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Promises & Pipedreams?



Trump had a really great beginning, promising much of what most Americans could only dream about when it comes to what any candidate for president had never said before, in this lifetime.

I had some doubts but I too was glad to hear what was - if honored - a fantastic change in direction: Which I knew would fly directly in the face of both 'parties' ­ IF Trump stuck to the trajectory he initially voiced. I also knew that Trump was no saint, and since he has worked with moneyed Zionists for his entire life, I thought this course might not be possible. And now some of what I learned about early on has begun to linger in the shadows surrounding Donald J. Trump.

If TRUMP is real, then he will will walk away from his most recent 'programs' and suggested parts of 'his coming administration' that run directly counter to what he began by introducing, in the current race for the White House. If he does not, then Trump will just add another chapter to his previous 'experience' and the public will be left in the dust of just another con-man trying to substitute artificial dreams for pipedreams that will lead to something much worse that we have right now.

Most of his previous acquisitions were created under heavy clouds of illusions, if not outright scams. Trump refers to much of his past as “truthful hyperbole” - but that's not enough for the American public in this horrifically pivotal moment. That's why the way that Trump made his reputation in the past is of mega-importance today.

Here's part of the reality that must be factored in:

How the US Presidential Candidate Made his Money Deals!

I've spent well over twenty years in architectural-design and construction, as well as having to deal with con-men and women in all phases of the levels well below Trumps experience. However the 'games' are identical, and now all that has become universal, and it's not limited to design, architecture, construction or much of anything else:

That said: Everyone has done things they aren't 'proud-of' but in this case, America needs a real change, not just a retread of of common-place scams that 'real-estate' has become world-famous for. This time, America deserves a real man, large enough to admit his mistakes and who will take the lead in appointing individuals that actually care about how this country survives. This is the last time that America actually has a real chance to free themselves from global-theft, corruption and mass murder around the planet.

The proof of this campaign will come down to who he wants to appoint and how exactly Trump plans to change the politics-as-usual, from the last 50 years of total enslavement and corruption of the government & the silent creatures of the public, that have made all these crimes not just possible but in reality: The New Power that many envision could put government back into it's ten mile square in D.C. - but only if everything changes and the nation holds everyone directly responsible with their lives.

To get there the public must grill TRUMP and hold him personally responsible for every promise he began by offering.

His recent considerations such as Newt Gingrich, along with his past associations with George Soros, and virtually all the wrong people does not auger well for his run for the presidency. Another of his abbreviated comments regards the immigration policy changes he would like to make: He offered this along with the TRUMP Wall, without mentioning that in 1952 under Harry Truman, the U.S. banned Muslims from the United States.

The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization and nationality for the United States.

That Act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of aliens to the US and remains in effect today.

Among the many issues it covers, one in particular found in Chapter 2, Section 212, is the prohibition of entry in to the US if the alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by force, violence or by other unconstitutional means.”

This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States but this law is being ignored by the White House.

Islamic immigration to the United States would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam which is antithethical to the United States government, the Constitution and to the Republic.

All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government.

Now the politically correct crowd would say that Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the United States because Islam is a ‘religion.’

Whether it is a ‘religion’ is immaterial because the law states that aliens who are affiliated with any organization that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited.”

Islam was BANNED in the USA in 1952; But you're not supposed to know that!

Beneath all of this our real problem now is that there are no credible people running for anything anymore—they're all criminals, traitors, or just international-con-artists - “playing the game” which can never replace doing the hard things that have to be done if we're going to survive.

Here's where we are now:

Financial Collapse Leads to War

Followed by this crime which directly affects over 80 million voters

After having paid into this program for their entire lives.

During the Republican primary, Donald Trump stood out from his competition by promising not to cut Social Security benefits. But now that Trump has the nomination in hand, he’s changing his tune to appeal to Paul Ryan and his billionaire donors.

At an annual meeting convened by Pete Peterson ­ a Wall Street billionaire who has spent 30 years and pledged more than $500,000,000 crusading to cut Social Security ­ a top Trump policy advisor indicated that Trump was open to cutting Social Security and Medicare.”

To turn Social Security into nothing more than just another government pipedream, which will be snatched away when it's needed the most, is criminal, and must NOT be done.

In fact if anyone were to do an honest analysis of every government program, city, county, state or federal they would be more than just hard pressed to find even one program that has ever worked as promised: Because everything that the people have been told over the last fifty years, has been just lies, lies and more lies.

It was because of this NATIONAL OUTRAGE, that the 'straight-talk' that Trump originally unveiled ­ to this destitute population that has become so very desperate for someone to save them, which is what accounted for his meteoric-rise with the truth-starved public.

Jimmie Åkesson - Tid för Sverige (Swedish & English subtitles)

k - What's happening today in Sweden is happening in America, yet both countries refuse to talk about the real problems that we each are facing, thanks largely to PC here and the Muslim invasion in Sweden today.

Our country is being torn apart. Beyond the distorted stories, the whitewash and campaigning whitewash of those in power, there is a reality. A reality of disruption, segregation and polarization ­ there is a society that has lost its optimism, its feeling of homliness and its trust.

After decades of misrule something essential is now lost. More and more people feel inside that many things are wrong here... but at this stage we must have the courage to be open and honest. We must put away prestige and muzzles. We must say it as it is. We are the worst crisis that Sweden has faced in modern times. And it will take a long time to recreate the security ~ we can and we must turn this around.

To begin we must free ourselves of the staged lines of conflict that the establishment has forced upon us. The conflict in Swedish society today is really not about skin color, gender, sexual orientation, nor about class.

Neither is the conflict about those born in this country and those who are not. The real conflict is between the constructive and the destructive. Between those who are ready and willing to make an effort to contribute to this country and those who are not. Between those who build and care and those who burn the cars. Between those who fill our children with knowledge and self-respect and those who fill them with drugs and self-pity. In short the conflict is between those who strengthen our country and those who seek to destroy our country...”

The above is also all too true here in the United States as well

It's probably too late here because too many have drunk the Kool-Aid,

for far too long to be changed at this late date,

which is why The Donald should

change his patterns and do something real for a change!

It's way past time for Americans to achieve that enviable place

where most people actually have their eyes wide-open.



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