opposed to the “repressive” conservative forces behind Trump.
His profile discloses that he’s a consultant and coach to leaders in corporations, unions, universities, the World Bank, and the State and Commerce departments of the U.S. government and the U.S. Army. He was director of the Program on Technology, Public Policy and Human Development at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Dr. Maccoby is a fellow of the Said Business School at Oxford, founded by Saudi-Syrian arms dealer Walid Said, and a member of the Brookings Institution and the Washington School of Psychiatry. He studied philosophy at New College, Oxford, as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and studied psychoanalysis with Erich Fromm and graduated from the Mexican Institute (Wilson Center) where was a training analyst. With Fromm he wrote Social Character in a Mexican Village (1970, reissued in 1996). Sound like CIA?
The NPH model, researched by Fromm and Maccoby in 1970, can be seen as a improved model of balance between individual freedom and social bonding, which has since been the preferred model for the CIA project of nation-building that led to the disasters in Vietnam, Lebanon, Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq. This same community-based focus, from a psychoanalytic perspective, can apply to Comet Ping Pong Pizza as a cozy clubby social scene where anything goes during avant-garde performances and libidinal (mis)conduct. The cult of personal freedom in a community context, taken far enough, verges into tolerance for pedophilia with friends’ children, as witnessed in the pedophile wing of the Green Party in Germany, under the influence of the Frankfurt School, as we’ve examined in Alefantis’s sojourn in Berlin in this Pizzagate series.
Dr. Maccoby flexed his psychoanalytic muscles outside Comet Ping Pong Pizza in a notorious incident when customers shouted down neighborhood commissioner Frank Winstead. At a late-night gathering around a ping pong table outside the Alefantis establishment in June 2008, Winstead loudly stated that an after-midnight license for outdoor dining in front of Comet Ping Pong Pizza would make it a magnet for “rape and murder”. As put by Washington City Paper, Winstead is “folk hero to some, YouTube vigilante to others”. In November elections, Winstead was ousted from his position, here again showing the passive aggression of James Alefantis, who was probably shaken by the charges of rape and murder by his elite patrons.
Here’s another reddit post: “(Michael Maccoby) is the father of Izette Folger (very close friends with Alefantis, also on the board for (Alfantis-run art gallery) Transformer DC. He lives very close to Comet Ping Pong so it is a wonder why this man was so vehement about Comet Ping Pong operating after midnight. Apart from being a member of the elite Cosmos Club, there was one thing that struck me as weird in his biography: He coaches leaders at Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, homes for orphaned and abandoned children.”
The surname Maccoby, likely derived from “Maccabee”, is linked with Orthodox Hassidic Jewish clan  in England involved in the early Zionist movement and formation of kibbutzes in British Palestine/Israel. The most prominent of the extended family is Hyam Maccoby, a historian who developed the modern critique of anti-Semitism in the what he interprets as based on slanders by the apostles against Judas Iscariot in the New Testament. Furthermore, the historian characterized Christianity as a heresy from the Judaism of Jesus, concocted by the gentile Paul (Saul of Tarsus) under the influence of Gnosticism and pagan mystery religions. In short, bring Jesus of Nazareth back into the rabbinical fold and Christianity be damned as a illegitimate religion. Cloaked in historical scholarship, these are spurious attacks on interfaith tolerance, something of a reverse Inquisition.
Death in Haiti

Triggered by the source called FBIanon, Pizzagate-Haiti discussions at reddit and VOAT focused on human trafficking issues involving :
- Laura Silsby (Gayler), who was jailed in Haiti for cross-border transfer of Haitian children after the 2010 Port-au-Prince earthquake. Bill Clinton, as the UN representative in the Haiti quake response, actively lobbied for the release of Silby’s 10-member American team.
