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Putting the Pieces Together


By Jim Kirwan


The partially revealed battle between nations and all the so-called 'religions' compounded by all the “ISM's” that have been underwritten by the Rothschild s Khazarian global-mafia, are at the core of the international quagmire that Russian Air Power is beginning to directly change. Still the most-deadly shadow-powers of the remaining world, are just outside the necessary global-view that would clearly tie the Vatican, the City of London and D.C. directly to the cause of all the hell that's taken over throughout the Middle East...

Syrian Phoenix:

If the world can get past the rigidity of “Us & Them” to finally finish putting together what is happening now, potentially throughout the world: Then within three months, the course of civilization could set itself back upon the road out of the global-nightmare—but only if 'reality' can once again take center stage. If this does not happen then the rest of the image in “Full Fathom Five” will come true: Which depicts the entire world beneath the surface of the oceans of the planet: with one major exception. There is almost no life or growth left in today's oceans thanks to the same ISM's that have ignored the total contamination of the world's oceans and air, as well as the death of the people that are consuming the poisoned food and contaminated water.

These practices have already altered the entire ecology of most of the bodies of water in the world. That fact alone should have ended any pretense for the future of humanity ­ but since the proof is below the surface, few choose to believe the realities.

Full Fathom Five ­ 1994

Meanwhile in the world of the moment there are some massive changes afoot for ordinary people in Germany and beyond: Given the impossibility of trying to make space, where there is no space for millions of new migrants...

The 8min plus video video is in German but it has English sub-titles.

German govt. conspires with hotel, 100 jobs lost, businesses close, no notice, no compensation

In Halle, Germany the actual conditions of the massive problems being created in Germany comes full circle. A four-star hotel has been converted overnight to a government refugee center, ending the commercial life for its employees, one of which worked there for 37 years.

The 8minute 24 sec video says it all: This is corporatism in service to the criminally-slanted state of the EU's New-Germany, with no consultation or options possible. Quite literally everything has been changed as of October 23, 2015 ­ no questions no exceptions ­ migrants are to replace the people and the businesses that have been earning their own way for more than forty years, to accommodate strangers without any investment in the lives they are destroying just by arriving for their “free-services”.

The truth behind this move was a corporate convenience, in order to make more money with a lot less work and no pesky employees to have to consider ­ as the new tenants will have no rights at all and can be treated like cattle, while the corporation's profits are guaranteed. This is TTIP in action, even before it was even “officially approved” - protected by the tsunami of millions of stateless-faceless people which they have been planning on since September.

17,000 refugees have already been taken in, with nowhere to go: The corporate answer is to throw out all current employees and convert currently successful businesses into what will become a slum with five people to each one bedroom room. (That's five people without the same societal standards, as are current in Germany). Just watch the video, 700 people will now live in the formerly four-star hotel.

One real answer to the refugee crisis must be to fire Merkel and kick all the corporations out of Germany: Turn corporate offices over to the refugees, immediately: And yes of course fire all the corporate workers, no-notice, no compensation and no options whatsoever. That will of course turn Germany over to anarchy, but that might just FIX “The Refugee Problem” throughout Germany, immediately!

This entirely unnecessary problem has been mismanaged from top to bottom by bureaucrats in every country in Europe, not to mention the compliance of the fascist EU.


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