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Pirates Of The New Millennium

By Jim Kirwan

We’ve romanticized Piracy over the centuries

To the point that it’s become an international cartoon

Yet ’Pirates’ have always been a tool of the global Elites.

From ‘The Halls of NATO & the UN to the shores of Tripoli, Baghdad and Beirut, contemporary pirates have taken over the global hijacking of oil gold and all the natural resources in many former nation states.

What far too many people have failed to understand is that none of these actions, especially over all the years which included the slaughter of Libya and now Syria have been orchestrated and carried out by the same Barbarians that are supposedly “in-charge” of keeping international law and ‘peace’ intact throughout the world. When Israel came out of their stealth mode and became the criminal Apartheid, Fascist Police State that she is today: What’s happening now became inevitable.

What was once thought to be an actual community of nations in the world has become a group of regions in which national borders have been erased by global outlaws that are hell-bent on stealing, raping, murdering and in general slaughtering all kinds of people, whenever they feel like it.

The global crime, in this, is that there is no force that will be brought to bear to stop this anytime soon.

Trillions of dollars in weapons have been stolen, yet billions more is planned to go the same way as all that has already been taken. Half a dozen “nations” have already “disappeared” but there has yet to be a global outcry or indeed any change in these wars, because this is all being run by the same people that fund the pirates and the mercenaries, who are directly profiting from the hijacked oil, gold and resources worldwide. See the 1st story.

People need to be clear about the entire political hijacking of the entire Western political machine. The higher the offices held the deeper-in are the puppets in every massive thing that ends up as Crimes Against Humanity, day after day and year after year:

Maybe the public needs to bring back the Guillotine and televise pubic executions. If the world were serious the populations would act upon what is clear to anyone that even noticed what has transpired across the world—it’s either that or global suicide because this cannot stand.

The U.S. Marines were supposedly formed to put an end to a similar type of ‘piracy’ in the world a very long time ago. They made that fact a part of the Marine Hymn: But that was not the whole story.

After the Pirates were eradicated, or more likely sacrificed on the globally-public alter because they had gone too far and the next people to be targeted would have been the Royalty of that day and the rulers that were really behind the raping and sinking’s of so many ships on the high seas. Even in America the newly minted U.S. Marines were used as that day’s “Blackwater Forces”. The Marines were used to slaughter the public in country after country where the criminal mega-landowners were threatened by the peasants that needed to be murdered in the name of ever greater profits. This was real. It was testified to by Marine General Smedley Butler who did what he did for 33 years and then he wrote about it all.

The current attempt to smear Russia, China and the BRICS nations is a futile attempt to stop the few nations that have rebelled against the sanctimonious “West” which has become nothing more than a global den of thieves and assassins masquerading as “leaders of the New World Order”. When in fact these unholy bastards are using fake religious affiliations and tribal factions, everywhere today, to try to overthrow what might remain of global sanity in the world today.

In this country we’ve allowed them to create what’s going on in Ferguson Missouri which looks like WWIII because it was designed to open the gates of hell inside the US, to crush American resistance to this false-nation’s attack upon our own people as surely as what Kiev continues to do against their people in their breakaway republics. All this was created from soiled cloth by USI & Israel, to spread what happened to Palestine from the Middle East into Eastern Europe: This continuing obscenity just happens to include the forcing of financial suicide on the people of the EU, as an added bonus, via the totally illegal sanctions that are just now finally being recognized for what they are across the world.

None of this “just happened” to occur. This was always part of the designed plan for the destruction of all the international borders in every country that still has anything worth stealing in the world today.

The disadvantaged, the poor the downtrodden are easy targets for so many fake causes. The list of organized criminal activities is so long that it’s almost impossible to keep track of. Throw in the politicalization of millions coupled with the religious extremism of seriously angry creatures with nothing to win or lose and it’s easy to see where all this is going. But what is less easy to see is how this will end.

As always this all comes directly back corporate criminal activity. Leaving aside for the moment that corporate charters worldwide are steeped in criminal actions because their existence in the world of what used to be called “the law” ­ no longer exists! That’s true because while the courts in USI granted corporations the same rights as human beings, they neglected to force the corporations to also have the same RESPONSIBILITES of those ‘ordinary people’ which they spent a king’s ransom to steal from the global-public.

What has happened since NATO and the UN slaughtered Libya is that the Oligarch’s and the global bankers have joined in the War on the Public, which effectively ended any and all rights that any people anywhere once had. The corporations and the major banks are now above the law, both national and international and we’re living with the result of those criminally instigated crimes against all of humanity.

Ask yourselves these questions: Name one place that has been better off for having USI or Israel decide to topple their legitimate leader and attack any country to supposedly make life better for people anywhere? And: How long has this been going on? WHY can’t any people be allowed to have their own leaders?

Remember these days?

What’s about to commence come December is the outright theft of the money held by US citizens, just as that was done to the banks in Greece and to other nations in Europe, in the name of “austerity”. The one clear difference here is that Americans’ are armed to the teeth and they will need to pick up their weapons if we are to survive the coming shut down of this place. Yes it’s ugly. But no—there is almost no other alternative because those criminal powers that have lasted for two thousand years never chose to back down—or at least they haven’t done that so far; which is why Americans must stand up for themselves and force this issue, without resorting to all out war. Take a look at these two articles and then decide if you still think “America” has been legitimate in what we loosely can our history?

America's Caligula

America's Caligula Continued

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