- Monica Petersen, a researcher with the Human Trafficking Network at the Korbel International Studies Center in the University of Denver, who reportedly committed suicide in Haiti on November 13, 2016. She spent 2 years of field research while serving as a teacher at the English-curriculum school in Port-au-Prince, and apparently wrote a 110-page yet-unpublished report on the Haiti human trafficking issue, according the director of the HTN in Denver.
Researchers at reddit were stunned at the discovery that Laura Gayler and Monica Petersen as of late November 2016 were both on the executive committee of Idaho-based AlertSense, which issues mobile phone warnings (DHS Amber notices for terrorism, local police reports on major accidents, bad weather forecasts) to emergency services, state agencies, police departments and community centers in the Pacific Northwest. Their presence was soon scrubbed from the private-company website, probably on orders from the Obama administration, which has something to hide about both women.
A crusading reformer with independent opinions, Monica Petersen obviously had an unreported relationship with either law enforcement or a federal agency. Her exact role was not disclosed by here associates, who were scared off by the “fake news” campaign launched by the Washington Post soon after reports of her death. Here, this probe can move forward with the assumption of only a minimal or temporary level of involvement with law enforcement on her part and that her career objective as a field researcher was to establish herself as an activist academic. If that’s not the case, there is no need to blow her cover postmortem.
Teaching in Haiti, Petersen must have been well aware that the Clintons are widely despised by Haitians for the disappearance of millions in quake donations into their Foundation coffers and private bank accounts, along with mismanagement of foreign aid programs. Bill Clinton’s role as overlord of Haiti was rooted in his presidential order for the U.S. military invasion and occupation of that island nation in 1994. The Haiti intervention was ordered by Clinton’s National Security Adviser Tony Lake, who is current executive director of UNICEF, the UN Children’s Fund, which has played a major role in dubious vaccination campaigns and nutrition programs in that Caribbean nation. Since Bill Clinton’s appointment as UN representative to Haiti in response to the 2010 earthquake, the Clinton Foundation became a clearinghouse for foreign aid, much of it diverted, and with much of that aid arranged by the State Department and USAID during Hillary Clinton’s tenure.
The chronic failures Petersen witnessed in Haiti only confirmed her earlier observations along the Mexico-U.S. border: “Economic development policies between countries of the global North and South have favored Northern profits and the United States for decades. This has resulted in massive inequality of worldwide wealth and acute global poverty. . . . Where ‘free-trade’ policies have collapsed the legal and formal markets of local economies, illicit and informal markets will fill the economic void as a necessity of human survival.

Weapons, narcotics, endangered plants and wildlife, humans, and other illicitly traded commodities are advantageous to developing economies because regulated, domestic exports (such as auto parts, factory garments or agricultural crops) have been devalued to the point they are no longer competitive on the global market. Illicit markets are the natural comparative advantage for sustaining local livelihoods, and this is apparent in the homelands of border youth and children.”
The collapse of “formal markets” producing low-margin products is a perfect description of the Clinton-sponsored Caracol Industrial Park on the coast of northeast Haiti, near Cap Hatien. A message from Petersen to a colleague, as disclosed at the memorial ceremony, indicates that Petersen died in the vicinity of what she termed the “Clinton complex” at the new Caracol Industrial Part on the northeast coast of Haiti, the nearest city being Cap Hatian. The financing included nearly $130 million in USAID grants for a port and power plant and more than $100 million in grants from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on top of a $300 million loan. The real-world results so far are a total of two tenants, a small paint distributorship and a Korean-run garment factory. Caracol was a boondoggle, initially promoted by the Clinton Foundation, and micro-managed by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.
Petersen wrote: “The real significance of this scandal for me . . . is the link to contemporary slavery and trafficking. I can’t say to what extent, but there is human trafficking happening through the Clinton’s Caracol Complex.” She obviously was informed by the ground reports from Haitian sources.
To comprehend what Petersen is implying, one needs understand that Caracol is located on two borders: with the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean region’s main center for drug shipments and human trafficking of sex slaves and migrant workers, and sea routes to the United States and Europe. At a time when international anti-drug agencies had been stepping up surveillance over the northern Dominican Republic, the half-finished port at Caracol provided alternative docks for boarding human cargo. Shanty towns sprouting up around Caracol for day laborers and families of garment workers provide temp shelter for the chattel.
Digging for Fool’s Gold
Meanwhile, a gold rush in the northeast was prompted by pressure from U.S. and Canadian diplomats who saw mining as the solution to Haiti’s post-quake economic malaise. The Haitian government (since ousted on charges of corruption in elections held one week after Petersen’s death) had issued exploration licenses to three foreign mining companies: Newmont, VCS, and Majescor.
“Mining has always been historically linked to trafficking, slavery, and labor exploitation. I’d like to go see for myself who’s laboring at Morne Bossa, but I would hypothesize that the Dominicans are doing the contractual oversight of the mining, while marginalized Haitians are being exploited for low or no cost labor in dangerous mining conditions. . . . That’s two huge human trafficking scandals, an environmental degradation scandal, a social displacement scandal, a Presidential election scandal, a scandal with billions in unaccounted for earthquake aid, all leading directly back to the Clintons’ racist cronyism in Haiti.”
Morne Bossa is site of the mining stake owned by a penny-stock firm closely involved with the Clinton-Rodham clan. In October 2012, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton did the ribbon-cutting at Caracol industrial park. Two months later, Las Vegas-based VCS Mining was awarded the first permit for a foreign gold-mining company in 50 years. VCS then appointed Hillary Clinton’s brother Anthony “Tony” Rodham as an investment adviser and remunerated him with a share holding. CEO Angelo Viard later stated that Rodham was added to the VCS board after a chance meeting at a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) conference. In April 2016, while the Bernie Sanders campaign gained momentum against a floundering Hillary organization, Rodham tendered his resignation.
VCS was a double scam to flip (sell off) the mineral exploration claim to a large mining company with access to enough capital to take on the task. The second aspect of the fraud is that Morne Bossa is tapped out, informally mined and stripped of its higher-grade lode for decades, with only unprofitable ore and low-quality copper deposits.
CIA-armed Militia Run by Guy Philippe
With Tony Rodham out of the picture and Hillary Clinton already defeated by Trump, the threat to Monica Petersen arose from the fact that northeast Haiti is the base area of the heavily armed CIA-backed mafia, comprised of Haitian army veterans involved in the 2004 coup against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide (who was earlier re-installed by Bill Clinton’s invasion). The coup leader of that revolt, Guy Phillipe, was a favorite of President George Bush and the then-chief of the International Republican Institute (IRI) John McCain.
By “coincidence” Guy Philippe who had just won a Senate seat in elections was nabbed by the Drug Enforcement Agency on Haiti’s southern cape and extradited to the United States for alleged cocaine trafficking. Presumably, a topic of interrogation of the militia commander will be the untimely death of Monica Petersen.
The Western mining operations were being challenged by informal illegal gold pits run by ex-rebel militias, which was turning northern Haiti into something like the blood metals trade in Eastern Congo. In economic reality, Caracol is a white elephant stranded inside jungle on fire. Adding fuel to that blaze was the return of Sephardic Jewish Dominican-American human-trafficker Jorge Puello aka Torres-Orellana, the child-trafficking accomplice of Laura Silsby (Gayler), released from federal prison in early 2012, and looking for revenge against his fellow Americanos.
Condaleeza and Madeleine’s Alma Mater
Before looking at Puello-Torres and Silsby-Gayler, who was described as a key figure in the Pizzagate online posts, some mention must be made of the Human Trafficking Network in Denver, which helped enable Monica Petersen to venture into this insanely dangerous zone. Surveillance on any kind of trafficking in that tropical hellhole would be tough enough for a black Haitian-American Special Forces veteran, but for a young white female teacher it was a suicide mission. Her research supervisors should never have been that naive or careless.
The Human Trafficking Network is a program of the Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. The school is named after its second dean Josef Korbel, a diplomat in prewar Czechoslovakia who fled the German invasion to join the exile government of Edvard Benes in London. After converting to Catholicism, Korbel worked as war propagandist for BBC. Following Germany’s defeat, the Rockefeller Foundation provided support to install him at the University of Denver, where his star pupil was Condaleeza Rice. His daughter is Madeleine Albright. This all smacks of MI-6 and CIA sponsorship of establishment liberalism in the Cold War and War on Terrorism.
That latent and often blatant intelligence mission continues at the Korbel School, which is a finishing school for the State Department and intelligence offices of various federal bureaus. The executive director of the network-sponsor Human Trafficking Center, Claude d'Estrée appears to be a typical liberal trying to balance his personal ethical principles with his duty for the amoral state, which is the root cause of the social evils that he professes to oppose.

In other words, he’s probably is not as bad as the task he’s been given. At the Pizzagate posts, suspicion fell on him as Peterson’s boss due his past work during Bill Clinton’s wars to break apart the Balkans. Judging fom his one-line job description, d’Estree was a legal-ethics consultant to the U.S. Attorney General during the Bosnia conflict during the investigation of military contractor DynCorp, involved in sex-trafficking of underage girls from Eastern Europe. The fact that DynCorp evaded prosecution and disbandment casts a dark shadow over d’Estree’s role in the investigation, which was alleged penetrated by DynCorp, a funder of the Clintons.
One of the reddit discussion group posted this critique: "As many know, Claude D'Estree, who is murdered researcher Monica Petersen's colleague and is the most outspoken about her not investigating the Clinton Foundation, previously worked for DynCorp. However, D'Estree didn't just work for DynCorp, he was their direct link to the US Attorney's Office during DynCorp's biggest child trafficking scandal, which took place in Bosnia in 1999. The US Attorney's Office that should have been prosecuting DynCorp, but never did. That whole incident was so big it literally got turned into a Hollywood movie called the “Whistleblower” with Rachel Weisz."
By pure coincidence, the Balkans interventions, when DynCorp ran wild and made millions from military equipment maintenance, happened to coincide with the 1997-2001 term of Madeleine Korbel Albright as Secretary of State. (The term as National Security Adviser of that other star of the Korbel School, Condaleeza Rice, was a key policy maker behind the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and other futile operations in the War on Terror.) D’Estee’s career rise at the Korbel School may well have been part of the package for killing the charges against DynCorp. Ethics is a core issue when it comes to the human trafficking, making this scandal all the worse.
While care should be given not to judge guilt by association, the Korbel School’s role in human trafficking, an underlying issue in the 2016 presidential elections, cannot be called impartial or non-partisan. One strong recommendation for curriculum reform is a reappraisal of migration at least in part as a political destabilization strategy, as happened to Europe in the orchestrated “refugee” crisis, orchestrated by the Clinton Foundation, the Soros Open Society and a corrupted CIA., which in truth are one and the same monstrosity as can be seen in Angela Merkel’s Germany. For analysis of engineered coercive migration, see Kelly M. Greenhill’s “Weapons of Mass Migration”.
Whether deliberate or neglectful, the lack of interest in the role of intelligence operations in the trafficking of people, drugs and weapons has led to the basic missteps that resulted in the silencing of Monica Petersen. Her adversaries were not only the local traffickers and corrupt cops, at root is a dysfunctional intelligence community.
Background on the Silsby Case
Here is a summary of background on the Haiti affair. Laura Silsby (Gayler) is the founder of the New Life Children’s Refuge (NLCR, registered in 2009) with support from Baptist churches in Idaho Falls and Meridian, Idaho. Following the Port-au-Prince earthquake in 2010, Silsby-Bayler established an orphanage in the neighboring Dominican Republic at a rented hotel. Silsby and nine supporters, transporting 33 Haitian children, were arrested by Haitian authorities at the border, and legal prosecution toughened when it was discovered several children were not orphans as claimed. A Haitian judge sentenced her to 6 months in prison. She was later on the executive board of AlertSense, which issues amber warnings for the Department of Homeland Security.
The two most troubling points in the Silsby story are:
First, a bundle of Wikileaks emails, most of them between Huma Abedin and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tracking the Silsby affair in Haiti. According to Shani M. King, “One of Bill Clinton’s first task (as UN special representative following the January 2010 earthquake) was to put out the fires of a child abduction scandal involving American citizens.” (Harvard Human Rights Journal v.25) Bill Clinton got the release of all but two Americans involved.
Second, the role of Jorge Puello, a New York-born Dominican dual citizen, who took on the role of legal adviser (without a license to practice law) for Silsby. At the time Puello (aka Torres Orellana), claimed to be the head of the Sephardic Jewish community in the Dominican Republic. He was under investigation for sex trafficking of underage girls in El Salvador. He was also wanted in the United States for smuggling people across the Canada­U.S. border. On August 18, 2010, the Supreme Court in Santo Domingo authorized Puello's extradition to the United States where he was sentenced to 37 months of prison in June 2011, but after serving a total 17 months including pretrial jail time, he was released in early 2012.
With that note following our exhaustive review of the Haiti controversy, the Pizzagate exposes of the Haiti affair are confirmed as fact-based and certainly not “fake news”
Pizzagate Trivia 1: Missing Kids and Amber Alert connections
Reddit posts discovered that James Alefantis posted an online image of artist Jeff Koons having sex with his former wife, Italian porn star Cicciolina Ilona Staller, who divorced him and took their son to Europe, where a court refused to give him custody. (Photo since removed)

In June 2016 during the Hillary Clinton campaign, Koons donated $50,000 to David Brock’s Correct The Record, raising the question of whether Alefantis’s post of Koons and his porn-star first wife was a blackmail threat to reveal more compromising images in tandem with Brock.

Koons’s second wife is Justine Wheeler, and together they created the Koons Family Institute, which in charge of online research of kiddie porn for the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC/ National US branch NCMEC). Koons and Wheeler have six children.

The NCMEC is responsible for issuing Amber Alerts carried by the Silsby-linked AlertSense.
ICMEC was launched in 1998 by then First Ladies Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair.
Fit the pieces together and it’s not a pretty picture.
Pizzagate Trivia 2: Jimmy Comet’s Father is linked with Haiti orphans

The Pizzagate hunters did an impressive roundup of factual details but sometimes missed a few points or interest. One of these nuggets is the relationship of Comet Pizza owner’s father Achilles Lee Alefantis to Haiti orphans. Achilles, now a septuagenarian, worked as a construction supervisor for Boston-based Shawmut Design and Construction, a firm that specialized in building casinos and later spread out to malls, boutiques and restaurants. The firm’s founder Jim Ansara, sold off the company after 20 years to his employees, using the revenue to start the Ansara Family Fund, which heavily focused on child welfare, health and education following the 2010 Haitian earthquake. No adoption scams, so it all looks innocent enough, although one can never be absolutely certain.
Cultural Roots of Marina Abramovic’s Blood Baths
Surprisingly, there are more occult associations with Comet Pizza than with voodoo-centric Haiti!

There is no need for invective against the offensive artistes, given the online outrage agains the performances of Marina Abramovic, child-porn evoking paintings by fellow Serbian artist Biljana Djurdevic, and the demented Ghost Ship freak who draws decapitated heads who goes under the pseudonym Arrington De Dionyso.
An earlier episode in this Pizzagate series ran a report from Serbia that accused Abramovic’s grandfather Varnaa, an Orthodox bishop, of transvestism, pedophilia and murder. The point of this historical review of occult traditions in the Balkans and Danube region is to show that there’s nothing artistically innovative about Marina Abramovic’s performances since her grotesque acts are merely a rehashing of the creepy subcultures of her homeland.
Occult Europe B.C. (Before Crowley)
It is astounding how the ultra-liberal press and arts foundations can defend the grotesque blood rituals of “artist” Marina Abramovic. By no stretch of the imagination, except in the drug-addled brains of Hollywood celebrities like Colin “Feral” Farrell, can her horror show be misinterpreted as “art”. The cannibalistic “performance” involving the butchering of artificial bodies pasted over live models are literal renditions of unholy sacraments by His Satanic Majesty Aleister Crowley and the Tibetan Tantra as espoused by Madame Helen Blavatsky and her dope-fiend Theosophist circle. Cannibalism runs deeper within the cultural legacy of Abramovic’s homeland in the Balkans.
The occult traditions of the larger Danube region are not confirmed national cultures due to the long history of invasions by ethnically different tribal powers and interactions between them. The very term “Balkans” evoke a checkerboard of ethnicity and religious traditions, somehow pervaded by Gothic horror. Here, briefly, the overlays of sorcery are presented in an over-simplistic outline.
Abramovic’s homeland of Serbia is exceptional as an Orthodox Christian citadel surrounded by the cultures steeped in witchcraft, occultism and mystical cults. However, its northeast and eastern regions, on the east bank of the Danube River, are part of the Banat region, which also encompasses southern Hungary and that heartland of occultism, the slope between the Danube and the Carpathian Mountains, best-known as the Transylvania.
Prior to the Roman push-back of the warlike Dacians in the struggle to control the Danube boundary, Dacia was a Indo-European federation whose territory stretched from the Black Sea into the Hungarian plains. Greek and Roman accounts showed them to have a pantheon of gods similar to other Indo-European groups without extreme forms of sorcery in peace or battle. Their tribal totem was the wolf. The ancient Greek tale of Jason and the Argonauts, however, indicates that belief in dragons with supernatural powers in Colchis likely pervaded the entire Black Sea coast, which includes the Dacian realm and which would reemerge a millennium later in the figure of Lord Draco, or Dracula.
Judaic Black Spells on the Danube
The first hard evidence of black magic was recently turned up in the archaeological excavation at the site of Viminacium, the capital of the Roman province of Moesia Superior, now eastern Serbia. These artifacts are tiny scrolls of lead, silver and gold inscribed with ancient Greek letters. The language, however, is Aramaic, the spoken patois through the Hellenistic Syrian and Judean region at the time of the Roman assault on Masada, circa 70 CE. The texts contain invocations to several demons to lay binding curses on target individuals. These curses are a fascinating link to Rome’s Judean Wars, and to popular beliefs in unholy sorcery throughout the Holy Land.
The Roman campaigns to crush Judean rebels, following the crucifixion of Jesus, began the diaspora of the Jews, many of whom were taken captive and relocated by the Legio V Macedonia, the long-serving Macedonian Fifth Legion, which thrust back the Dacians and Alemanni from the Danube valley. The binding curses indicate the extent of sorcery among the Jewish population due to contact with the Canaanites, Phoenicians, Assyrians and Babylonians.

The Old Testament is turgid with struggles of the prophets against sorcerers, for example Elijah’s fire contest with the priests of Moloch, that being the official religion of Judean King Ahab and his queen Jezebel. Judea was not always Jewish. The apostles who wrote the New Testament, in the same era of Viminacium’s glory, railed against diviners, demon worshipers and magicians like Simon Magus. This deep occult tradition was over centuries sublimated, crafted and polished with Arab alchemy and Persian mysticism to emerge as Kabbalism.
The Hunnish Horde

In the late 5th century, Viminacium was overrun by the Huns, who introduced their cult of sun-god worship from the steppes, known as Tengri-ism, along with its shamanism dominated by powerful female seers. Before the start of major battles, it was customary for a chariot to roll out a senior sorceress who wailed out a blood-curdling curse against massed enemies trembling in fear. The Huns’ reputation for savagery made for powerful propaganda.
Following the collapse of the communist Warsaw Pact in the 1990s, the ancient rites of Ostmagyar Vallas, or the arch-Hunnish religion, has made a massive comeback in Hungary, along with Pan-Turanism, which is the ideology of imperial racial unity of Altaic-Turko steppes tribes from Manchuria to Finland. OK, doped-up nerds, have fun with that one. Bad times are here again.
The Roman-speaking survivors held out against the Hunnish hordes in the Carpathian Mountains, where they came to call themselves the “Wallachians” and later Romanians. Their ancient beliefs, including Latin paganism, Jewish-Syriac sorcery, and possibly remnants of the Dacian pantheon, merged into what’s now called pejoratively “Vlach” superstition.
Then came the Slavs and the Avars in a human wave against the Eastern Roman Empire. With these barbarians came witchcraft, in the scary legend of Baba Roga, known as Baba Yaga in Russia, the crone riding a stick across the sky to catch children to cook in her cauldron. The trio of Roga and her sisters is the archetype of witches, as depicted in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” with their chant “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.” The witches of Halloween and “The Wizard of Oz” all derive from Baba Roga and not your neighborhood Druids. Followers of wiccan ways probably have no idea what they’re getting into, even if Miss Abramovic is fully aware, her being the Baba Roga of Comet Ping Pong Pizza.
The Khazars and Dracula
The next bunch of immigrants were the Khazars, members of a Turkic tribe recently converted to Judaism after being driven out of Central Asia by the Chinese Empire. The once-powerful empire between the Caspian and Black seas was cursed by the Mongol invasion in the 14th century. Bands of survivors infiltrated the river valleys of the Balkans into Serb towns, but their most powerful group outside of the Ukraine-Polish region was in Cluj in Transylvania, claiming magical powers.
There are suggestions that Vlad III Dracul aka Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Count Dracula, was of Kharzar matrilineal descent via his father Vlad II Dracul, the illegitimate son of Mircea the Great, king of Wallachia.
Vlad III’s captivity as a hostage of Sultan Memet of the Ottoman Empire, during which time he learned the art of impaling. Returning to his Carpathian homeland, Vlad III would have need financing to build up his army in the desperate many-sided struggle for those borderland.
The confrontation with the encroaching Ottoman Turks was a most difficult situation for the Germanic Habsburgs, who were allied with the kings of Hungary. Turk-reinforced Muslim forces in Bosnia were a constant threat and the Wallachians remained stubbornly independent against the Saxon knights in the Danube Valley. To reinforce the strategic Danubian waterway, the Habsburgs sent for close-knit German colonists from Swabia and Saxony to establish garrison-towns of armed yeomen. It was Vlad III Dracul’s impaling of Saxon warriors that stunned Europeans. His title of Dracul, which means alternatively “dragon” and “devil”, is due to his membership in the Hungarian knightly Order of the Dragon.
Vlad the Impaler’s reputation was sealed by his expedition into Bulgaria, where his forces massacred tens of thousands of Turks and Bulgars. Sultan Memet retaliated by recognizing his brother Radu as king, which forced Vlad to seek an alliance with Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus, who betrayed and imprisoned him. The Corvinus surname is, of course, familiar to fans of Kate Beckinsale’s “Underworld” movies. Curiously, one of Vlad’s trusted allies was Stephen Bathory, a surname soon to be associated with bloodbaths. In a counterattack, vassals of the sultan trapped Vlad III Dracul, cut him to pieces and sent his head to Memet II. Human rights were not an issue back then.
Arminius Vambery and Turanism
Aside from the elongated face and nose in Vlad’s portrait, another lead pointing to Dracula’s Khazar Jewish heritage is that Bram Stoker first learned of unpublished details of Vlad’s life from Armin “Arminius” Vambery, the Hungarian Jewish linguist and explorer who penned the theory of Turan, the northern “realm of darkness” the homeland of the Turkish people as opposed to Arya, the southern “land of light” of the Indo-Aryans. The most famous fictional inhabitant of Turan is Conan the Barbarian. Vambery first cut his academic teeth on the forbidding soil of Transylvania, its languages and folklore, and was thus Bram Stoker’s best source on Dracula. Stoker honored him by modeling the vampire hunter Professor Van Helsing after Vambury.
Jumping ahead a century, the aristocrat Elizabeth Bathory of Cathtice, Slovakia, circa 1600, gained notoriety for knifing her virgin maidservants to death to bathe in their blood, according to legend. Never punished for her mad crimes, and just confined to her castle, Lady Bathory was the most notorious serial killer of Eastern Europe, well, at least before upstart Marina Abramovic came to America. The popular legends of her blood baths could well be a legacy of Vlad the Impaler’s “baptism of blood”, based on his habit of washing his hands in the crimson fountains spurting out of his victims and dipping bread into human blood for an iron-rich snack.
The treasury of gory folklore from the Banat obviously bedazzled Abramovic during the anti-Christian decades of Tito’s Yugoslavia. However, these sorts of bloody spectacles by those of Ashkenazi Jewish descent are extremely dangerous for the Jewish community, which has suffered due to such tales, true or fictive, of child sacrifice in the anti-Semitic folklore of Europe. As stated earlier, hers is not art, it is the suicidal inciting of another round of pogroms.
Lessons for Journalism
The primary reason for the Pizzagate series is that, in the absence of a credible press, online discussion groups have taken over the task once performed by investigative journalists who allowed themselves to become official watchdogs leashed and cared-for by government agencies and disreputable funders like George Soros, as shown in the example of the collaborationist International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).
Another pervasive problem has been the major media’s double standard and self-censorship whenever criticism of the executive branch were raised, as shown in our analysis of The New York Times and Washington Post denial of Pizzagate. In contrast, online discussion groups and various blogs such as Steemit have been at the vanguard of press freedom and the public’s right to know, even if normal press rules such as bylines are mostly absence from posts (many journalists, in fact, have pen names, so the practice of using pseudonyms and anonymity is not unprecedented.)
Online citizen sleuthing will continue to be the most important force in tracking down elite pedophile networks, political corruption and inhumane occult practices, while continuing to challenge official cover-ups and disinformation. The citizen investigators with the online discussion groups has proven in Pizzagate that they are a credible part of the press arena by proving themselves to often be more accurate and honest than the news in print or television. Still needed, however, were methods of traditional journalism in organizing the many findings into comprehensive articles, which was done rigorously as possible and sometimes with acid humor in this Pizzagate series.
Here are other issues arising from Pizzagate that need discussion within the journalism professions:
- The offhand rejection of online posts by the mainstream media is censorship of citizen journalism, in violation of the spirit of free speech guaranteed by the Constitution, equivalent to rejecting opinions expressed at a protest or a public meeting, where not every speaker can be identified. Voices in a forum need to be aired and considered based on the logic of the argument, even at times when the identity of sources is not possible.
- The dismal failure of traditional “fact-checkers” disclosed an underlying bias that favor inaccuracies rather the mainstream press as against truth-telling by citizen online reporters. The exposure of, the “paragon” of fact-checking which rejected the Pizzagate findings, revealed the depths of corruption and moral depravity of those self-appointed censors, as tools of the intelligence agencies.
- Pizzagate challenged exposed the limitations of journalism standards based on an Anglo-American empiricism, which elevates data and statistics, a selectivity that amounts to damned lies. Mainstream journalism tends to ignore context, historical background and cultural factors in its reporting, which has become increasingly alienated from actual experience, as shown in the mainstream media’s absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election. This series proves that slow-cooked journalism is the only method for discovering deeper, more complex truths.
Yoichi Shimatsu is an investigate journalist based in Hong Kong and former lecturer with three journalism schools.



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